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    The End of the Twins Cycle


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    Re: The End of the Twins Cycle

    Post  Ashera on Thu Feb 07, 2019 3:24 am

    The Lost Jungles

    The Maya Catholics are often corrupt, some Inca descendants too, and they reproduce like nuts until their "Christian" cannibalism starts all over

    I am known as Xuchitl Xaxaman, as Tawashi in the north

    PRECAUCION Cumbres, Aztlán

    S.P.Q.R with Aztec two-step is needed

    “We need leadership...We need our writers and we need our poets. There are no revolutions without poets.” -Rodolfo “Corky” Gonzalez, Message to Aztlan. ¡QUE VIVA LA RAZA!

    Opinion based socialism, no matter if national or democratic or whatsoever, always repeats the same mistakes because it does not scrutinze the "objective" observer position. If you sqeeze the soul out of the "object" by mechanization you die too in entanglement order

    Not the "object" triggers the Fatal Strategy of the Symbolic Death Exchange

    Reason without soul and spirit is not reason but rationalist mechanism

    We must dare more Culture
    - Hitler (last orders)

    I want to build the heavy destroyer Admiral Canaris... many workers are needed

    I am not your friend and saviour but the hell of a holy guru

    You import the corruption intentionally with Christian migrants from Syria and the Balkans, and black Lutherist migrants from the Kush Empire. Not to mention the already settled East-Elbian Lutherists and LORDists and the erosion of the State of Bremen by Swabians

    Look for your hail elsewhere but not here, I enslave you

    I am not a terrorist, I fight terrorism; do not mix things up by moral majority

    Let the bombs hail!

    Dieses dumme Volk und sein Scheißglaube sind eine Zumutung!

    The democratic life without money is disappointing

    What you stage here juridically is an embaressment and resembles the 15th century

    Bigot Christiandom is not even a weak argument

    Probably I am less interested in you than you in me

    If I have no advantage I do nothing

    There is no clear sign that the corruption stops but that the SPD goes berserk, ready to execute me

    I need clearance for Monday

    Because Lord @gewoba and Major Castringus had difficulties to get my titles away they tried to get my name away to get my titles away...

    The Islam Expert...

    Peter Townsend goes right back to the earliest years of the Muslim faith to ask questions that are routinely ignored by those who are content to simply repeat the same old 'certainties' of standard Islamic history. A MUST READ…

    To where shall the voyage go? The same boring crap as ever?

    Anti-Semite Roger Waters sides with Maduro -

    The Reincarnation of Pol Pot? -
    Nayib Bukele, El Salvador's new president, has won election with the support of a right-wing party, but he holds radical leftist views

    The Basic Law Preamble - God (the state) and man (the people) - Vox Populi is not necessarily Vox Dei

    Frederick II did not directly say that the upraisals in France were generally unjustified but he deeply criticized the involvement of German Lutherists, for example. And he did not agree to the abolishment of the state as such (then embodied by King Louis = God)


    Principially Marie Antoinette was long-time unemployed before she was beheaded... Successively they miserabled the living conditions of her arrest situation until any distance was lost and rape in her final prison hole became daily routine

    Poverty is a disease and probably also criminal... The SPD never cared the unemployed in their unionist manner and tradition, rooted in clerical brotherhood and Lutherism since the French revolution...

    Since they cannot take anything away and I am below the seizure limit they came to the illegal idea to lock me away resp. to explain me as nuts, the @gewoba involved

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    Re: The End of the Twins Cycle

    Post  Ashera on Thu Feb 07, 2019 5:39 am

    Quinta Essentia

    - spirit

    A401 ( the 5th element ) with process
    - Ahmed Karam
    #digitalart #painting

    I never was member of any other caste than the Green Caste. My Anthropology was not philosophical or theological but departed from the idea of life as water based. PCOGs are mainly Aristotelian (abiogenesis in the mud), I am Anaxagorean, alchemy of water, air, spirit

    Also a book missing in the Chronicles of the Counter-Earth - The Healers of Gor

    Your decision...

    PCOG operates statistically

    Gorean Green Caste GGC is "minimal evasive" and "individual centred"

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    Re: The End of the Twins Cycle

    Post  Ashera on Thu Feb 07, 2019 5:59 am

    At Christmas I got an Iron Annie automatic wrist watch, nicely #vintage #steampunk. It also has a transparent back and one can watch the thingies inside in motion

    A small tube amplifier I once bought, but this was not expensive

    Most things I own are presents, also my both guitars, I never had money

    My mother*s second name is Anna

    Rabea Alienne is my real name, no underline, either you like it or not. I call myself Alienne, this factually means Helen

    Ahl-yieh-ain - cp. Tribesmen of Gor, page 54

    Ever again the same s**t repeats in irregulary cycles since my childhood because they have no memory or some job positions were changed

    The Winterfell Syndrome GoT (on Gor known as Tarnfell Syndrome)

    Leaked image of Jon and Daenerys at Winterfell. (Via Reddit: …)

    You Low Caste gender morons and slave boy characters have difficulties to differ the sexes...

    I am not interested in sucker boys, I am Lesbian Bi (Jewish Islamic hetero)

    The Democratic Flatworms

    I had a Celica once, like the one in the back, but emerald (90 hps, 1600ccm, 160 km/h, peak 190 km/h, lead free super petrol)... I liked to drive the coastal highway down to Montenegro

    Ad for eBay toyota celica ta22 twin cam project barn find  ←on eBay. More at→  

    V6 is the Triumph of the Will

    V6 - this I like - RWD - manual gear

    New Toyota Supra Drifts Its Way Through New Super Bowl Commercial

    After I returned from Berlin to Bremen and was maltreated for years again for my kind of clothing, changed the flat, wore a while old dresses of my father... I almost collapsed and changed to Black Ninja. Then followed psychoanalysis. Now I am mostly all black again

    What now follows is the blind flight of the social sector

    Why is never spoken of Christiandom as ideology, especially in its LORDist and Adamite variances? -

    My interface did not function properly, and this I repaired. And what did you retards try?

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    Re: The End of the Twins Cycle

    Post  Ashera on Thu Feb 07, 2019 10:31 am

    Tomb Raider

    Shadow of the Tomb Raider is part of the Xbox Game Pass Now!
    Read more:

    Anthropologin is factually my dream job - since I started to study I never wanted become anything else

    #ShadowoftheTombRaider #XboxShare Uncharted melhor que Tomb Raider

    The Arabs...

    Iraq’s Foreign Minister @CSIS: we tell our Arab neighbors that if you’re concerned about Iran’s influence, come and invest in Iraq

    No one wanted to realize how Khurasan spread, partly India backed, to install a theocratic Shah regime in Iran; partly by misusing the democracy movement in the Khorasan Province close to Afghanistan

    The Iraqi foreign minister in Washington right now: "Iran helped us tremendously against ISIS."

    V for Vendetta

    V for Vendetta - 2005
    Directed by James McTeigue

    The Great Democrat

    For the Congress Party BC means Before Congress and AD means After Dynasty.

    The idea of sanity is not necessarily democratic... but a wheel chair psycho maybe

    This is What we feared. Pappu sure zyada fail ho Gaya.
    #ModiParliamentSpeech has further detoriated Rahul Gandhi's Mental Condition…

    The Climax of Democracy, Guruism, and ISIS-K

    Modi ji to congress.

    The Great Democrat

    39 Indians kidnapped in IRAQ. Daily brave Indian soldiers are being 'butchered' at the border & @narendramodi is getting designer wardrobes!

    Indian soldiers in Iraq

    Indian-origin cabbie jailed for murdering US soldier in Iraq

    About my flat much rumours spread, about loads of precious goods, and even a vast amount of money. The only rumour that I spread myself was that Rabia, the previous tenant, was cemented under the shower tub...

    Cargo Cults was my original theme, but this was not to handle in the way then that I wanted: from the ethnology of tribal cognition and its adaption to civilisatory impact and to the anthropology of modern UFO-phenomena. I prefered a semiology of postindustriality

    "Elementary Semioses" came later, but finally also not more as a precondition

    Were the boys in Orissa into male sectret societes initiated by blow jobs or ass f**ks? A question of imminent ethnological meaning (and a moral discussion in the west, independent of the factuality of the matter itself)

    ZZ Top

    It became boring and he needed some action...

    A Fatalist

    To destroy my Celica only costed money, and his father was wealthy, he had his fun and me all the trouble, even to get my stuff out of the wreck using the subway

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    Re: The End of the Twins Cycle

    Post  Ashera on Fri Feb 08, 2019 12:19 am

    Sawing a Virgin - The Doornkaat Case and the Theatre of Cruelty

    Arthur Rimbaud I like much, and Antonin Artaud; Charles Baudelaire is to me a sicko

    The Little Prince did not function with me, the SPD tested that in a mean manner - and also Barabara Dublin failed already. I could have said it all the time: when my granny sang "Sleep my little prince" I reacted allergic and cried like nuts, I wanted Lilly Marlen

    Major Castringus aimed at eviscerating me, to tar and feather, and to quarter me, misusing data protection laws. I needed to circumvent data protection and to install a focal point as emergence point and not as vanishing point perspective. Now all is under protection

    No one can command you how you have to sign, and if you write XXX

    The normalos do not really read; I did not write public-law institution but public body, and I doubted the @BVerfG decision to define a such as a democratic entity and social performance as constitutional

    If a baptismal certificate is a valid birth certificate is the question - the @gewoba refered to the first, and the @FU_Berlin refers to the latter

    I had a dream...

    Kein Firmament mehr

    Kommen Sie bitte rechtzeitig, es könnte zu Schlangenbildungen im Hauptgebäude kommen. Und nehmen Sie sich Zeit für die Namensfindung - gönnen Sie sich (und das dürfte ich gar nicht sagen) noch einen Doornkaat

    In The Valley Of The Hospitalist Robots

    We must go real again... the knowledge is anyway there and you could not contribute anything that we did not get out... and the rest is very harmful - an event horizon

    I had a clear medical record and diagnosis and they some years later started to overtext it with a social one, even blurring the facts by definitions

    The Democratic Lag

    They bark "digitalization" when it became yesterday snow as if it was the yolk of the egg

    Pelosi: "I think overwhelmingly the public wants to see" Trump's tax returns

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    Re: The End of the Twins Cycle

    Post  Ashera on Fri Feb 08, 2019 4:57 am

    Judaism was split from the start, and this began with Moses and the Burning Bush situation. At one hand he wanted the new, at the other he stayed pharaonic Lordist. One effect was the later evil treatement of the Asherim. Also Abraham, Hiob, and Solomon suffered this

    The following is Jahwe-ite text, it does not refer to YHVH and The Second "H" of the Tetragramaton, it rather seeks for a way to deny it

    Der Name Hulda, hebräisch חֻלְדָּה chuldāh, wird meist von חלד cholæd abgeleitet. Damit ist nach Lev 11,29 ein unreines Kleintier gemeint

    The Völvas - Heidi (Freya, Odin), Araunah (Eyraruna?, King David), and Hulda (Witch of Endor, King Saul)

    Himmler assumed that his grandma, who he deeply liked, was a witch (probably one reason that my great-grandma survived) and was deeply involved in "witch research". At the end of the days the SS-Ahnenerbe got out that many Jewesses they gased probably were witches

    Was the Hitler Regime constitutional, even if democratically justified?

    All the Third Reich the Imperial Constitution was not abolished (factually not even until today), and the Preamble stayed valid - Hitler ruled by an Enabling Act, and especially the SS-police. To Canaris and the Abwehr at least West-Elbian Jews were a German tribe

    I accepted the Flensburg Government and the last order of Hitler as legal, especially to replace the Interior Minister by a Culture Minister - and this attempt you can trace to the recent ministerial position of Miri Regev in Israel

    One cannot say that I am a nazi, even if I was member of the Skadi forum. I was accepted, no matter that all knew that I was Jewish - and my user name Ashera anyway said all. As user symbol I chose the Dagaz rune, golden on light-blue ground - a Star of David variance

    I am in no way a socialist and I am a convinced anti-fascist

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    Re: The End of the Twins Cycle

    Post  Ashera on Fri Feb 08, 2019 1:05 pm

    I processed honestly and with soul and spirit; alas it was of no use. They messed all my attempts to get work according to my qualification to abuse me at least caring level one. A people of corrupt Swabian Pranks, rapists and pervert cranks

    Jewish forwards and never forget how corrupt the German middle mass is!

    Brazil booms. I say the economy should get based on modern "shifting cultivation". Even Trump*s Oval Office painting does not hint at democratic global conflagration and devastation for the sake of control but at woods and water
    Brazilian markets are rallying under the free-market oriented government of new president Jair Bolsonaro.

    The Venezuelan Ethnology Professor Heinen I used to know many years ago, he branded me as "purist"

    What is "purism"? It is the idea that modern developments have to be rooted in the tribal roots if they do not want to end in a metaphysical bubble. I deeply critisized the "helicopter ethnology"

    Cargo for Venezuela

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    Re: The End of the Twins Cycle

    Post  Ashera on Sat Feb 09, 2019 10:31 pm

    They waste my life for their farce

    The difference makes the difference

    Just heartbreaking! At funeral of 19 yr old #Israeli girl Ori #Ansbacher, her father eulogizes:
    “I do not believe it, I do not know what to say. I think about you now – how you saw everything so sharp & clearly. In the last year you did it, Ori, you won. You lived a whole life.”

    I am Stormborn

    I permanently had pertussis and otitis media as child - but in the end it strengthened my lungs and I hear like a lynx

    I am not so strong. I am tough

    To run years without hoody around in ice and snow had advantages and disadvantages - for the skin it was very good, also for the brain; I seldomly have headaches

    Germany: "We send you a last court date as a petition for killing on request"
    Rabea Alienne: "Your wish is my order"

    The corruption swims above like s**t, the natural law ideology rules, ignoring the evolution of the living things under the surface of the mindless-clerical abstractions

    And once more the middle mass dominates all in Germany and Civil Law does not care State Law anymore - this is not my people!

    Germany is a state of disease and the case is hopeless

    I do not submit to ignorance and arrogance, different to my father it makes me in no way horny - I am not a man

    I do NOT serve the Lutherists

    I never was police-oriented, different to my niece, my grandfather (staff sergeant) and a great-cousin were professional soldiers, the latter finally First Sergeant. I did not see any reason to serve as private, according to my academic degrees at least Lieutenant

    My standard clothing was a NATO-jacket over years, so Rambo style, to get my brain clear

    They did everything wrong while I hardly made any mistakes

    I was not against the Bundeswehr, I only was angry that I could not serve as girl then. All this what I did the last years could have happend much earlier but the people were too stupid - and obviously nothing improved and the Lutherism is more cemented than ever

    The MAD hardly replaced the Abwehr, the constitutional lesson was not learned

    BND is Interior Ministry but reconnaissance abroad

    Es gibt kein Bier auf Hawaii...

    The Germans do not understand the world anymore, so at least some Dr. Strangelove in the core of the system, ready for a final "Sieg Heil" and last metaphysical enlightenments

    A new accessible BND building they built in 11 years in Berlin with billions of Euros but the Bundeswehr is equipped at 1940s niveau: the firemen are getting active again

    You are getting too dangerous once more, Germany, and as ever the wrong people are in the decisive positions

    What you partly integrated by plain formalism and quota is embodied inhumanity

    Arrived in the middle of society...

    Some wheel chair fascists I would drive directly to the MVA -plant (as ever - I do not generalize!)

    Supersanity gets tugged to court and punished by cripples. To where shall the voyage go? Germany in blind flight into the back hole of some integrated psycho?

    Do not expect that I tolerate it to get defined as insane by a moral majority of equal opportunity idiots: end of the democratic levelling games!

    There is obiviously no capacity to understand my arguments but only a collective will to punish me for no reason - the limit is reached

    Maybe the only way... and finally an UFO snaps me

    300+ US servicemen and women have landed in Israel for Juniper Falcon, the main IDF-US exercise of 2019. Side by side, we will strengthen our cooperation and readiness to face mutual threats.

    Rabea Alienne...


    I will not go home to the LORD where I anyway never was but wipe my baptism away and ask for a birth certificate

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    Re: The End of the Twins Cycle

    Post  Ashera on Tue Feb 12, 2019 3:59 pm

    De Schuurstunne

    Uncle Heini was studied, he sat directly by the radio and commented all and everything in Lower Saxon to later discuss it

    Wo is mien nief?

    Uncle Heini had a "Klötenmess", he castrated the hogs himself when they became too wild - the testicles got Sultan, the huge St. Bernard dog, I liked the noise how he gulped them. Slaughter they did not themselves, then the butcher had to come, But meat they processed

    Both, her brother, and her father in law, studied agriculture, and she knew her later husband since childhood. Her brother was the son of a wealthy geest landscape farmer, her later father in law cultivated moorish terrain in industrial manner with Lutheran brothers

    My grandma kept the obituary on the death of her father in law all her life

    To study "landscape and gardening" made not much sense anymore, so I studied "culture"

    I am to say so a "declassed cultural asset", I warned you in time not to tease me too much

    #Steampunk is not really 19th century, it is an alternative future, it also has Gorean impact, and partly it is high tech

    Israel is a She -

    A birth certificate and an Israeli passport...

    Prime Minister Netanyahu: I am impressed by everything I have seen here. Of course, it is impossible to show everything but the missiles that you see behind me can go very far, against any enemy, including Iran's proxies

    The brotherhood...

    What I find incredibly frustrating:
    Those (mostly on Left) who say they stand against bigotry & #Antisemitism, yet excuse it or look other way when it comes from within their circle!
    If you truly stand against bigotry & Antisemitism, you’ll condemn it equally no matter source!

    The populace grew. The humane consequence was to feed them to prevent cannibalism and to hope for culture

    Hitler was a mass effect

    The Blue Fertilizer Projects in Mexico and North-West Germany at the beginning of the 20th century; my great-grandpa was involved in this

    Prof. Nightingale was expert for Meso-America and especially the Aztec heritage

    Lt. Starck is in safety now, back from the event horizon, still the scarface of Dr. Weir...

    Ove, "Master of the Social", better should have trusted me instead of the social sector, and now they got him - and this increased my trouble additionally. Syndromatically his tendency to mess my projects prevailed again (in the name of the father? Lutherist bastard!)

    Ullisses Doller? It is his testimony, not mine. I must not justify it

    The Socio-Clerical Democratic Rehash Machinry, or: The Island of Dr. Moreau

    At no point of time I understood the hysteria that Clinic East developed since 2013. I never was their patient in the name of Lord @gewoba - and this will stay this way

    The cheetah cannot change her spots

    I browsed the whole bibiliotheque, all shelves, alone this costed me some weeks

    The dialogue between Prof. Schott and me was rather informal, in passing

    The huge amounts of money that the masses are jealous for have no value at all except a numeric one. If the super-rich would be forced to inject all this money into the system it would implode

    Even if good will imputed; I cannot change the sides

    The Agony of the Real - from Catastasis to the H-bomb as Minority Veto

    Char was a seducer...

    I knew of the codices in the poison cabinet, and I knew the truth of the cannibalism

    I am expertin for cargo cults

    The best book is that one never will write
    - Prof. Schott

    It is much too much money in circulation, then add the bitcoins etc. There is not any material reference anymore - no counter-value. The search for a second earth... does @SecondLife hold the promises?

    The ultimate culture test

    @Mjakmjak spaghetti aglio oilio dat is met veel knoflook en pepers en olijfolie

    What happens if no one produces anymore and the whole world becomes a cargo cult?

    Kushner 666 - I am not too stupid to be a Jew...

    Nationality: German, Citizenship: Israel

    As Reichsbürgerin (by prosecution decree) I refer to Article 16 of the Basic Law, @RathausHB_news

    I demand a birth certificate and an Israeli passport, @RathausHB_news

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    Re: The End of the Twins Cycle

    Post  Ashera on Tue Feb 12, 2019 5:00 pm

    I will not accept to get tormented and vivisected for a higher metaphysical Adamite good in the name of the LORD

    They have no and they will not get access at me, my diagnosis is all exclusive

    Luther: "Sieg Heil!"
    A young mother found out when she was 4 months pregnant that her baby wouldn't survive. Given the choice to induce labor immediately or carry the baby to term, she chose to carry the baby to term so she could donate her organs to children who needed them.

    The Ayatollah of rock'n rolla!

    Lord Humungus and his army of fuel-bandits, petro-scavengers, and socialist sycophants, negotiating the ransom for kidnapping a country.

    Tyger, tyger, burning bright
    In the forests of the night...

    A hole is in the bucket, Karl-Otto

    What is freedom of the press? Is it freedom of opinion or freedom of the argument? Is an opinion an expression at all?

    I know these things because I am who I assume to be and not what others mean who I am

    Today the @weserkurier said that the Ayatollah of Iran lied in 1979 when he said that even women could become president now and that he broke some democratic promise. But who says that it was meant this way at all?

    Ban Rituals

    Who was the man in trenchcoat in the storey car park who was to see at this blurred pics of a surveillance camera? The one who was later defined as him?

    Happened a kidnapping at all or was the whole story an invention, amplified by collective unconsciousness?

    The Chaos Dimension

    Blow-up (1966) - this movie one should necessarily watch

    You wonder how I drove with a nervous breakdown all the way from Sylt back to Bremen and survived from October until end of December without treatment?

    What does it mean that I saw things that did not exist? The letters AX I never saw personally at the cliff in my back and I did not shoot the photo

    The true "Louisiana Trilogy" is "The Creature" - it is like the other side of a coin, or the "Hidden Anthropology". What led to the brain stroke of Ecko? What was in that way shocking that all memory is lost and she only remembers how she drove back with her UPS van?

    I do not assume to be a Mistress, I am a Magistra

    Without the help of some Masters and Mistresses I certainly would be dead for some years now

    I am not directly BDSM, I am Gorean, but I think I spoke for all when I argued against the perverts who destroy all

    I am no one exceptional "high" in Gor except that I belong to one of the High Castes

    Alyena of Corcyrus, also known as Ashera Ssha (alienne.laval), Apprentice of Silver, GGC LMA, University öf Gor. Market of Semris, Dominion of Corcyrus

    Exactly the problem...

    Replying to @Wilpagliaccio
    The X Files: I want to Believe 2008 - Chris Carter

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    Re: The End of the Twins Cycle

    Post  Ashera on Thu Feb 14, 2019 7:24 pm

    I do NOT support Gender! It violates the Bremen State Constitution and the Quran that was ratified 2013 in Bremen - it violates my oath, it is Adamite, and it is anti-Semitism

    Nothing but social terror for base motives, democratically covered: the middle mass rules

    I never gave my birth right up, and I am first born

    The Democratic Opportunism

    It is all about mass effects - and if it is the fight against anti-Semitism - how absurd!

    The democratic socialists like to serve stereotypes. media-effective, and only accelerate the disaster of non-representation

    Nothing they realized, I fought a lonesome fight... and now the free riders come, how ideologized soever...

    I left the SPD in 2006 because I refused the Agenda 2010 -

    The Jewish Nation State - racism is neither intended nor implied - it is just about home

    #OnThisDay 1896: Theodor #Herzl published his visionary book, 'The Jewish State'.
    Today, in 2019, we have a strong, proud, thriving Jewish State of #Israel.
    Today, the Jewish nation has regained our independence, our sovereignty, our army and control of our destiny.

    Ashera? Isharat!

    Three Aphrodites, and Jesus among them, and all three are one.
    Aphrodite Urania! Aphrodite Pontos! Aphrodite Pandeimos!
    By the blessed olive tree, in the name of Allah!
    It was "satr" non-entanglement-entanglement, and none pointed

    El Elyon sets bounds of the masses according to the muses
    - cp. Deuteronomy

    Ehyeh Asher, Ehyeh! Allah Elohim has sent me to thee!

    Gospel: Today Jesus encounters the Syrophoenician woman, from a different religious background than his (Mk 7:24-30). Initially, he rebuffs her request for a healing. Then he does what we are called to do with people who seem "different" from us. He listens and "encounters" her.

    I am Triskely, not Trinity

    “And Jesus came and said to them, "All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me.

    I still live because I am innocent

    "Herkules Aasgeier, execution officer male/female", he said, "here is my card..."

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    Re: The End of the Twins Cycle

    Post  Ashera on Thu Feb 14, 2019 8:30 pm

    This German Saturnalism is annoying

    Democratic Flatworm Rule!

    Germany in Blind Flight - as ever

    Schacht -

    It is all about semantics

    Dr. Shaft

    The Blue Flame destroyed Tarnfell @gor_sl @SecondLife (Winterfell #GoT), this is Viserion

    In @SecondLife I am bodiless after this attack in Tharna, my body is all white now except my head and hands


    Today's #SecondLife pic of the day is a beautiful fantasy shot with everything a #GoT fan could want - especially the #dragon! Beautiful sun-drenched inworld shot from Cirilla

    First I was IASS member, the DGS I only joined later. The primary membership counts

    Principially I am still member of the IASS (International Association for Semiotic Studies), I updated my data by email (alienne_v)

    I owe the IASS member fees for at least ten years... the DGS is a different matter, they abondened me...

    I gave you gold, they s**t into your brain and you liked it!

    I cannot imagine that the IASS will assign their demands to anyone - and so I get a silver collar

    I did not get that quite right then but "private insovlency" can be some kind of cheating because after possible landlord demands (invented or not) have priority. Possibly you forgot anything to list at the private insolvency...

    There are priory and secondary debts, and this has much to do with the original contract dates

    I did not land here because I failed but because I was discriminated

    One head will roll... (melody: Ein Schiff wird kommen). Do not expect that anyone sacrifies himself for you... And as it is it sounds like killing on request

    Ein Kopf wird rollen...

    You cannot push me into a social situation, partly by force and narrowing my perspective, and later spread that it was my decision!

    I want clear fronts now, and besides increasing my court trouble end of the month, to cover Scholz would only mean that the whole s**t roturns in a year or so the latest. I do not want that anymore and stop it now, the time is right

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    Re: The End of the Twins Cycle

    Post  Ashera on Fri Feb 15, 2019 12:01 am

    You permanently babble of Jihad but what you factually provoke with your "Christian" gernderism is Quital

    I want no corrupt peace, and I do not negotiate: I am about war and healing.  What is the meaning of 100 years woman suffrage when I consider the far spread Adamism? I am about the freedom of my femininty!

    Allah snapped my body away from the demiurge!

    I feel no social responsibility

    If you do not stop the mess I will have destroyed everything until February 27

    If you do not address me correctly you are to me nameless

    What is a democratically ordered love? #HappyValentinesDay2019

    Sura 2:102
    And they followed [instead] what the devils had recited during the reign of Solomon. It was not Solomon who disbelieved, but the devils disbelieved, teaching people magic and that which was revealed to the two angels at Babylon, Harut and Marut. But the two angels do not teach anyone unless they say, "We are a trial, so do not disbelieve [by practicing magic]." And [yet] they learn from them that by which they cause separation between a man and his wife. But they do not harm anyone through it except by permission of Allah. And the people learn what harms them and does not benefit them. But the Children of Israel certainly knew that whoever purchased the magic would not have in the Hereafter any share. And wretched is that for which they sold themselves, if they only knew.

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    Re: The End of the Twins Cycle

    Post  Ashera on Fri Feb 15, 2019 4:03 am

    Lord @gewoba, Major Castringus, and their Free or not so Christian LORDist Mason fellows do not represent my "interests worthy of protection". Factually I fight them since childhood - rather they me. My interest is my Rabea Art Matura K1a/B2a and what followed

    To call me Frau Uchtmann I hate - this is my mother. I am Frau Dr. Uchtmann - and my Doktorin-title is legal and integral part of my name. I call myself Alienne (Ahl-yieh-ain)

    I was about a "rebellion of maturity", and this annoyed the pervert adult parental super-egos lots

    Factually they destroyed the Project Youth Council with their reduction of the voting age, From the position of a Chairwoman of the Schwachhausen District Council I saw it as subversion. I doubt that they truly served the matter of youth policy with this obsolescence

    Chrischan Weber is doot

    Vörgüstern is de langjährige Börgerschopspräsident #Weber starven. Nu is klor, dat schull eein Staatsakt un eene groote Truerfier för em in Bremer Sankt-Petri-Dom geven.

    De doot mokt nümmers good

    Der Tempel des Osiris - St. Petri Terrorzelle "Die Klötenküsser"

    St Petri Dom/Church in Bremen Germany. In town for Orion design review.

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    Re: The End of the Twins Cycle

    Post  Ashera Yesterday at 11:12 pm

    Generally the idiots survived - except me, protected by my Waffen-SS-Opa, instructed by the last order of Hitler and final SS-Ahnenerbe insights - and reproduced like nuts - amplified by other idiots from East-Elbia: the LORDist terror started in my childhood

    A people of idiots!

    D O  Y O U  W A N T  T O T A L   W A R???

    I do not pay debts glued at my heels like s**t, only the default decree I accept

    Once upon a time US troops and certain Al Quaeda units fought side by side in Ninava...

    Replying to @AmbJohnBolton @ELINTNews
    And a Smspecial thank you goes out to US aid from ISIS in #Syria.

    Uthman, who was the III. Kalif, was against the Islamic State, and here you see how old this discussion is - but what is the alternative?

    I do not think that democratization is the solution -

    Gor is a huge bureaucracy, and here not so unsimilar to earth. But it is always a danger that certain documents get into the hands of wrong people when the power changes. Compare for example the ISIS documents that partly came into ISIS-K (Kurii...) possession

    Probably my complete papers, including my slave papers, are stored in Port Kar. I handed my silver cylinder to the Green Caste there when I became Apprentice

    I am member of the University of Gor, at Market of Semris; and this vaguely represents Antiochia on earth. Market of Semris and the City of Corcyrus are the core of the Dominion of Corcyrus

    The symbol of a registered GGC laptop is an on screen Fleur du Lys symbol

    Certain Gorean infirmaries had even some kind of Laptops... today not anymore because in the accelerating war the most were taken by Green Castes with them... no one else had inworld such devices, and this includes Kurii invaders

    In Port Ven I had no lappy, then I was still Kajira, I got it in Port Kar when I became Apprentice of Silver

    Germany is not a country but a state of disease

    You never got that... #GoT is a fake! It is played by actors and most if not all of them are Kurii...  in Bavaria?

    United States Air Force Boeing C-17A Globemaster III (10-0218, #AE4F12) as flight #RCH495 at 14350 ft heading south east bound OTT Mertingen, Bavaria (Germany)

    The invasion of #GoT forces (Kurii) into Gor that infiltrated the Confederation enforced a necessary polarization

    The Dominion stroke back

    The Vendetta Bomb (Blue Flame in RP) is a maximum distastrous sim bomb, comparable to an H-bomb

    Before I went to detonate the Tarnfell sim I gave all my reports to ICE, and from there I sent a last bird

    There are processes that are irreversible

    I am a self-conscious being, and this will stay this way

    Not to circumvent - if they write Dr. Uchtmann always Magistra Dr. Rabea Alienne Uchtmann is meant

    I could not be Doktorin without being Magistra - this is connected

    They think a name change is an easy access to arbitrariness but there is my Dr.-title as name part

    My name matron was Fire, my aunt was ICE

    Human trafficking is one of the most heinous crimes investigated by ICE. In its worst manifestation, #humantrafficking is akin to modern-day slavery.

    I assume it could be human trafficking what it is really about

    If I do not get a sufficient Basic Money decree with my complete name and data immediately the Social Service will have to pay the accuring interest - and this is finally Scholz

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    Re: The End of the Twins Cycle

    Post  Ashera Today at 12:48 am

    After The Fallout

    Mesh avatars never attracted me

    Aviary Gon-Chee

    The Aviary - MK7 - MK-Ultra was yesterday

    I do not care what "we" think or believe - "we" do not think at all! Stupid people!

    You lied and betrayed... I told the truth - and principially I worked all the time - what did it mean, Gorean RP?

    I was some kind of revolutionary in Gor, but this came to a certan degree surely from my RP-mother, Lady Yesica, who was Chief Green and later Admin of the City of Lara. I always was allowed to have giannies and was associated with cats and panthers

    Why I signed Panther Papers in Tharna twice, as Chief Green of Imperial Ar and Physician of Tharna? It was about producing witnesses... My laptop stood on the desk close to my bed... some really became nosy

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    Re: The End of the Twins Cycle

    Post  Ashera Today at 3:10 am


    In the year 10.140 C.A. I visited the ruins of Tathassa in the mountains beyond the Jungles of Schendi the first time. There I found my seal in the ruins. Subjectively I was so 14/15 years old then, but the terrestian and the Gorean time frames are not really synchronized. I was collared to Shade then, a Black Caste Assassin who used Panther Tribes as hide. I submitted to him to escape the City of Lara after my mother became the Free Companion of the City Commander and the influence of the Salerian Confederation grew that Lara City had joined when I was so three years old (10.126 C.A.). I wanted to avoid to get sent to my grandma who had a Kajira-School...

    Finally it was not to avoid. Shade lost the fight against the local En of a Panther Tribe at Tathassa, vanished without trace. and I was produced to Port to Ven where grandma was the Tatrix of the Kajira-School Kajira Falls. I had to help in the infirmary and in the tavern - and became First Girl of Port Ven.

    The Lindenstr. Syndrome - What does it mean, Germany? The mass media fed expectations of immigrants? Does that say more than I found out? I see no reason to fulfill these generational harvester expectations in the name of social media. I am not Germany

    I am different

    I do not want to survive your possible forced treatment

    To the left the "Gorean Knot" - "satr" - the non-entanglement-entanglement-order - Sura 36:36, including the factor unknown, the second ה of the Tetragramaton, the virging maiden, the Kajira

    watching @benorlin ‘s talk at #JMM2019. it was REALLY good.  (even most of the bad drawings were good, his Hopfy Borromean rings notwithstanding.)

    I care you a s**t, people

    I am not the one who endangers the creation and possibly destroys the world for the sake of a metaphysical father in heaven. It is the Lutherists and LORDists (and the Minim herms) with their innate dogmatism and stubborness. The same reproduction sickos who once burnt infertile or childless women and Jewesses as witches. The most witches in Europe at all were burnt in the North-west of todays Germany - and this is Saxonia.

    Fight the Druidism for the sake of the Völuspá!

    The year is 10.181 Contasta Ar = 2019

      Current date/time is Sun Feb 17, 2019 10:09 am