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    The End of the Twins Cycle


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    Re: The End of the Twins Cycle

    Post  Ashera on Mon Jan 21, 2019 1:57 pm

    Saxum Fatale

    Tuth is grave

    The Touchstone - a thunderbolt - an ancient "magical" means of truth finding - similar practises are known in tribal societies up today

    What was in it?

    Things found in the BPD's Evidence Control Unit:
    Arc of the Covenant


    Assuming you're not Indiana Jones, would you rather find the Arc of the Covenant or the Holy Grail?

    This Jewish fear for tunnels and underground stuff...

    I do not know exactly what I felt in the Tara fog but the Liar Fail I found blindly. I did not trust the mounds where I later learned the Thuata Dé (probably Tribe of Dan/a) vanished to later get some mythological resurrection as the Sidhe. This had to do with Ashera

    Plant Fruit Trees in Israel @IDF -

    They hinder even my @Twitter

    What is it my concern if they miscalculated in their judical deduction? I did not say that this type of logic is applicable in my case

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    Re: The End of the Twins Cycle

    Post  Ashera on Tue Jan 22, 2019 12:31 am

    Limes Saxonicus

    An Alternative History - From the Bronze Age Collapse to the Presence

    Saxonia (consisting of todays Holstein, Westphalia, Lower Saxony, all the West-Elbian territory) was Roman Province S.P.Q.R in the years 12-9BC. But all this came too late to stop Augustus and also the pressure from East.Elbia increased: finally led to tribalization

    S.P.Q.R. (Senatus Populusque Romanus) does not mean that the people has no say: Senate AND People of the Republic

    Octavian, adopted son of Gaius Julius Caesar, was a revoluzzer vs the republic, but not in the name of higher aims but to get through with his idea to bear the titles Kaiser and Son of God. Huge part of the populace liked Kaiser Augustus; they finally crucified Jesus

    Fakten! Fakten! Factually!

    It is not to tolerate that the District Court declares unlawful behaviour of the @gewoba in the name of the people as legal. It questions the whole principle of democratization of the system of justice how it was parliamentary decided. Factually NGOs rule the courts

    Ove knew what was up, but this Johnny Head-in-the-Air did not listen, he behaved like a middle schooler - and I am not responsible for that

    The "Weida Conference", 1925, is most revealing and very useful to understand what is happening now again: the German Saturnalists disaffiliate from Thelema, and again Indians play a role (I only remember the 1000 Indians who once helped to defend Berlin end of WWII)

    For some Baby Penis they sacrifice everything in the hope that a new Hitler may raise to rule some day the democratic chaos that they cause to prevent total inertia. It is a Satanic plan, causing nothing else but more discord, trouble, and bureaucracy

    Stop that damned Lutherism!

    Germany moving into international isolation again... and huge parts of the EU

    I will make the moron August Rush...

    Congratulations to our Pambansang Kamao, Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao! Pacman is still the defending WBA Welterweight Champion! #PacBroner

    God and man (Basic Law Preamble)

    PM Netanyahu made the following remarks prior to leaving for Chad:
    "I am now leaving on another historic and important breakthrough, to Chad, a huge Muslim country bordering Libya and Sudan. This is part of the revolution that we are doing in the Arab and Islamic worlds.


    100 Jahre Frauenwahlrecht? Da scheißt der nackte Neger drauf... Ihr Athener habt nicht die blasseste Ahnung! Das Kusch-Imperium steht vor der Tür und die Lutheraner befördern das!

    When he had to baptize me the Maester was quite desperate, he knew quite well what the Bene Gesserit had said...

    What a shame, it is a girl!
    - Dr. Luther

    Baby Hitler is a boy, he still does not speak a single word

    Ignorance with a Method

    I do not like it if Satan plays the most merciful

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    Re: The End of the Twins Cycle

    Post  Ashera on Tue Jan 22, 2019 2:39 am

    Tel Aviv

    The Covenant Realm

    - Fold of Neuenkirchen (Weida II)

    - Munich Elven

    I never would doubt Ove*s right to exist but the matter needs hierarchization. We discussed that often and confirmed in the conclusions

    The Temple of Osiris

    The Lutherist Idea of Justice is not Thelema but Arbitrariness in the name of Junkerdom, finally democratically justified to slide away from responsibilty. And this fits quite good to the Saturnalist aim of an arbitrary reconstruction of the creation

    The Lutherists are convinced that anyone had to believe in their idea of mercy, and this means that everything is to excuse finally what they do or tolerate - even selling drugs to small children. But Allah Elohim is not the LORD!

    I do not like the idea to imprison the meanest idiots in the State of Bremen. And sentences here are anyway limited to eight years. Most I simply would expulse from the Bremen state territory. To the dogs with them!


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    Re: The End of the Twins Cycle

    Post  Ashera on Tue Jan 22, 2019 3:33 am

    Starfleet Academy

    Tel Aviv


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    Re: The End of the Twins Cycle

    Post  Ashera on Thu Jan 24, 2019 5:54 am

    When the Etruscans unified the Roman coastal tribes they brought the office of the Pontifex (later the pope) already with them.. True revolutionaries in this office were Gaius (who rescued the Sybils and thus femininity) and Gaius Julius Caesar, factually Celtic

    The Mighty Quin

    She surely has Etruscan roots

    Federica Mogherini, Communist - Fascist-Nazist, former Minister of Foreign Affairs of Italy, EU High Representative for Foreign and Security Policy, friend and fancier of the Muslim Nazi Muslim occupiers of Iran.

    Ararat has a negative connotation in Hebrew and it is hardly to assume that anything good came from there... given the case the Arc of Noah landed there...

    The Kingdom of Ararat was a permanent threat and it probably existed until so 500BC. It may be that it is the origin of the Etruscans who founded the Roman Empire, and maybe also the Chinese (Great-Quin and Quin). No one knows their origin - the Bronze Age Collapse

    I am just an interpreter, a Luciferase, some kind of tRNA. Semiose, Semiase, Ashtar Command....

    According to the Quran Ashera, almost synonymous to Lucifer, is female (53:49 43:19)

    Razi-EL was the first who brought "The Book" to humankind but it got lost in the flood. Rah-EL retrieved it and so it allegedly came to Noah. Gabri-EL gave it to Muhammad (pbuh), messenger and last prophet

    Lucifer (actually Lucif-EL) is like Jennifer or Heather a female name but because of all the corruption I choose to write Lucifa. Anyway no one would officially get through with this name, different to Jesus in some countries

    Most never do that... they rely on Adam... I went to a doctor

    At least since 2006 where I officially outed all your reproaches are boneless and unjustified

    I am not "normal" and I never assumed to be that or to aim at being that

    I never said that I am a man or male

    The Ninth Gate (1999)
    It solidifies the beliefs that there exists marks in our days and objects ( commonly known as dark objects ) manufactured by Lucifer such as the book that’s portrayed in the book. It’s amazing.

    A 2 meter transvestite on his way to heaven...

    How Apostle Paul became a hermaphrodite rocket and Ashera was defined a gender dwarf

    If one reads some central sentences of Duncker's 2006 dissertation cautiously one comes to the conclusion that it juridically aims at the abolishment of femininity as a quality per se - and this was the prerequisite for the recent federal Gender Laws

    The root of all the discussion is the "Thezoology" or "The Science of the Divine Electron and the Sodomite Apelings"by Jörg Lanz von Liebenfels 1905. Who is the super-hero? The Minim herm or Ashera? Is a Ashera a herm? The jurist Arne Duncker says yes; this is fascist

    Saxon Laws > Jew Laws > Gender Laws

    The Sachsenspiegel (1224/35 (Hs. 1369) SspLR. I 4) says that "uppe altvile unde uppe dverge ne irstirft weder len noch erve”. This is: Aleviles and dwargas have neither property rights nor rights to inherit or to bequest - this is the matrix of all later Jew laws

    If some phenomenon is judically described and ruled it must have existed before, and this probably in a different form that contradicts the rule. And this is what the Saxon Laws (Sachsenspiegel in this case) were about

    The Bremen State Right is emergent and immediate, it is not a delegated or attributed right. It is by own evolution rooted in Saxon and Roman Law and the Prussian Land Law

    Tribal Law > Public Law > State Law > Constitutionality

    Secondary Savagery is an impact of civilization - such as for example the breakdown of the Maya Empire. The following tribalism that later Cortés used for his terrorist plans to erode the Aztec Empire is not directly matter of anthropology

    I am not interested to do social work, I am anthropologin

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    Re: The End of the Twins Cycle

    Post  Ashera on Thu Jan 24, 2019 9:57 am

    Operation Ooopsey

    The last order was "culture"... and Himmler was dead... but they reinstalled the old social crap again...

    The Black Boar - he was quite a good wrestler in his youth

    My Waffen-SS-Opa read Goethe and Schiller to me, I prefered Schiller - like him, the most I loved The Diver that I variated finally

    Free of her dungeon rocks the soul!
    - The Rocky Horror Schiller Show
     (cp. Johanna von Orleans)

    Friedrich von Schiller was totally jazzed in his cubbyhole (size: bed, chair, desk); they watched him rotting

    Oh, joy, divine spark (masculinum), Daughter of Elysium... Schiller was messed by the brothehood... and this was his end finally

    And this resounding slap to the entire world...
    - von Schiller, EU hymn, a variance

    The Bystrina family library (mostly juridical literature) was two times confiscated, first time by the NSDAP, second time by the CPSU

    The Prussian Lutherist Social Stalinism

    The mistake in Czechia 1968 was that the people abondened the state, and this already before the USSR invasion that East-Elbia (DDR/Poland) would have liked to support with armed forces. The most absurd happened: the state went into exile to give place to "modernism"

    Already 1980 I saw parallels between Czechia/Prague 1968 and the situation in the State of Bremen. That it would come so hard after Wall Fall, that drove me back here, I did not expect

    That some cannot follow me does not say anything and justifies nothing...

    A dragon, a ship, and a ram -

    Balerion -

    The Naked Blade is The State (cp. John Whiteside Parsons, Fra. Belarion, "Freedom is a two-edged Sword")

    Maester Aemon...

    Science is to me not a coping strategy or indulgence but a means of overpowering - and this is Bystrina

    Grandmaester Pycelle knew exactly what was up and that I was a suicide surfer...

    Harry Pross forced me to read Maurice Halbwachs and discuss it with him, I hated that a lot and came over with a short essay on Intelligentsia

    Bystrina was State Law and Semiotik, Pross was Publizistik and Symbol Policy

    I was last doctorand of John Whitewater (Ivan Bystrina) and Harry Pross ever. I have no consciouness conflicts: it is Public Law

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    Re: The End of the Twins Cycle

    Post  Ashera on Thu Jan 24, 2019 10:47 pm

    I never had a Palestinian scarf at high school, mine was light blue with silver stripes, later I had a black one with golden ones

    #Democratic lawmaker Rashida #Tlaib had a portrait painted. Notice her Palestinian scarf? It's also wrapped around the White House. Just think: if a new #Jewish lawmaker had a portrait with an #Israeli flag draped around them AND the White House. Howls of 'traitor' would ring out

    All your socialization makes no sense, it is abuse and rape, either you justify that democratically or not; you terrorize my soul in the name of the brotherhood

    The scarf that I wore at the Siege of Imperial Ar until defeat was black/golden again. It was Tuchuk, one of the Wagon Peoples of Gor

    I nolens volens live in permanent resistance

    There is a fantastic new exhibition at Ben-Gurion Airport, celebrating 70 Years of the @KnessetIL & how the Jewish state’s Parliament has shaped #Israeli society! cc. @YuliEdelstein

    Psychotrists have no idea of the exteriorization of consciousness, these fellows of the monadic brotherhood. They are pre-Stone-Age, cave carvings and art are unknown to them, shamanic experiences are madness, they prefer to count buttons

    The Song of the Neurons
    - Ullisses Doller
    #Bremen #ff

    Into the Fire with you pervert adult xxxxxxxx!

    ...gender identity, or sexual orientation....

    I do not see gender as identity but as a social phenomenon. Identity makes only sense in processes of individuation, and this is Sex. To invert politically and democratically the scientifically known is criminal pervert

    I feel deeply humiliated if homosexuals and Jews are always called with one and the same breath; this alone is anti-Semitic. In original Judaism and Islam Lesbians are not seen as homo but as hetero. This has to do with polygamic marriage rules

    I do not care if you die like flies when you peek your noses into things that are not your concern at all, stay at your homely heap of s**t!

    Without any reason they had extinguished my light, so do not wonder that I smash their blubber bulbs for a lot of reasons

    I have no penis, you piedelkopps, I am a woman, damned s**t!

    It is not up to the Lutherists to decide if I am Jewiah or not, Muslimah or not

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    Re: The End of the Twins Cycle

    Post  Ashera on Fri Jan 25, 2019 2:17 am

    Me not so but Mike dealt a lot with cryptography. I was convinced that complex texts are anyway not unerstandable by idiots, so no further codification is needed

    The "t-spike mentogram"...

    Black Arts - originally ancient Egyptian water economy was meant with that, "Al Khem" (literally black art) - the art of water and the fertile dark Nile soil. Later came Alchemy and Chemistry (C.G.Jung & W.Pauli). But the term "black art" was reserved to letterpress

    Mike embodied the Satanic element

    I am the Isais offspring of the root of David, and Ashera and Lucifa

    LUCIFER RISING - Beyond The Ninth Gate (2016)
    Дебютный альбом группы LUCIFER RISING - Beyond The Ninth Gate.

    The Book

    The Ninth Gate: occult + tarot-like symbolism in engravings by Aristide Torchia & Lucifer

    What can I help it if they do not discuss my theses with me but deduce and define top-down in chair farter manner?

    First and Second Indicative Mood came later

    Being Shamanic as Dialectic Mode

    I did not write "song of the neutrons" but "song of the neurons" - and even in my editor correcture printout it was still correct

    Open 11 thru 11

    The Covenant Realm - Mondays and Tuesdays closed


    How should I defend a something that fights me? Are you nuts?

    Virtue is conquered.

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    Re: The End of the Twins Cycle

    Post  Ashera on Fri Jan 25, 2019 8:07 am

    That the Lutherists believe you, you first need to learn to be unauthentic to the highest possible degree. I never managed this

    It is true that I live on a fur and a yoga mat... this is nothing new. A bed I do not use for 15 years anymore. But you cannot reduce me to this space, I need run area... and space for my boxes and stuff. I had an attic

    I miss my house hut, my gardens, the terrace, the wild balcony...

    AV (date) means Alienne Uchtmann - this is my official signature for the time being. But this does not release you from the burden to address me completely in letters

    I am fed up with all these encroachments for different reasons, partly it even was attempted betray. And besides I do not like it if people address me if I was their fellow or fellah who I do not know and/or possibly do not like. I insist in distance

    My entrance floor looks like forest floor? What if I like that? And that it came to pass was pure chance (the shower tub story...). And who do I harm with that? Under it is plastic floor, value 500 Euros. What is that in relation to meanwhile 60.000 Euros netto rent?

    House-dust etc. allergics should simply avoid to live with me, but I am seldomly sick

    Your conformism is neurotic and digusting. And that you attempted to misuse state power to enforce that is criminal

    You do not think but fantasize, spread rumours, and discuss them. This may be in accord with the freedom of opinion but not with what I aiming at

    I do not see any advantage in your life style that was obsolete in the 1970s the latest. And what is the outcome?

    I do not care your values, I have my own - Gorean. And besides you waste a lot of energy for your petty sick hygienism - I do not. My body is always washed

    It is not complicated to understand, you do not want to, this is it

    You learned nothing and are the same idiots as ever, even more easternized now

    I regret it that I came back

    I am not your property

    The same forces that I suffer since my chilhood dare to dominate again! Without me!


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    Re: The End of the Twins Cycle

    Post  Ashera on Fri Jan 25, 2019 8:30 pm


    The Black Lightening (differing from the rest)

    Me -

    Me -

    The matter between me & Susanne was extremely complicated. We were the best in the elementary school classs. There was permanent competition and envy. She even scratched my sister with a rusty nail. Finally they separated us, she went high school 4th grade and failed

    The boys were an entirely different matter

    When I was not good enough I spat into my exercise book... got a lot of trouble for that... at high school this did not happen anymore

    After I left high school with my Rabea Art Matura they rounded Ömel up, his capacity to study decreased

    I have all the titles

    Today such things would not be possible anymore, the Gymnasium high school became an Oberschule high school, this limited their authority

    Sometimes I send emals to the "General" if it is very urgent and the pressure almost kills me

    All these oh so democratic education reforms were a great mess... it only reproduced the fascist middle mass basis of the Third Reich. If this was in the interest of the state is now the question

    Ömel stumbled, I simply went on, I was not stop by formalism, and dscussed it after overcoming. I also respected Dr. Know, I never doubted his cognitive capacities

    And suddenly USA and Russia are at the same side...

    Pakistan (the core is the old Gorid Empire) is China backed, and informal ties with North-Korea (Israel had that too)

    The Democracy of the "Cold Start Doctrine" that hosts ISIS-K -

    America stands by the people of #Venezuela as they rise up against authoritarian rule and demand respect for human rights and democracy.

    To cure the disease with the means that caused it exponentially?

    The best that humankind politically ever produced...

    I propose an Aztec two-step based S.P.Q.R

    I never open my windows... What is it their concern? I have a balcony door, and this is far more effecient... and btw., the flat has an opposite side... and there is the "bathroom" window

    Already in the Third Reich it was far more the Block Warden Mentality than surveillance that produced the most victims (cp. Daniel Goldhagen, "Hitler's Willing Executioners")

    That they delivered no single argument or proof is insulting

    I do not fear to proof that I am better than them, the only power that they have over me are their seals

    I was fed up with this ape theatre, and they ignored my arguments with the only aim to punish me

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    Re: The End of the Twins Cycle

    Post  Ashera on Sat Jan 26, 2019 3:43 am

    To the @gewoba and their consorts it was totally irrelevant who I was, their only aim was to get me defined as sick and to suck my caring insurance to exploit me to bones and grave. Parts of the @spdbremenstadt supported that, amplified by certain judges and jurists

    How could I collaborate with people who question the state and its legal documents? The whole matter smelt like a coup d'etat with me as doormat

    Un poco loco -

    You can't go home again (in Berlin I listened that often, and saw Chet Baker with Stu Goldberg & Co once live in Hamburg)

    Grand Illusions

    The Anthropologin has no "free time", this is the first you must learn to forget. In field work it is impossible anyway. And so you can say that anthropology is a life style

    How should I explain all that? I am not a theorist, I am pragmatic. My approach is based in Structural Anthropology and Semiotics, but also in Endophysics

    I am Religionsanthropologin but also Medienathropologin

    It is long story, it goes back to university, with a peak in Montenegro 1987, officially I accepted the Quran in 2012. I am Magistra of Religion Science as I often said but also Islamic Science played a central role in this development. I was in contact with Günter Gobrecht

    I openly admit that, I am Jewish Muslimah

    You let the culprits run freely for national economical reasons and I will not carry their burden and watch how the corruption continues

    My physical AND psychical survival has priority

    Finally my mother got me through, different to the other very sad Flo & Flame story

    I drink no alcohol, cannot digest it, only Gorean Black Wine and tea

    The Covenant Realm Tavern - I would like this

    I am professional anthropologin

    My Gorean role play mother lived in Northern Ireland

    Malinowski they sent direction Nu Gini ...

    The Liminal Existence

    Northern Ireland should become interesting as Euro/Pound zone

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    Re: The End of the Twins Cycle

    Post  Ashera on Sat Jan 26, 2019 4:52 am

    Turkey - Cannabis and Opium as resistance to the West?

    Sweden... Poland... East-Ebia...

    They did not learn the lesson, it is still the Lutherism and its helpers... Finland is in the same desperate situation as ever.

    WWII never ended -

    Russia just ordered some T-34 tanks back from Laos... Looks like that WWII will be continued with old weapons... reflecting the average mental state of the art. Elbia line? Or Rhine line? Or all the way down to Spain to make Eurasia real? And Oceania?

    The East-Elbian pressure is at the English east coast the hardest, they look for housing

    My aunty’s madrasah in Newcastle was broken into by some Nazi scum, pls RT to raise awareness and if possible find the cretins who did this

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    Re: The End of the Twins Cycle

    Post  Ashera on Mon Jan 28, 2019 3:01 am

    I had a puppet theatre, it was formed like a mushroom, and the finger puppets were ancient and nicely restaurated. But I refused to play anyone else than the princess for who my mother had made a dress of red velvet. I am that I am, I was sure of my soul identity

    Sarah Abou-Chlein is a current Juniata student from Germany who shared with us a throwback from her childhood! “I grew up watching the Augsburger Puppenkiste (Augsburg Puppets) on TV, so I am excited to see this next performance (“The Pigeoning”) and be reminded of my childhood!”

    To play with puppets @GRRMspeaking did all his life, his Game of Thrones books are based on this. It is called "Transaction Analysis", you finally could do this in mind - or in second or real life

    #daenerys #juegodetronos #gameofthrones #daenerystargaryen #motherofdragons #madrededragones #funkolove #funko #funkopop

    You must learn to play again

    Figura Vinyl POP! Batman '66 Batgirl FUNKO POP! POP! #tienda #tiendaonline #manga #merchandising #mangacomictv

    I never was abused or raped in the family, not even beaten, threatened sometimes

    I liked it much when he stroke my long eyelashes that he liked. This was the uttermost tenderness

    The Gentle Giant

    Uncle Herbert is rather Berg Thor, the Mountain, a former Sikh Lord in the Star Wars universe

    He was very strong, he managed it to move all the old engine water tank alone that we had in the garden

    The Majestas - Mysterium Fascinans and Mysterium Tremendum
    - John Whitewater (Ivan Bystrina) - Maester Aemon

    Das Unmittelbare und das Vermittelte

    The Emergent And The Mediate

    Christianity is only a very thin surface
    - C.G.Jung

    A Social Media Performance

    German pop singer Daniel Kueblboeck goes overboard from cruise ship and is missing

    I come from the other side - I am not a Social Performance but a Public Body

    Wesemann decided for Penal and Civil Law, me for Tribal and Public Law

    You can be as leftist as you want as a lawyer, and maybe starting from a position of being deeply harmed yourself in chilhood, but finally you will produce slavery in order to survive

    I offered my help but they refused and started to cheat me... and Wesemann needed a new car

    I am not on this globe to work for lawyers

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    Re: The End of the Twins Cycle

    Post  Ashera on Mon Jan 28, 2019 5:04 am

    Many believed there was a treasure chest somewhere buried on the Freistatt territory, but factually the secret is knowledge, buried inside, in the consciousness field

    I sued no one but for their guilt and sins I also do not stand

    My full name is Magistra Dr. Rabea Alienne Uchtmann

    A Mill Girl Story - The Great-Granddaughter of the Stewart

    Could I be so weak and terrible? Could I be truly so different from others? Surely there could be no one in the world so degraded, so shameful and terrible as myself.
    - Dancer of Gor, John Norman, Book 22

    Why the default decree even if Zeuge Zimmermann also was missing and a disciplinary complaint was pending, Nussmann? I should get punished for being female and arrested... This strike went into the off. The next plan was to attack my flat and put me out in ice and snow

    Even if my surname is Uchtmann I am not a Nussmann... I also had to learn to live with this name and suffered a lot

    Death and Light even tinkered a Fairy Sim but I wanted back to Gor. Only the tavern remained, the later Badlands Inn where I was First Girl

    I am stormborn

    i love daenerys stormborn targaryen

    I once was the Fairy Queen of the Insane Asylum...

    I do not talk gender I talk polarization

    The inhumanity of Nussmann Wessels is not to excuse - a soulless zombie

    A stupid male f***er and rapist character

    If you do not stop you will have to go Munich to get endwarved, Nussmann!

    #WeRemember nothing and cut people up without any medical reason...

    Jagdszenen aus der Wümmeniederung - Hunting Scenes from the Ven Depression - #HolocaustMemorialDay

    The most stupid morons come to the conclusion to declare me as insane, even want to deprive me of my citizen rights? #NeverAgain!

    The superficial reasons for the "@gewoba cases" were just the outer packing for a religious torpedo, directed at the state

    They want to submit me to their folksy belief even by force and mean tricks. That I am Religion Scientist they simply wipe under the table

    I do not accept the definition of Adam, even not if it was positive. I will not return into the sack

    I am woman by own emergence, inshAllah, even if maybe the unkown factor, but do not mind me, I am Lucifa

    I do not part your system of belief but I type my fingers sore and they simply ignore it... Is the whip needed?

    That I had money is nothing but rumour, and I do not see any reason to increase the costs

    Factually I hope that the prosecution intervenes

    The Nussmann Wessels Bannerette Oversmart

    That the @gewoba is behind the idea that I needed "juridical care" is all too obvious and their aims pellucid

    Why should I enter an objection to a verdict when a disciplinary complaint is pending? This way I only would legitimate the verdict

    What should I care the advantage of things that are not in my interest? I am not a masochist

    Three Cases in Aspic

    I liked Paper Moon at TV and Tatum O'Neill

    Uncle Herbert

    "At the corner of the sporting ground", the old inmate said by the vis-a-vis graves of the pastor and my great-grandfather, one cultivated, the other wild, "I remember well." I looked at him, saying nothing

    The Freistatt stories of the "Black Boar" refer to my Waffen-SS-Opa who later went there sometimes to teach wrestling

    My great-grandfather in Freistatt, who I did not know anymore, was permanently armed, really Wild West. Strange things happened there and the brotherhood and their slave boys was hardly to trust

    There is a narrow railway but where they lived, the way by the starlings box, was no station. So always a horse cart was needed, or to run all the way by foot, and the distance to the both closest train stations was the same. This caused dependency on brother moods

    One day the Freistatt branch of the family ran out of money and my Waffen-SS-Opa and me went there with his Borgward Isabella limousine to bring some to rescue them, I knew the way, all the sand pistes. It was no weekend but midweek

    I saw things - chain gangs

    Freistatt was to say so the last remnant of the old Lower Saxon Archdioese,(Septemtrionalium) some kind of reservation, but more like a working camp under Lutherist command

    My grandfather was no Freistatt inmate as Dr. Schromeck @spdbremenstadt falsely defined... His Swabian Prank skull did not get the term "flee" correctly. My grandpa was a son of the stewart, he fled the unbearable Lutherism there

    You are not well-meaning, you are only interested in your own well, wanking in front of the cross to get pampered for your bigot altruism

    Why my parents and ancestors worked at all and contributed to this idiocy? That I get socially tormented and am lost without money? Never again!

    I will harm you wherever I can if you touch me until you die

    And my Rabbi inspired me, "Take for yourself among the mountains, houses, and among the trees and [in] that which they construct." (cp. 16:68). This is not valid for disbelievers...

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    Re: The End of the Twins Cycle

    Post  Ashera on Mon Jan 28, 2019 5:36 am

    I said bodily, not bodyless... I am not a metaphysicist

    My story is true and approved by the state. Anything else is lie for various reasons

    A gun is needed...

    Quick showcase render of the Mozu - Replicant I did.
    I love Blade Runner, so I felt obligated to do something with this

    "I never was abused or raped in the family, not even beaten, threatened sometimes
    I liked it much when he stroke my long eyelashes that he liked. This was the uttermost tenderness..."

    If I could cosplay at all I would cosplay as the replicant in Blade Runner 2022

    How do picks of consciousness change the facts, Wesemann? To me all this leftist moral is bigot. It is unscientific

    Blade Runner 2073 -


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    Re: The End of the Twins Cycle

    Post  Ashera on Wed Jan 30, 2019 2:46 am

    I was mainly Healer Kajira originally, but also Alcoven, Bathing. and Tavern Girl, a Dancer of Gor. I developed to what was called a "Kestrachem" in DALnet Gor, according to the Silver Gryphon. But this was not accepted in @gor_sl. So I became Apprentice of Silver

    I give you all the Gorean medical knowledge what is to get without money...
    - Athena

    I am not a man I am not a deer,
    I am anthropologin all here
    - #Bremen #ff

    Even in the Gorean role play where I was Apprentice of Silver in the Gorean Green Caste GGC eventually, with Athena as my last mentor, I only nolens volens came to some power sometimes, as in Imperial Ar for example. But money I had never, I was not a rich merchant

    On Gor Anthropology is seen as part of the Green Caste, even Animal Psychology belongs to that, and Herbal Gardening. A difference of Humane and Veterinary Medicine is not known because a metaphysical medical approach rooted in White Caste "theology" is refused

    Elite has only few to do with money - it is an intellectual attitude

    I propose an Aztec two-step Caste Republic, consisting of High Castes and Low Castes, as I sometimes said, also certain forms of "slavery" to get the dangerous and corrupt middle mass away - a system of suppression is not implied but the Law of Freedom

    They did not release Scholz but he has to work "by order" now

    One cannot socialize an intellectual achievement by forced socialization - try to do that with Immanuel Kant; just as example. There is a hierarchy of knowledge that is impossible to define away and to democratize. This always resembles cannbalism, leaving a carcasse

    An "icon" gets erected to compensate the in reflection mourned loss, and transsubstantiation is introduced as substitute - this is one of the roots of culture in order to rule the urge to wolfing down. But some overcame this urge at all and do not need the rite: elite

    In the mainly East-Elbian worker and peasant state no city culture existed, all was socialized, down to the by spies infiltrated and dominated "sub-cultures" - a Morgenthau Plan by own decision, ruled by the eternally waving parental Honecker super-ego

    Principially I was through in 1986, the year of the Wormwood Star, but the technology was not advanced enough while the intellectual setting genius. In 1990 I was overran by the Wall Fall, to me a regressive act. So 2009 I met the technology and setting needed

    West-Germany was some decades a motor of the world, East-Germany never. But the few who managed it to flee through the fence from east to west were medially pampered in the west, this suggested that they were better. A fatal precondition for the Wall Fall

    My X-file is closed, maybe I was the last superheroine ever in Germany. They are not able to produce true elite in future anymore because of their democratic intolerance cast in a legislative mold. The power centres of the world will shift, the Third Millennium coming

    Many times since 2005 they tried to get me under control and surveillance, especially in 2013 when a lawyer helped me out. But then they changed the rules so that it did not function 2018 anymore, I left a swath of destruction

    Lord of Light -

    Sam -

    Samba Electra

    Without any reason based on gossip and false witness they sent Kali and her Adamite Satan after Ashera Lucifa to the arrest cell to cut her. This is what Xamael saw and told

    The hunt for the best Vodka/Whisky and hardly known special taverns (on death risk) continues in Brazil...

    Men are men - not to change

    Paga (Gorean)

    In Brazil they drink Cachaca, there are white and dark variances, and the cheap stuff is rather like spiritus. But some dark cachaca has the quality and character of best whisky

    I was full to the brim with Van Nelle

    Lucky Strikes and Camels are good - I prefer Camel tobacco

    Tobacco is a "relative drug", not like Cannabis but similar & this is why both do fine together; it is stongly dependent on set and setting. Alcohol is a very different thing, finally absolute, and comparable to heroine, and it widens the venes, nicotine strengthens

    It is fatal to stop smoking and continue drinking, I tried that for 5 years long ago; the vice verse makes far more sense

    Jr. did neither drink nor smoke but he did not mind me smoking, and alcohol I anyway hardly drank

    The original Whitewater problem was not the nicotine as they told him but alcohol

    Vom Jagdrevier zur Heimat
    - John Whitewater

    Mein Jagdrevier ist die Heimat

    Anthropology is not just the study of "man" but also the relations and structural context, even mythologically

    Feline species > Canis lupus > Primates - an evolutionary variation of the same theme

    Chimps are not really vegetarians, of regulary hunting expeditions is known

    If some Cheetah and Hyenas would come to the idea to hunt together some day they were unbeatable

    Up to a certain age chimps and pavians can socialize, and certain chimp behaviour is factually of pavian origin... but at a certain point chimps kill the small pavians and eat them up

    The Prince of Sao Paulo... and the shower water almost ran over the electricity...

    The Juicy Larma (Gorean)

    The Great Mango?


    Samael = Lord Samedi in Macumba

    That psychotic man in the ear is gone...

    Based upon the fact that nothing really happened...

    They are not interested and I am not interested

    Off to the Sheba Farms with them! -

    Samael is not really Satan but friends to Lucifa

    With the pages 18 and 19 my mental health court file is closed - I am full of age now, ready for pension



    What is called Netherland there is factually almost Saxonia, and Poland is Germany...


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    Re: The End of the Twins Cycle

    Post  Ashera on Wed Jan 30, 2019 3:01 pm

    You are an absolutely stupid heap of morons without any exploration drive and with bad manners. You never listen and project like lunatics. You are not my niveau at all and you dare to judge me, hardly understanding a single word of my expertise?

    Who teaches roturn of worms & humus is worms & humus, junkerdom! I am not going to stop the generational harvesters, I am going to break the harvesters in the name of life and muses! Your metaphysical social media theories are wrong, I told that on @facebook already

    You are retarded and arrogant idiots who have no idea of media and apply mass media theories on interactive simulations in the consciousness field. You are murderers of soul and spirit! The next bullet is yours!

    The Modern Maccabees - @IDF - as in Sparta -

    IDF shoots Burka Terrorist... -

    We know what is up -

    Me they banned in 2014 from @facebook, then I was real life sentenced as inciter of the people, following a senatory decree that I was a danger to the public health (law from 1938) - I am a Femizionazi

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    Re: The End of the Twins Cycle

    Post  Ashera on Thu Jan 31, 2019 10:22 pm

    Netherland Saxonia

    Since 2006 I am member of the @FDPBremen @fdp - I am Liberal Libertarian according to my anarchic roots - and this rather means I am an Independent. Different to many other parties the roots of the FDP are not to see in the slave upraisals but the tribal resistance

    The middlemassed unionist workers and peasants never got what Art as high school major meant - to them an irrational redundance on their march to absolute information. The even information theoretical absurdity of their attempt they never realized

    Legal? Illegal? Scheißegal! - the SPD does not care the state much if it is not in their interest

    In one single night I lost all my SPD party functions, to overvote me a group of "Turks" from Bremen Nord was declared as members of the local division Schwachhausen-Nord, sealed by the Landesverband. Only my position as council chairwoman I kept because elected

    Climate change? I do not know at all what this means... we have no climate anymore, this is the fact

    I rememeber the climate, even the rain in the forests, like music

    More clean CO2. more forests, more rain!

    BMW Targaryen - Do you remember? No filter for Faffner!

    The Climate Lie -

    It was clear that "1 Euro Jobs" would be the gate to forms of "state slavery". In SPD backroom discussions even this consequence was defended and justified - by jurists. I was also shouted at because of criticism

    Nothing but chaos without rhyme or reason they cause in their Satanist upraisal against God, based on "democracy" and equality doctrines. Finally it produces a fascism of never known dimensions - Event Horizon

    Why these perverts come to a boys troop when I always said that it was a girls unit? Inversions do not always make sense and are often even totally illogical, dangerous, and only ideologically to justify

    Bernie Sandworm and the Global Media Oceania Dune Agenda

    #BREAKING: Bernie Sanders proposing expansion of estate tax that would have billionaires pay 77 percent

    In my "13 C" motion for dismissal I quite openly branded the agenda and its development and forced socialization attempts so far as implicit anti-Semitic. Their reaction once again was the idea to silence me by putting me (innocent) under legal care and control

    To those who fail to take action on #antisemitism: our greatest tragedy is not your photo opportunity - If you have chances to take real action against antisemitism and  fail to do so, your warm words about 'never again' are worthless … By @Daniel_Sugarman

    This is Sparta!

    Ariel University, Samaria, widely ignored and underrated, even in Israel -

    More differentiation is needed, even more if I for example consider the Culm/Chelmno social structure in the early 20th century that I sometimes described -

    Hebrew resp. Jewish Bible because these translations are most close to the original texts. For the Revelation I nevertheless prefer the 1611 King James Version

    I swore by the Basic Law Preamble, the Bremen State Constitution, and the Quran - it is nothing wrong with it

    Each soldier was then handed his or her rifle and an #IDF-issued holy book (Hebrew Bible, New Testament, or Quran) to symbolize the oath.

    Away with gender!

    Muslims in the IDF get sworn in on a Quran.
    Israeli Apartheid indeed...

    Why I have no right to work according to my qualifications? And a sense in serving you idiots underqualified and to get further intellectually exploited I do not see. I see myself rather ending in an uniform (once again), probably an Israeli one

    These are the facts, gay xxxxxxxx!

    One cannot move people around as if their boxes and babble of enstrangement theoretically, and my proper motion they stopped in 2008, and this way partly also my right to self-determine. It was only my own initiative that prevented a disaster so far

    As I said sometimes - it is attempted murder and complicity

    I am a self-conscious female being, and this means that I am death-conscious

    I had no hidden death wish but an unbreakable will to live

    Sephira Daath - Death, Knowledge (Quilpoths factually do not exist, belief makes them appear)

    The Vahr - Abyss of Reason -

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    Re: The End of the Twins Cycle

    Post  Ashera on Fri Feb 01, 2019 1:05 am

    Ashera Lucifa


    My motion for dismissal "13 C" exists thrice. One with the District Court date stamp, one with the Prosecution stamp, and the other with the Social Service one. All three are originals, signed by myself, and are equally legal valid. Principially it is irrelevant to what authority I a motion send, they have to forward it to the responsible address in charge.

    If for example the Mental Health Court enters into possession of the Prosecution exemplar it is a valid document.

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    Re: The End of the Twins Cycle

    Post  Ashera on Fri Feb 01, 2019 6:02 am

    Watson & Sherlock

    I was so age three when I watched egg-and-spoon race of greater kids and enjoyed toffees... how horny did it make me to watch eggs splashing!

    I cannot expect a Hare to understand a Jaguar Cheetah

    One cannot really get it but the most remote ancestors of the felines are lagomorphs. A while cats were also known as roof rabbits. And this is why rabbits to barbecue shall not be sold without paws

    They babble a lot of democracy but if you dare to refer to the constitution they try to get you declared as nuts

    With what entitlement they put themselves above me? I see none

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    Re: The End of the Twins Cycle

    Post  Swanny on Fri Feb 01, 2019 8:33 am

    Hello Ashera
    Sorry but I have no idea what this thread is about confused
    Care to explain it in 10 words or less Very Happy

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    Re: The End of the Twins Cycle

    Post  Ashera on Fri Feb 01, 2019 2:24 pm

    You shall not read this sentence.

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    Re: The End of the Twins Cycle

    Post  Swanny on Sat Feb 02, 2019 4:36 am

    Ok thanks for that.
    No worries Cup o

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    Re: The End of the Twins Cycle

    Post  Ashera on Sat Feb 02, 2019 1:35 pm

    Crazy Happy

    I am a hostage...

    Do not expect Alyena of Corcyrus, also known as Ashera Ssha among the tribes, to fight for the Confederation

    The s**t happens, shrinks with reality refusal and borderline syndrome to and fro

    I dealt a lot with Calendar Synchronization in Ancient Egypt etc.pp.

    Fall of Imperial Ar so 10.177 C.A

    The year is 10.181 C.A....

    The Dominion (of Corcyrus) vs. the (Salerian) Confederation

    Genesis 1:26-27 KJV 1611 - And God said, Let vs make man in our Image, after our likenesse: and let them haue dominion.... male and female created hee them (Quran 36;36)

    All the gender stuff is Adamite Genesis 2:23ff, and this insinuation surely came not from Lucifa but from Satan...

    Und abends hilft die Jägerin dem Jäger in die Negerin
    - F.K.Waechter

    Ten years I live alone as Free Woman and Panther Girl now... all attempts I fought... and now they try it by force to f**k  me... even by declaring me as mad

    I am not a resource of exploitation, and I do not see landlords and vested NGO interests as having any say over me. Their education level is simply not sufficient enough, their arrogant self-definition as elite to and fro, it is junkerdom. To me this is Low Caste

    It was your duty to stop Freker and Doller, these @gewoba agents

    The Goundhog - Das Murmeltier

    What’s your prediction this #GroundhogDay?

    There is a house down in New Orleans, they call the rising sun
    And it's been the ruin of many poor girl and me, oh God, I'm one - House of the Rising Sun, Nina Simone

    This morning I leashed Judgess Ilies as a matter of prudence

    Why my bathroom is so dirty? Bad boys do not like that, and I do not want them to feel too comfortable and to nestle here - with the weapons of a woman

    Living Wreck

    I offered to meet with him at the Café informally, this he refused, instead he put me under pressure, close to attacking me and to intrude my flat

    To Ullisses Doller

    There is a house in New Orleans
    They call the Rising Sun
    And it's been the ruin of many a poor boy
    And God I know I'm one...

    Read more: The Animals - House Of The Rising Sun Lyrics | MetroLyrics

    I think so in the year 10.140 C.A. I was the first time at Tathassa

    I so far used my seal only one time all my life, and I have it since age 15. Since I had no wax I used red acrylic

    Apocalypse is not an automatism but an effect of systematic and organized ignorance - and this triggers certain psyche-logical automatisms

    Democracy - the Sunne

    Revelation 6:12 - And I beheld when he had opened the sixt seale, and loe, there was a great earthquake, and the Sunne became blacke as sackecloth of haire, and the Moone became as blood

    My anthropological explorations showed that the oldest ruins on Gor at Tathassa are probably of Aztec origin, and that here the roots of the Gorean Caste Culture are to find

    A Bremen state coffer idiot (a lamb; an effect of your education reforms) broke what I sealed with my Aztec roll seal (Seal of Tathassa) for the tresor. I am not responsible for the effects and will not stand for your sins -

    Already the idea to say "your shadow" is false. As if it was a property belonging to me, factually it is not even an attribution - it is purely accidental. The fire from within comes from Ra IL, the seed, inshAllah, and not from the sun: Sonne of man is not the Sunne

    I could do without shadow but you cannot without flame

    Solidarity with Wounded Knee!

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    Re: The End of the Twins Cycle

    Post  Ashera on Sat Feb 02, 2019 9:16 pm

    10 18 1 is 2019

      Current date/time is Sun Feb 17, 2019 10:15 am