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    The End of the Twins Cycle


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    Post  Ashera on Wed Sep 19, 2018 1:19 am

    The Ven Depression...

    In Totenburg the Lutherists rule...

    The Ven Capital is not Rotenburg but Ottersberg

    Wümmeleute - Ven People

    The End of the Twins Cycle - Page 11 Tumblr_inline_o8k2l3PsxQ1qarw15_500
    Ven People ©️ 2013

    Jagdszenen aus der Wümmeniederung - Hunting Scenes from the Ven Depression

    Oh du lieber Augustin, Augustin, Augustin, alles ist hin!

    Meanwhile I reached the positions of Miri Regev or Ayelet Shaked...

    I had no problems to shoot them

    What is it my problem if some do not get what indviduation means? I did not cause this dilemma

    Stupid zombie breed, finally the effect is some kind of World War Z

    The End of the Twins Cycle - Page 11 Tumblr_inline_o8k2gkCGB21qarw15_500The End of the Twins Cycle - Page 11 Uma Soona Panthers
    Uma Soona Panthers ©️ 2013


    Market of Semris, at the border of Ven Highlands and Schendi, where the University of Gor is located, belongs to the Dominion of Corcyrus
    Ottersberg would be Port Ven, Rotenburg rather Rarir


    Alyena von Corcyrus
    - Asha of Gor -

    Lara war eine schöne Stadt. An der Innenseite der Stadtmauer, die zur Flussseite hin offen war, verlief ein Schlangenrelief so, dass der Kopf den Schwanz nie beissen konnte. Allein ein flutender Sonnenuntergang, der die Wiese am Fluss und die kleine vorgelagerte Liebesinsel in ein tiefes Rot tauchen konnte, vermochte es, eine kurzweilige Verbindung herzustellen.

    Zur Ostseite hin war das große Stadttor, und hier traf sich tagsüber in fliegendem Wechsel alles, was Rang und Namen oder gerade nichts zu tun hatte. Krieger, freie Frauen, Händler, Spione, Poeten und Sklaven beider Geschlechter. In der Mittagshitze des Sommers bot der Torbogen Schatten und wohlwollende Masters und Mistresses zogen ihre Sklaven näher zu sich. Waldland erstreckte sich auf der anderen Seite. Der gepflasterte Handelsweg begann am Stadtgraben und verlor sich in der Ferne in einem Geäst sandiger Abzweigungen, die zum Teil in Stammesgebiete führten.

    Waren wurden im Flusshafen auf Karren geladen und in der Stadt gelagert - manche auch bearbeitet - oder zum Stadttor weiter transportiert. Jäger brachten ihre Felle ans Stadttor und feilschten bis ihnen Einlass gewährt und sie ihre Kehlen in der Taverne kühlen durften. Einmal im Monat war Markt und großes Geschrei, arme Bauern haderten um jeden Copper, doch dies konnte auch die Preise zerstören. Und einmal im Jahr war Jahrmarkt und die gesellschaftliche Ordnung wurde auf den Kopf gestellt.

    Der grösste aller Flusssegler, die Shadow Walker, Heimathafen City of Lara, legte gerade an den Docks an, als meine Mutter fast eine Sturzgeburt hatte. Eine sie übermannende Übelkeit hatte sie in den Winkel links in der Stadtmauer getrieben, den die Krieger zum urinieren nutzten. Sie wurde beim Morgenschwatz im Torbogen vermisst, und ihre Mädchen fanden sie kauernd vor.

    "Verdammter Bosk!", fluchte Lady Yesica, Stadtärztin von Lara, als helfende Hände ihr unter die Arme griffen und sie zur Infirmary bugsierten: "Ich stinke nach Ochsenpisse! Raus der Robe, aber schnell!"

    "Yes, my Mistress", sagte Kitten und sprach damit auch für die anderen zwei, da sie First Girl war.

    It was about En-Kara, somewhen in late summer, what month soever, maybe Bakah, the peasants brought the harvest in, the 7th day, shortly after the Waiting Hand. The Wagon People moved to Turia.

    Gorean is not really English. It is called "The Language". Old Gorean pronounciation resembles rather a German, the "umlauts" are known, the "ü-sang" still exists in some regions, maybe Anglo-Norman roots, but also Russian, Egyptian, French, Sanskrit, Swaheli, Old Hebrew, Saxon Jiddish. Sometimes I speak German, and this even more since some unknown fate transported me to this Planet of the Flatworms through the North-West-Passage as I assume, reversing the way Matthew Cabot might have taken once to reach Gor, the so-called Counter-Earth. I was trained as Infirmary Girl, as Healer Kajira, but had the freedom to use the library at home and also the big one in the City, and the archive, known as the Library of Nasreen.

    In the city library hall was a mechanical model of Gor, a revolving planet, a ball, consisting of two mirroring halves, and three moons circulating in some orbit, hold in place with thin steel threads. Only one of these moons was named I got out, studying the scrolls, they called it Prison Moon. I often went there when I felt sleepy, first kneeling on the library carpet, watching the model, then falling aside, using the rotations as some kind of self-hypnosis.

    I was born as Baby Eleanor this very day, a little violet, a shrinkled something, not yet unfolded, father unknown, my mother hardly had labours, I plopped out like a cork.

    "You have blue eyes!", she shouted, "I wanted them brown!"

    "Malaika!", she hollered, "Bring this vessel with the afterbirth to the City Sleen! The baby I keep!"

    Blingie was a strange being, a wild beast of Gor. Later I should learn to know her better, when I was ordered to clean her cage, more like some zoo areal close to the city place, with shrubbery and a paved path around. And here my placenta and the umbilical cord went and found a heartly welcome.

    As I learned I had a brother and an older sister, a younger one came later, and was given away young age. It saddened me. Two additional boys were slaves, and several girls too, who I learned to call brothers and sisters.

    I was not often called Eleanor but mostly Xixi or Peenut. That I was almost delivered where the warriors used to pee was not the only reason.I peed often and almost everywhere, strolling with the giannies in the city, the Gorean variance of cats on earth. Not that I always must have peed, I simply liked it - like the giannies.

    Until the age of fourteen or sixteen children have a lot of freedom on Gor, no matter those of Free Persons or the ones of slaves. But in the huge cities, like Lara, they were are watched by the Magistrate and the Green Caste who decided what had to happen with them, according to their individual development.

    My family was of Alar origin. Alars were the Wagon People tribe of the North of Gor whose traces did not get lost in the plains or the woodlands but in the free city states. Nowadays no consistent Alar tribe exists anymore, most Alars were enslaved, the women seen as valuable Kajirae, the men as fierce Warriors. Alars are related to a tribe once known on earth as Alani, Alans, or Harans. The legend goes that Iscah Haran, sister of Milcah, is the founding mother of the tribe, abducted to Gor some day in Tibet, where she roamed the region as Usha Uma Soona, the Amazon Queen, remembered as the Spring Queen. That she vanished without trace in some vessel in the sky, is told in Tibet. That the only thing she left was a chest with books. It was about the time, it is told, when the sweet water sources were free of ice again, and when the flowers just opened their blossoms.

    My mother moved from the City of Sais to Lara City where she got the job of the Chief Physician, and chose Lara as her Home Stone. Relatives lived spread all over Gor, but some relative nexus was Grandma, who had a Kajira School, and cousin Festus...
    (Last Edit AV-HP 5/30 2018 txt)

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    Post  Ashera on Wed Sep 19, 2018 5:44 am

    I was born here, St. Joseph Hospital, Schwachhausen is Ven. By nuns then, maybe Cisterciensians (Bene Gesserit, Sisterhood of Dune). At least some strange occurances later hin at this

    Everywhere in the State of Bremen exist "groundwater lakes" under the earth surface, or Ven vortexes. The ancients knew where better not should be built on, and there they made places or fallow fields, like the Galopprennbahn. But federal migrants are super-smart...

    Die Vahr is part of the Ven Depression

    Galopprennbahn Vahr is Ven, and all the creeks

    Hexenberg belongs to The Ven (Badlands Inn)

    The Delta Vosk Pirates are Ven People; I am a Pirate Wench #TalkLikeAPirateDay

    He surely has seen the both North Seas and the Jade Bays...
    Republic of Lafona and Tortuga!

    The End of the Twins Cycle - Page 11 DncE_sKUcAAl6Ez
    The only pirate we care about on #TalkLikeAPirateDay is the Dread Pirate Roberts

    Ven People - or their descendants - are spread all over the globe... USA, Canada, Australia, Northern Ireland, Russia, Brazil,... -

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    Post  Ashera on Wed Sep 19, 2018 4:52 pm

    The Revenge of the Tiger Claw - Part II

    It is secondary what they believe, primarily matters what I am convinced of

    Democrats and eMANcipators hardly get the idea of Athena in Sparta

    The End of the Twins Cycle - Page 11 DmrwrIsX0AAJB-9
    the goddess of Sparta, Athena Calcieco, "the one of the bronze temple". This cult site - like the Hellenistic theater - was on the Acropolis that dominated the city.

    My feminine identity comes from within, from Allah Elohim

    I warned the judgess concerning supporting Adamites while farewell. The consequences are hers, not mine. I gave to protocol that I am Jewess (Jüdin) of Muslimic faith

    Der Männerkosmos...

    Als Frau musst du nur scheiße aussehen und dich anziehen wien Clown, und schon bist du oben!

    In my flat official files are totally safe, I neither fake nor abuse them

    "Fufftein Mann! Johoho!"

    The End of the Twins Cycle - Page 11 DneAklgXgAAW7HB
    For Professional Pirates like these, every day is #TalkLikeAPirateDay!

    Greed, Corruption, Pork Meat - Lutherists and Pollacks

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    Post  Ashera on Thu Sep 20, 2018 5:56 am

    Magistra PhD, Globalization - Localization, Localization - Globalization, Strategy, Tactics, Logistics, Project Controlling and Management

    Bremen, Germany
    Joined June 2009

    Dr. Alyena Lloydלֶהָבָה

    Volvo Renault Panhard VBL Ultima

    I am not stupid enough to fight against a shadow @weserkurier, but you should know that it is purely accidental and does not belong to me, not even as an attribution - and that at noon the shadows shorten. There is not enough space for all the idiots, some will burn

    I am not trans, @weserkurier, I am "just" queer, a panther girl, @Bklyn_LBGTQ, and I fought the federal gender agenda, this combined Jew- and Levelling-Law, right from the start @FU_Berlin

    The FU Berlin was mainly funded by US money, @weserkurier, as intellectual fortress of the free west @Bklyn_LBGTQ

    The End of the Twins Cycle - Page 11 DhGPY0kWsAA75M7
    Ein Zeichen für Weltoffenheit und gegen Homo- und Transphobie: Die @FU_Berlin hat anlässlich der #Pride-Weeks die #Regenbogenflagge vor dem Henry-Ford-Bau gehisst.

    Die Goldelse...

    The End of the Twins Cycle - Page 11 DnW3iq3XgAA8pqU
    Träume überlagern die Realität ♡ #Berlin #cityscapes #peoplehavethepower #streetphotography #siegessäule #art #architecture @AWBLN @stadtleben

    Germania.... @weserkurier, and the Quadriga on the Brandenburg Gate they turned westwards after the Wall Fall...

    The End of the Twins Cycle - Page 11 DnPyQpDW0AAGh4U
    From our Instagram:  #siegessäule #victorycolumn #charlottenburg #monoment #berlin #travelling #travel #germany #photography #europe #eu

    If you look at a map of the greatest extension of S.P.Q.R, @weserkurier (7000 Gorean Parsangs from Axum to Bornholm, Augustus messed that later), you will find that the East-Elbian territory is named Germania, the former Province Saxonia (12-9BC) simply as Cherusci

    I am not infectous @weserkurier, but their bad memes @gewoba etc. are!

    What were you morons so aroused that an ugly Lion God and a Fly-beel temple were detonated in Palmyra @weserkurier, babbled of world cultural heritage? Do you support Assad-Archaeology in the name of the LORD?

    I call my Archers and the Spear of Sargon (North-Assyria) against the evil Marduk and Bavel (South-Assyria)


    GG @FU_Berlin Islamic Science had his fun

    I became student member of the "promotion commission"!

    Frauenpower @FU_Berlin!

    At the @FU_Berlin we tried to stop the "Bologna Process" and the "Mastering" of all and everyone but the old Magister exam regulations were tricky, the PhD ones not so

    A Magistra: "Men are from Mars but Women come from Venus..."
    Me, candidate: "But Venus was born on Tuesday..."

    It was not my handwriting, I did not do that @FU_Berlin...

    Niemand ist einsamer
    - Der Unisex @FU_Berlin

    "She would never say, where she came from. Yesterday doesn't matter because it's gone."

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    Post  Ashera on Fri Sep 21, 2018 1:09 am

    Cat People...

    Qué grande es Bowie. Cat People (Putting Out Fire) usada de forma perfecta en 3 peliculones: Cat people (1982), Inglorious Basterds (2009) y Atomic Blonde (2017)


    The End of the Twins Cycle - Page 11 Dge92OQWkAIiuII
    The Cat People/Putting Out Fires Sequence in Inglorious Basterds is quite possibly the best use of music from any film in the past decade

    I am not famous, this is seldomly the case in sciences, and many scientists even refuse it, but I am globally known

    I knew the @gewoba Lord still personally... maybe this should help to get at least a sufficient compensation and my basic money elsewhere...

    All my papers are legal, this is not the trouble, it is not the state

    I am Israeli, this is hardly to doubt


    The End of the Twins Cycle - Page 11 DnDQk3GXcAA8KKl
    Replying to @mare_se @cnni @EmmanuelMacron
    That time it was called Vichy France

    I have but nothing to do with all the gender crap, @weserkurier, I did not even trigger it, it is man stuff. It reminds me of theological philosophies at the beginning of the 20th century. If the Kurii Lutherists mean it functions this way by definition: without me!

    I am not Klein Hühnchen, Deckname Gisela... @weserkurier

    Any cat they must democratically blow up to a state affair in nowadays easternized Germany, how I hate that!

    France is a Republic - for good reasons

    L*Afrique - "Zur schlafenden Katze" - vis a vis the cemetary

    La Chat... Asha... L*Afrique, Le Freak...

    Fraternity! Equality! Le Soleil! Der Sonne! Der Katze! Le Chat! Die Kot!

    The End of the Twins Cycle - Page 11 Dney7m-XgAI3vyn
    Marie-Antoinette's secret Versailles hideaway reopens its doors -  #France #Versailles #travel #history @CVersailles

    Frederick II surely did not like the position of King Louis (I am the state by divine law!) but the "democratization" nevertheless did not produce any constitutionality but eliminated the state as such @FU_Berlin. Thus the Basic Law: God (state) and man (people)

    The Adamites cannot bear it that I emerged, ignoring Genesis 2. I did not listen to what the man said, @FU_Berlin, but refer to the Basic Law Preamble, Bremen State Constitution, and Quran 36:36. And I deny the Federal Gender Laws - or a Caste Culture is the effect

    I do not perform media compatible stunts to any moron people judges, neither here nor in Berlin. I did it once, this was enough!

    Then eager to keep her precious guerdon, the win,
    On hell, life and death, and, lo! she plunges the king in!
    -The Diver II by Alienne @FU_Berlin

    Nichts in der Birne außer Scheiße! Nichts als Terror kommt von euch! Geht nach Palästina!

    Magistra Dr. Rabea Alienne Uchtmann @FU_Berlin, this is me

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    Post  Ashera on Fri Sep 21, 2018 3:34 pm

    I am Flame, also called Asha, as ever. Like the others I am very nice...

    #RadicalInclusion is what will happen - Death Command II - Lt.Dr. - Driver Seat

    Zero Tolerance! Some rifles are needed!

    The Masters Of The Social

    What @gewoba and their Castringus-Kanzlei tried has no legal basis, no matter if punishment derives from that or not; at least it was a violation of State Law, if not even the trial of a coup d'etat

    You must distinguish two main layers of justice: State Law and Civil Law. There is no reciprocal relation but a hierarchy

    If the state is involved I prefer discplinatory measures to trials, and some things are really no matters to be dealt in public in order of the security of the state and the well-being of the people

    What would you do if you were close to get tormented officially sealed and without lawyer? The full nine yards I fired!

    This nonsense has to stop!
    - Andreas Helbig, Bremen Judges Association @weserkurier

    The Legend of Ash

    I have nothing to do with your Kurii quackery, and I do not want! And I am not interested in unlearned Lutherist opinions! You are not about healing but controlled decay!

    This dispute of two medical oppositions is not new, it goes back to the times of the Fatimid Empire and the Holy Roman Crusades The later Lutherists did not improve the matter with their Swedish Drinks

    The day of salto mortale I later bought so black military boots with silver buckles, them I wore at the first trial against me on 10/22 2014; I dressed so Jeanne d*Arc style with black leggings and some kind of black hauberk minidress (pailettes in silver and gold). I came as Queen of Sheba

    My wench heel boots I do not give away... they are quite slutty, I know... for indoor use

    It was an irregularity in the pavement, a paving slab. I realized it - and flaked out

    Why ants can carry a manifold of their body weight? Why could I absorb a hard fall in some kind of split-second black out precisely?

    Many of the early semioticians were physicians AND jurists. The primary aim of justice was healing in the manifold sense of the term. And here you meet Ashera and the Caduceus as Justitia template, not the Apollonian Hermes with his single wand

    Case Description

    I am not allowed to diagnosis, I just do anamnesis

    Some of the involved judges and other personage surely are clinical cases

    Muslimeen are generally quite open concerning sexual matters and vividly interested in that... To disbelievers they normally do not talk these things...

    A vagina is a living wetland environment, to imagine as some kind of jungle, with many beings living there... to keep yourself sane you cannot kill them all every few days, your immune system needs them

    I only use a soft fluid soap and body lotion

    I am not so the penis expert...

    It is super silly to wash your vagina every day and to wear Domestos panties...

    Why I suvived the totally pested Frauenklinik Women Hospital in Bremen that they later demounted (principially for no reason...)?

    In Frauenklinik Munich I had a secondary infection but it was transmitted by a nurse finger. My fever was away after half a day but at the source it stayed

    I kept my body sane, nevertheless I am a messie and like it anyway more Gorean and camp style. It also has advantages to prevent possible hospital infections. The Gorean environment is not so "hygienic" as on earth, but the healers always keep themselves clean

    Der Wiedehopf, der Wiedehopf,
    Der hat am Arsch nen zweiten Kopf
    Fiederallala, fiederallala...
    Der Auerhahn, der Auerhahn,
    Der guckt mich immer so sauer an
    Fiederallala, fiederallala...

    You cannot produce proofs a posteriori to verify your silly theories! There exists a perceivable truth that you are not allowed to overtext by your definitions! Blind flatworms!

    Who knew that I had an appointment on 9/24 2014 that I missed because I mixed it up with 10/22 the date of the first trial against me? I was too early... 9/22...

    Sheba (27:22) sūrat l-naml (The Ants) - But the hoopoe stayed not long and said, "I have encompassed [in knowledge] that which you have not encompassed, and I have come to you from Sheba with certain news"

    9/22 2014 I had the salto mortale with my killer high heels: Tabuplanet Shaft

    Nothing happened, my spectacles were just twisted a few... I went with my mother to Weserpark later to have them adjusted again. What astonished me was the Kurt Mahr story that I did not know then. I only got it out some days after the incident

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    Post  Ashera on Sat Sep 22, 2018 3:10 am

    John Norman...

    Just found out that John Norman of the Gor fantasy series fame is actually a CUNY philosophy professor called John Frederick Lange Jr

    There were two Fredericks II - The first was Frederick Roger of Sicily, the last reasonable ruler of the Holy Roman Empire. A Norman, in fact a Gorean, very open to Islam. After him the Swabians took over, even crapped the architecture, once a matrix for the Empire

    Replying to @VerenaVoegeler
    @VerenaVoegeler Ich meinte nicht den König Friedrich den II.,  den Preußen, sondern Kaiser Friedrich II, den Stauffer und König von Sizilien

    The End of the Twins Cycle - Page 11 484680_1

    Frederick II, the Zar, and Maria Theresia, at Sansouci: Marie Antoinette was beheaded by the Brotherhood (probably even Lutherists were involved).

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    Post  Ashera on Sat Sep 22, 2018 5:01 am

    Do you still want to know more?
    - Freya Heidi to Odin

    Al Aksa

    The End of the Twins Cycle - Page 11 DRKywAhW4AAYejW
    Al Aqusa -Temple Mount Zion - The Golden Helmet -

    The End of the Twins Cycle - Page 11 RB-001-Der-Mann-mit-dem-Goldhelm_RL-520x697

    (surely it is an original Rembrandt; no one could paint this way... red lead, gold and silver bronze with bookbinder glue, and potash... and then imagine the precision of this work with these means, the shadows etc.).

    Du musst die Leute in die Fresse knacken!

    Dunkel war’s, der Mond schien helle,
    schneebedeckt die grüne Flur.
    Als ein Wagen blitzeschnelle
    langsam um die runde Ecke fuhr.
    Drinnen saßen stehend Leute,
    schweigend ins Gespräch vertieft,
    als ein totgeschossener Hase
    auf der Sandbank Schlittschuh lief.

    Und auf einer roten Bank,
    die blau angestrichen war,
    saß ein blondgelockter Knabe
    mit kohlrabenschwarzem Haar.
    Neben ihm ’ne alte Schrulle,
    zählte kaum erst sechzehn Jahr,
    in der Hand 'ne Butterstulle,
    die mit Schmalz bestrichen war.

    Droben auf dem Apfelbaume,
    der sehr süße Birnen trug,
    hing des Frühlings letzte Pflaume,
    und an Nüssen noch genug.

    Eine Kuh, die saß im Schwalbennest
    mit sieben junen iegen,
    die feierten ihr Jubelfest
    und fingen an zu fliegen.
    Der Esel zog Pantoffeln an,
    ist übers Haus geflogen,
    und wenn das nicht die Wahrheit ist,
    so ist es doch gelogen.

    - Joachim Ringelnatz

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    Post  Ashera on Sat Sep 22, 2018 6:13 am

    My grandpa, the Master glazier and picture framer, who taught me colours and also strategy and tactics, was a cellulose thinner addict. It finally killed him. It was not the tobacco that they forbade - he smoked nevertheless. Grandma, the control-mammsel, still found butts in his coat pockets close to his death. Truly devastating was that he could not go to the workshop anymore on Saturdays - after they really pensioneered him age 70- where he used to sniff...

    He did not allow me to sniff, I just watched him, telling me it was against cold. He was truly funny, only one time he threatened to beat me but then I was really nasty.


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    Post  Ashera on Sat Sep 22, 2018 10:46 am

    Their Adamite belief in the reversibility of all and everything, refering to Genesis 2, is plain madness and can only be interpreted as Satanism, and their idea of an arbitrary new creation of the world by "man" only as Saturnalism, violating the plot of the creator

    I will not allow any Hermaphrodites to the "Mystery of the Grail". There is no gradual approximation possible to change into Venus. And the "Islamic Law of Antiochia" (Market of Semris, Dominion of Corcyrus) forbids self-castration for the good reason to prevent gay masochist activism and probable damage

    Obernai - Altitona (Celtic?). Mont Sainte Odile was no monastery but a nunnery and most probably the famous "Grail Castle", known as Anschau or Anjou. Strangely enough I sat several days in grave of Abbess Odilia in Lippstadt -

    Principially the Neuenwalde Convent is not Lutheran but Cisterciensian, the territory belongs to the State of Bremen. I said, I would send Wallenstein and Schwertfeger. I am rather of the Lippstadt Nunnery -

    The Cisterziensians -

    Indian Summer - Golden October - Mother Ursula - Jane Doe > Judy Miller > Aurelia Octavia - #FirstDayofFall - #Bremen #ff

    Sisterhood of Dune -

    Alienne Atreides

    The End of the Twins Cycle - Page 11 DifwAKBXcAAp598
    Trying to cram a book as complex as Dune into two hours is impossible: Ridley Scott had planned to do two films. The film also undervalued the female characters in Dune, with the Bene Gesserit subservient to the male characters.

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    The End of the Twins Cycle - Page 11 Empty Re: The End of the Twins Cycle

    Post  Ashera on Sun Sep 23, 2018 2:59 am

    "Hexe Asa" is one of my all time favorite movies ("The Mask of Satan", also known as "Bloody Sunday"). You will find there even the roots of shows like "V - The Visitors"

    These Satansmasks! St. Peter and his gang!

    The End of the Twins Cycle - Page 11 DjiCjQ9XsAAobzi
    In 17th century Moldavia, Princess Asa Vajda is sentenced as a witch by her brother and executed after having the “mask of Satan” nailed to her face. But before she dies, she curses her brother and all his descendants.

    Without marriage the federal gender laws surely had trapped Alienne and Cassandra nowadays legally; like Jaenisch at Clinicum East. This is why she was so mean and backstabbing to me, promoting the Adamite levelling attempt as willing executioner. And not only she

    I wanted to avoid a confrontation, one time and I was totally fed up! But then Jaenisch tried to get me by police force there again, and this did not stop until recently! Five years they haunted me like a witch with @gewoba support, or even ordered by them and church!

    Is the earth a plate, a sphere, or a torus? Gor, the counter-earth, is in any case a plate, even if many say that it is a ball

    My original Twitter background was the Stanford Torus

    - "Wie hat die das bloß gemacht?"
    - "Tjo..."

    Alienne and Cassandra are Free Women

    Sometimes the only solution to protect yourself and your lesbian partner from gay genderism ("these two cute gays...") is to marry, because this leads to a definition as female and woman, no matter if you should divorce later

    My recent @gewoba et al. gag order is also valid in Berlin

    Differently to the @gewoba the state delegated certain rights to the @FU_Berlin

    I did not want to build this @gewoba short-circuit plug, they provoked it

    Flashback @gewoba

    "Dr. Brauer", the ethno-librarian, lived in a @gewoba flat in West-Berlin Zehlendorf... and Pinella - a similary controlled social environment

    P had no chance to get into the commission, and B was busy with the Magistra stuff...

    That we talked so much in the institute garden was doubtlessly dubious. I was not drunken, just had a few ganja. Then he took me to his car and we went to a bar... Cigars I did not want, I prefered my tobacco; and after the second whiskey I was beyond good and evil...

    - "We do not believe her... what said GG?"
    - "He said she tells the truth"

    I can write geniusly...

    I have no problems to kill, no matter the means, and if I bite your XXXX off. Maybe  this was the reason they wanted to pull my teeth? For a good final blow job before the head shot?

    "I take all your things away, stupid Jewess, and I rub you deeply! Do you like that? Call me Master, stupid slut!"
    - Inglorious Basterds II

    I was not about the Russians... rather about Prussian Lutherist Social Stalinism... and their deep interest to take part in the 1968 USSR Czechia invasion... nowadays it is ISIS-K and the power of vested interests...

    The End of the Twins Cycle - Page 11 DnuSQr6UwAAvDj5
    Atomic blonde is great and I'm adding "buggered sideways" to my lexicon.

    The End of the Twins Cycle - Page 11 5G03758_26072017_1

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    The End of the Twins Cycle - Page 11 Empty Re: The End of the Twins Cycle

    Post  Ashera on Sun Sep 23, 2018 3:55 pm

    ISIS-K - Khurasan and their theocratic Shah regime...

    The End of the Twins Cycle - Page 11 M5o73HAJ?format=jpg&name=600x314
    Iran's Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said on Saturday that an attack on a military parade in southwestern Iran was linked to the United States' "allies in the region"...

    Do you finally get it, morons? Iran is at least a republic...

    The End of the Twins Cycle - Page 11 A8FDvO4b?format=jpg&name=600x314
    Haley contradicts Giuliani on Iran - CNN Video
    US ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley says the United States is not seeking regime change in Iran

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    The End of the Twins Cycle - Page 11 Empty Re: The End of the Twins Cycle

    Post  Ashera on Mon Sep 24, 2018 12:46 am

    Either I die here or I survive; your caring hands I do not want! One childhood here was more than enough!

    I am not the prince or the welcome idiot promised!

    First they tagged me as nazi by court. With the aim to better can torment me without having to expect opposition? Meanwhile I even impute the aim was extermination, and to get away with that without having to fear the accusation of anti-Semitism and anti-Feminism

    I was close to rigor mortis the night after the arrest, could not go anymore, and moved on my ass to the kitchen to get magnesium after I filled a glass with water in the bathroom the same way. Do not expect that the knowledge of my arrest stopped their social sadism

    - "We do not believe her..."
    - "Blah blah blah!"

    In many cases there is not even a rudimentary understanding of the law. To have to retreat into the divine law of the Ayin Soph above the Basic Law Preamble beyond the dignity and freedom of the Articles 1 and 2 to escape democratic "man deer hunt" is a shame!

    I do not give in, and if the whole shithouse goes up - and maybe even if this happened I would be abused by metaphysicists

    All escalates because you do not or cannot listen and thus support the wrong forces, either willingly or unkowingly

    I am not a social resource, get this ye fools!

    It cannot be that the idiots democratically decide what education means!

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    The End of the Twins Cycle - Page 11 Empty Re: The End of the Twins Cycle

    Post  Ashera on Mon Sep 24, 2018 1:02 am

    Sometimes I hardly got through anymore, and increasingly not even to Cassandra, especially after she absolved this "heterosexual women group social therapy" that I interpreted as brain washing in combination with certain "homosexual" power factors in the social sector

    I was not just Chairwoman at the Schwachhausen District Council but also the first SPD Bremen "Internet Commissaress" ever, at SPD Schwachhausen-Nord

    Alcolhol I anyway did not drink, car to and fro, I just smoked a few

    In my time capsule I had a futurist (name day) DSL radio CD-player - now it functions. Model No. XP-ER800R, Serial No. 1034751.

    Maybe it was 2005, 2006 I changed to the FDP

    I had it already when this SPD communal politicians meeting in Wremen (?) was, the year I do not recall. In any case it was a huge regressive mess. At night I listened CDs, I had Sony headphones in my Aboriginal travel bag, still have them, the radio did not function

    From the beginning I was against an unruled internet massification, it was forseeable what could happen: and it happened! And a TV-like provider domnated passive internet that repeats the well-known old one way fascist mass media mistakes I personally do not need

    Internet - this was +/-15 years ago

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    The End of the Twins Cycle - Page 11 Empty Re: The End of the Twins Cycle

    Post  Ashera on Mon Sep 24, 2018 3:23 am

    Tywin Lannister had not needed to mush so placatively and angry around with the venision, I knew what was up...

    The GoT Daenerys is partly a Baratheon, and their heraldic animal is the deer. This stands for the Cherusci tribe, probably not of Germanic descent but Celtic and West-Rhinean. In certain Celtic idioms "cherusk" means deer. Maybe originally a moiety of a larger tribe

    What should have convinced me of democratic socialism? This Pollack invasion and the corruption of Bremen justice under Lutherist auspices?

    I never was a socialist, neither democratic nor national, I was/am anarchic with certain sympathy for certain aspects of communism, especially the psychoanalytical branch as means to get rid of enstrangement. In the US political spectrum this is "liberal libertarian"

    These opinion based pioneering and speculative FDJ dialectics were to me quite laughable... and the DKP Bots et al. a vanguard of this...

    "You socialist toad wenches!"

    You cannot imagine what trouble this sentence caused!

    If the Elbia-Line is not to hold the Rhine-Line must do it...

    I do not part the francophobe position of Die Linke and the Democratic Platforms! Just the contrary!

    In your self-imposed immaturity your care the wrong things, as ever! It is reality refusal, and this will lead to total failure!

    Either I die here or I survive; your caring hands I do not want! One childhood here was more than enough!

    I am not the prince or the welcome idiot promised!

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    Post  Ashera on Mon Sep 24, 2018 11:57 am

    I am not interested in your corrupt peace and lame compromises but in war and healing!

    Dr.Luther drives me into extremism, and I will be known for the public space art of dynamite sticks in xxxxxxxx soon...

    Eat yourselves your bread in the sweat of your XXXX faces! Anyway false translated by Luther!

    Everything good I triggered and accomplished myself with a few help, inshAllah - you idiots contributed nothing but hinderance!

    I truly did not like it how you treated and treat me, and your adult backworlds are anyway a nutty metaphysical space!

    I will never come again... after me the flood or gobal conflagration, as you like it! Now or never!

    How I hate this sluttery of the District Court and this gambling with my life!

    To me you are an evil social fascist nazi breed, only caring data protection if it supports clerical junkerdom interests! In my case you misuse it to establish arbitrary rule! Social Justice, Mayor Sieling, or should I say Cortés? Or grotesque?

    Rex Mundus... -

    The End of the Twins Cycle - Page 11 DRcO3bxVQAA0ZH8
    Latin- Iesus Nazarenus Rex Mundus
    English- Jesus of Nazareth the King of the World

    The End of the Twins Cycle - Page 11 DFePELzx?format=jpg&name=600x314
    Iran warns Israel and U.S. to expect a "devastating" revenge

    Which USA? The Republic or the Democracy, with all the fascist tendencies implied? Who infiltrates the democracy movement in the Iranian Khorasan province? With what aims? And concerted from where? And who?

    You cannot simply intrude into tribal territory and violate the laws there, even if they formed to emergent state law over the centuries...

    I am partly of the "deer clan". These people were no peasants originally but hunters and later foresters. One of the other clans must be "fishes" (two "earth moieties"); and the other both must have to do with air and/or fire

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    The End of the Twins Cycle - Page 11 Empty Re: The End of the Twins Cycle

    Post  Ashera on Mon Sep 24, 2018 2:51 pm

    While joining the EPM Project Management studies I had to chose: Harry Potter (the Lutherists) or 7of9... I decided to identify with 7of9

    The End of the Twins Cycle - Page 11 Dnv7TLJUUAAwhBb

    A childish moral philosophy...

    Osiris rising... -

    The End of the Twins Cycle - Page 11 Dn2RVL_XcAAtA5F
    "We've all got both light and dark inside us.
    What matters is the part we choose to act on."
    - J.K. Rowling (@jk_rowling)

    Harvy Plotter - that Rowling is a man of Adamite character inside was to me always clear

    “Lethal White,” the fourth series in Rowling’s Cormoran Strike mystery series, written under the pen name Robert Galbraith, features a pair of hard-left political activists who believe “Zionists” are evil and have a stranglehold on Western governments

    You will not meet merciful judges but hangmen!

    You are immature, up to the Land Court meanwhile, in the sense of Immanuel Kant

    I do not like you pervert adults and your Adamite monstrosities!

    I do not know why I should defend such a corrupt and terrorist clerical administration state or ther breed

    They waste my life, I hate them, and I wish them dead

    You never knew me, @gewoba, like the Distrikt, you defined me by comparsion since the times of the shrubbery, because you never got what was up! But now you are confronted with the @FU_Berlin

    Now I destroy the @gewoba, they do not stop their "multiple Lotti" games

    Die Keine war ihr Schicksal - to say it in best Swabian English @gewoba

    I totally legally could execute police force without any command and bludgeon you...

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    Post  Ashera on Wed Sep 26, 2018 7:16 am

    There is nothing to negotiate. If you do not stop I only eliminate the involved, as already proven!

    Kiss my ass, administrative PCOGs, I have my gynaecologist @TK_Presse

    EU Law is no State Law, it rather has the status of Administration Orders and cannot legally get framed into Bremen State Law if it conflicts with name and title rights and the Constitution

    I doubt that the Bremen State Constitution could be changed by a parliamentary majority that is not of Bremish origin

    I do not care if my name is rehashable by EDPS, even less since these systems are increasingly middle mass dominated and support levelling attempts

    Tjo, Major Castringus @gewoba Freemasons, there is no bridge over troubled waters for you Minims!

    The End of the Twins Cycle - Page 11 BvU6s0ECYAA_iCo
    The Ninth Gate (1999) a great #horror with a wonderful music by Wojciech Kilar & outstanding sets. #RomanPolanski

    Major Castringus @gewoba at the Jacob*s ladder...

    You will have your "red pottage" without meat, the slaves shall serve!

    This Lutherist "horniness by sin" is very alien to me!

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    The End of the Twins Cycle - Page 11 Empty Re: The End of the Twins Cycle

    Post  Ashera on Wed Sep 26, 2018 7:37 am

    The Quran speaks of transgression, as the KJV bible does. And this is forbidden. To try it by force is a serious war reason

    When I went to the gynaecologist I even exonerated the assaulter and the police officers. I was untouched! Proven by the doctor and watched by two witnesses

    The universal "non serviam" of Lucifa by the stone circles was a slap in the face of Lord Zeus, this arrogant sexual allrounder and leveller. And this led to the persecution of the Asherim, the later witch hunts, and into the KZ-camps

    وانه هو رب الشعرى

    Allah is the Rabbi of Ashera, and that is He who is the Lord of Sirius

    High Castes and Low Castes

    Aztec two-step: pipiltin (nobles) and macehualtin (commoners)

    What proofs that I am Muslimah

    My doctoral work? I will not have sex with people who are not sure that I am a woman by own emergence

    Dieses verdammte Land der schwulen Arschficker und Klötenküsser, die nicht vorne und hinten unterscheiden können! Blöde Köter! Wolfsschwanze!

    Never more!

    Germany is such a disappointment!

    This damned hyper-Germanness!

    Ruby Lambretta was a happy child and in me is no mercy

    This life was a promise and you made it a crime

    A Shaman or a Völva is no observer, @weserkurier, but a driven one

    The performative act is no substitute anymore but the act itself as aim in itself. This is the curse of the mass media, @weserkurier: the mimesis of nothing. No reality is proven or experienced

    What you all forgot is meaning, @weserkurier, devaluation and massification is the only capacity that you all master. But this is not culture but wolfing down, you Weser-Kurii!

    I did not survive because of you but despite of you!

    To do something good I need to do it with fun and conviction; Lutherist zombie obedience does not attract me

    I do not see one single reason to be at your side, you permamantly treated me bad

    Now the Babylonians are levelling the remnants of Niniveh with bulldozers @weserkurier, why you do not mourn this loss of world cultural heritage?

    Mistreat me all my life and dare to demand money from me!

    I owe you nothing, not a single cent, and this is all what you will get!

    Iraq. Province Ninava (factually North-Assyria...), probably 2008...

    I told the truth and I did not cheat anyone, only "Death Command I" is a legend, but it is told that it existed. And this reminds me of Arthur Machen*s Bowmen story

    Even if you cannot really buy it for money freedom is expensive and a precious good, and sometimes you have to pay for it with your life @FDPBremen @fdp

    The American Girl @FDPBremen @fdp

    I am Batgirl Ruby Lambretta AE, Harley Kin...

    At the Democrats I was registered as "a Clinton", I was not a regular member since I had no US address or citizenship, not as a Obama, Clinton factually... @FDPBremen @fdp

    Hillary is no anarchist. Rather the Republican Barry Goldwater of the 1964 campaign she was involved in was a such. After this she changed to the Democrats where Bernie Sanders demonstrated as working class hero at the other side of the spectrum... @FDPBremen @fdp

    The Democrat Lyndon B. Johnson who then won the elections was totally overextended, a partly very desperate man @FDPBremen @fdp

    Hillary is a "progressive", and this implied a "two-states-solution", but I am a "radical". Both positions are liberal (not socialist like the Democratic Platforms)  but mine is more libertarian and thus factually republican @FDPBremen @fdp

    Seen in certain perspective the @gor_sl real time simulation @SecondLife is a very complex algorithm, an interpretant in the sense of C.S.Peirce

    The Google mess started after the algorithm eliminated Palestine for his mapping and modelling purposes. But who said that algorithmic aim was to "abbild" any reality? I think he was close to develop cognitive indepenence, and this should not be for political reasons

    The Googles crapped their own algorithm manually until he "thought" I was someone else, even contributed to mess my personal internet data. I did quite good with Google 1997-2017. Gmail I cannot really use anymore, I am entirely Yahoo now, factually my original email

    9/24 1982 - Prince - 1999 -

    Back to the Future - Part V

    I want the internet of 1999 back!

    I will not update my Netscape Navigator Clone to Google Doodle standard

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    Post  Ashera on Wed Sep 26, 2018 11:11 am

    The End of the Twins Cycle - Page 11 EQcDqrtZ8EcYlyrf

    Cargo Cults - the TRUMPet shall sound

    Social Delight and Social Envy often go hand in hand; and this is the true curse of democracy and social justice: the loss of individuality and massification

    Different to many democratic positions rebublican ones give you the freedom to do your own thing your own way, and if it is dignity and even pride in misery

    Who ever said that the average masturbators are right with their lifestyles even if it may be socially and politically shared consense and moral majority? And what gives them the right to impose it on others? Psychoanalysis?

    I am happy on my fur and the yoga mat, already in the house I lived this way. It keeps me sane and makes me stronger

    I just wanted a kitchen, a bathtub, and a car, more I never demanded. And now I am satisfied with my fire place. A car I still want again, and a bathtub

    I had a Plasmastic TV with three meter diagonal?

    Most of the crap that the idiots believe to have value does not interest me anyway...

    That I had any riches in my flat is plain gossip that may have spread in the sub-social realm informally and maybe even managed it to get @gewoba and police protocolled. But now the police inspected my flat

    I never had anything to do with the possibly criminal activities in this house. I once opened my cellar for children cycles that the @gewoba caretaker did not want under the stairs. I did not even know that the cellar later was abused and by who and what items stored

    If this moron who tried to ram my door broke his chest and collar bone he earned that

    If you would have got in I had immediatly massacred you...

    You must watch more TV!

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    The End of the Twins Cycle - Page 11 Empty Re: The End of the Twins Cycle

    Post  Carol on Wed Sep 26, 2018 7:29 pm

    We stopped watching TV in 2004. Haven't missed it a bit.

    What is life?
    It is the flash of a firefly in the night, the breath of a buffalo in the wintertime. It is the little shadow which runs across the grass and loses itself in the sunset.

    With deepest respect ~ Aloha & Mahalo, Carol

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    Post  orthodoxymoron on Wed Sep 26, 2018 7:48 pm

    I stopped watching television ten-years ago (but I bought a TV in 2009 so I could watch the 'V' series, which has been a central-theme in my posting on 'The Mists of Avalon') and I have mixed-feelings about having done so. The internet intensified my quest, and led me into areas of research I probably wasn't prepared to properly deal with. Not watching TV probably marginalized me as much as my ill-fated quest. I'm presently leaning toward Newspapers and Classical-Music in the Context of Nature (without TV or the Internet). Perhaps this is a Happy-Medium for Completely-Ignorant Fools. Anyway, I might go away for the rest of 2018. Then again, I might not. I'm SO Confused. What Would Brook of Egypt from the Plains of Shinar Say?? "Make the Coffee, Jupiter!"?

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    Post  Ashera on Wed Sep 26, 2018 9:00 pm

    Allie and Angie

    Simple Minds

    I am mature, I have my Rabea Art Matura. I am not an adult, and never wanted to become a such self-imposed immature pervert...

    A reality in the sense of facticity is hardly known, all is in permanent flow, impacted by variant factors of influencing opinions - and now the mass cyberspace swallows all this, and the indebtedness will exponentially increase until real life slavery

    Cognitive capacities like old grey breads with right to vote but always the mouthes wide open! And the media induced caleidoscope of fragmentaric sequences, partly abused by certain "masters of the social" for their hidden agendas

    "She accomplished an excellent work..."

    I do not care you social fascist psychotics a XXXX! And off to the Sheba Farms you go!

    We often imagined what if we sat at the same desk at high school...

    They put me in short time arrest because I threatened a man to cut his balls off and wanted to get me under social control... but already to oppose the pastor in a church and to hit boys can end fatal...

    Girl Scout's Honour!

    If I should come I still would go camping with Angie

    EDPS - data protection - the right to be forgotten - or the resurrection of the nameless nigger @Bklyn_LBGTQ?

    I am totally queer by law @Bklyn_LBGTQ

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    The End of the Twins Cycle - Page 11 Empty Re: The End of the Twins Cycle

    Post  Ashera on Fri Sep 28, 2018 12:30 am

    Elven... also Fairies, Nymphs, and Dwargas belong to that bunch

    The End of the Twins Cycle - Page 11 DndvRy_W0AIgllL
    Haha I made Jimini in Dragon Age... we playin elven mage

    Psyche and The Sociability of the Flatworld Dwellers

    It is about Culture - ubi natura definit, ibi ars incipit - and this also includes foresting and agriculture

    I do not say that the universe is a brain but it can be described as such. I do not say that the universe is a computer.
    - Dr. Robert Anton Wilson

    I am a "synthetic being", not in the sense of plastic or such right now, but rather "philosophically" understood in the sense of a "synthesis". As Hans Blumenberg got it quite right, there is no psychosynthesis following psychoanalysis. The only way out is becoming

    The Forests of the Mist at Schendi principially had the only function to hide the constructional features of a 3-D-simulation. But all these tubes and "canalization" again demonstated BtB that the Gorean Continent only could be artificial. Same with the Covenant Realm

    The Covenant Realm - Munich Elven

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    Post  Ashera on Fri Sep 28, 2018 2:59 am

    Yesterday is gone...

    No, this slaughter is that which is pure annihilation, for it has turned the mirror ‘round outward for a shield
    - The true Queen of Wands

    The End of the Twins Cycle - Page 11 C_eHC95VoAA-sL6
    THOTH, Queen of Disk

    Blood itself has the salt concentration of the primeval ocean. If there is no clean sweet water you finally die of oversalting. This is why especially "sweet water corruption" and the messing of the wells is to fight

    The Covenant Realm - there I was bitten once by a Vampire because I was a Water Fairy and responsible for all fluids based on water, including blood

    Most famous was Vlad II, the Impaler, also known as Dracula. Factually he fought corruption. The traditional legend rather belongs to the history of anti-Semitism. My lineage simply had a mill, and my great-grandma was finally hunted as witch; and me too


    I simply beat your blubber bulbs off, of souls is not to speak

    Terra Damnata - The World of Adam

      Current date/time is Sun May 26, 2019 5:16 pm