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    The End of the Twins Cycle


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    Re: The End of the Twins Cycle

    Post  Ashera on Mon Dec 31, 2018 9:39 pm

    DDR 1989: "We are the people!"
    BRD 2019: "I am that I am!"
    #Bremen #ff

    He knew what is up: De Gloria Olivae

    Pope Benedict charms the crowds by donning a broadbrimmed Mexican sombrero.

    Mayor Sieling if no one stops his democratic flatworms

    Walter Ulbricht and Erich Honecker... with sombreros, East Berlin, 1968. The source of this pic did not indicate why! (Photo: picture alliance / IMAGNO/Votava) #GDR

    I am out of NUIT by HORUS

    Film-watching recap of my German week: "Aus dem Nichts" by Fatih Akin is gripping

    It is the same cowardice as in my childhood, nothing changed, and finally they multiplicate like nuts to possibly occupy and execute future power to stay in control. And this represents exactly the SPD and unionist policy: we shall overcome

    I offered my help to the people living next to me. But they prefered to bark with the ruling social powers and to engage in the corruption

    I am not "Team Wallraff" but partly the methods are similar

    Happy New Beer, SPD!

    I openly admitted from the beginning of my SPD party membership that I am Anthropologin and that I do Participant Observation. What I did not say was that I also was after to get out who messed my life since childhood. And this also led me to become Lay Judgess

    SPD = we know nothing and do not understand anything, and if all is lost we go to the pastor and beg for a definition

    The end of the SPD

    2019 - the year of the Nuremberg II trials in Bremen?

    After dinner I listened "Welcome to the Pleasuredome" as mostly at New Years Eve

    As mostly I slept 00:00 1/1 to glitch the times zones


    Since I did not request for killing me it is attempted murder

    The Pope in Berlin - Live -

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    Re: The End of the Twins Cycle

    Post  Ashera on Tue Jan 01, 2019 4:30 am

    I just wanted a body, and this was not so easy to realize. I am a female being, but of a higher layer inertial codification. I was not satisfied with this state and a certain technology was needed that was not available there. I had to embody as a fusion anomaly first

    In earthling physician terminology what I "suffer" is not a disease but a "passion with disease value". Factually I do not suffer anything but social ignorance and their illegal storages, criminal offenses in fact, and psychologically they only do self-harm

    If I had not done psychoanalysis and treatment I was dead now, and this is why the health insurance supports me - and has to. Adminstrative and social medicine did not realize the critical situation and tried to "socialize" me again; same with my old health insurance

    I could vomit. How did you stinkers in the name of the LORD come to the idea that your gay sadism could attract me?

    2014, almost parallely to the REWE-incident I was banned from @facebook. But already in 2013 attacks against my personality started; and my ID-card was stolen (maybe at the Land Court, maybe at REWE) and my internet identity and later also my real one was messed

    Social Media Fascism

    Pope Francis meets with Facebook's Zuckerberg

    After his 2011 #Bundestag speech that angered the Lutherists and Catholic LORDists (the Augustinan tradition) a lot it was clear that the days of Benedict as pope were counted. Peter the Roman, known as Francis (a "social" pope), replaced the maybe last Marian pope

    I strangely enough officially accepted the Quran end of 2012 before Pope Benedict retreated early in 2013. But my "Islamic story" is much longer,it started in Berlin the latest, with a climax in Montenegro. Both, Benedict and his predeessor, had accepted the Quran

    If you harm me and there is no justice I ruin you

    I am totally queer but one cannot say aimless, I have a transductive final cause. I process via negationes and this is a method that even some Lutheran experts like Nathan Söderblom accepted

    The Self-regulating forces

    The Fire from Within...

    I am radical substancialist

    I am not a contemplative because I deny the metaphysics but I am also not a gracious... it is Paracelsus

    I told the truth but the social fascist breed in exalted positions does not care

    If you do not stop to torment me I go to the Cisterciensian sisters

    Aurelia Octavia...

    I had trouble with the Soldatinum Pianum because of my thelemic activities that also involved Free Catholics but this stopped after Benedict became Pope. Now my trouble is of a different provenience: moral social theology and policy

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    Re: The End of the Twins Cycle

    Post  Ashera on Tue Jan 01, 2019 9:19 am

    I did not violate a single law and watched carefully that I kept my partly risky attempts legal and comprehensible. And what did they do? Even judges?

    It was forseeable... this dialectical system of "law" and "medicine", we discussed that decades ago already

    I am not a helpless person, I am totally independent - I am just poor. And this misery is obviously wanted!

    I have excellent papers and reputation, and you treat me like s**t and impute things to me that I never could have done - what does this say? And I shall not think of the Third Reich and Jewish intellectuals then? Especially women of Spartan Maccabean identity?

    You invented the social caring system? You will get it!

    All who participated in the drivel against me must not expect to get premium health care in future anymore

    You only want to repeat the childhood s**t where I only had few say and appeared as a something that I was not! And this was exactly one of the reasons that led to my nervous breakdown some day. You are unteachable sickos!

    Even my mother is meanwhile lightyears ahead of you idiots!

    Beauty is relative and I doubt that I share your taste. I am Allah*s maid!

    Why you did not support me in my individuation? Your control kink as usual? You are the ones who drive all into homoeostasis, not me. You are the arrogant morons who assume they could democratically deduce things they have no idea of! Druid sorcerer's apprentices!

    What you did over years is not to excuse, and the recent culmination and what is to expect would be reason enough to bomb you to ashes

    if criminals treat me like a criminal I treat them like dead men

    To think semiotically derives from medicine in fact, and this is not so different to military thinking. Radical Inclusion is in some way the climax of healing in the sense of abduction. If transduction is realizable in a living body is dependent on the circumstances

    Give me what I want and a semi-automatic rifle - I am not interested in a "civilization" of that I am convinced that it cannot survive. I need an army

    It is impossible to precise from opinions to substance

    To me to compromise with opinions is an uttermost absurdity

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    Re: The End of the Twins Cycle

    Post  Ashera on Thu Jan 03, 2019 8:52 am

    The prename Lloyd is liked for different reasons...

    Winter is coming -

    A State Affair
    Dr. Alyena Lloyd



    The surname Lloyd is not so unusual in Gotham City... consider why

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    Re: The End of the Twins Cycle

    Post  Ashera on Fri Jan 04, 2019 11:33 am

    Bat Wishes!

    A Silent Guardian.
    A Watchful Protector.…

    The Future Was Yesterday...

    The "naturalness" of 3D-objects is finally unpayable, it would swallow all real resources of the earth to produce a "super-optimal abbild". And at the other hand "stickman 3D" has to people like me who knew the "hyperreality" no attractivity anymore. I must go real

    How should we have known all this?

    The Tri Moon Viktel collar was the most beautiful I ever had. It was a pity that it did not always rezz as it should because of bad connection and/or lag. It was very complex and primmy

    I aimed at nothing bad, I just thought the Thuban stuff in that many were involved could fit quite good to Gor and the contacts become personal and substantial by abduction. Needless to say that I am beyond good and evil

    Pioneers of Cyberspace

    I was named Flame, Fire was my name matron, I was officially collared to the Tri Moon Viktel, but privately owned

    I was Badlands First Girl then, owned by my Mistresses Death and Light...

    I am stable and self-identic

    Fates introduced me into Final Fantasy VII and I showed him the World of Gor. And he fractalized into a dozen partial egos

    Cloud Strife (Final Fantasy VII)

    The mistake of Fates was that he accepted the Lutherist therapy. Maybe seen from his "social" position it was no mistake at all. But to me such treatment and its outcome would be deadly

    - "Why?"
    - "Why not?"

    I am not an actress, @Gotham @GothamTVWriters, I am PhD of Public Law and Communication Science, and Magistra of Religion Anthropology. I did Media Anthropology in 3D-environments

    The surname of my maternal great-grandma was Lloyd, @Gotham @GothamTVWriters

    I am a child of the Enclave, @Gotham @GothamTVWriters, not of the Federal Republic

    Principially #Gotham is a futurist #steampunk post-WWII plot (1940s/50s), an alternate reality @Gotham @GothamTVWriters

    Gotham City @GothamTVWriters @Gotham = State of New York and State of Bremen AE

    Legitimately already the best Batman ever and this episode doesn’t even air for another couple months #Gotham @Gotham @GothamTVWriters @realdavidmazouz @thetzechun

    Batgirl Rising!

    I’ve watched #Gotham since S1 and after tonight’s episode, I’m still asking...Why is @Fox canceling this series? #Damnshame

    You barnacles protect the culprits, and these are you parents - and I do not stand for them

    Ich bin nicht der Mann, der vom Himmel fiel, ich bin die Henkersmaid

    The Gotham City Flour Dust Explosions....

    Right now, that's hard to believe. #Gotham

    Lexcrop... and the internal auditor is dead....

    Guess who's back to running #Gotham's government

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    Re: The End of the Twins Cycle

    Post  Ashera on Sat Jan 05, 2019 10:12 pm

    The populace is a shame!

    If a matter is verified or falsified beyond doubt there cannot be any negotiation of the truth value based on opinions and witness testimonies

    The final answer to lynch justice, even if judges are involved, is martial law. No illusions

    To me it was most relevant that I get my academic papers, this had priority; the basis of my existence, and to continue. In 2013 the Bundesgentur Jobcenter crapped these ideas in a concerted action with @gewoba and consorts

    The most problems are caused by systematic and organized ignorance... and courts are certainly no exception... I did not forbid myself the access to the house! Or was the whole plot staged for what aim soever and the court abused? How should I know that?

    I assume that certain things could have been stolen from the house, maybe also the vehicle registration document... I only had the certificate with me

    If in doubt ask Cassandra...

    I dissolved my fonds in 2007 I think, the money was used for the house, material and stuff, also fees and insurances. But I cannot say if not a few money stayed at the fond accounts. And I truly have no idea what my father did with 5.000 Euros that I gave him earlier

    I have nothing to do with the Sparkasse, I do not have any account there anymore for ten years under what name soever. It may be that fond rests exists of that I have no idea and also no access at all. And I do not have any papers here; no idea if papers exist anymore

    Now, where the egg heads start to roll, they plan to improve the Hartz IV / Basic Money conditions this year already, n*est ce-pas, @weserkurier?

    Any idiot projects his reality tunnel at others, and I am seemingly a good projection foil. The reason may be that I did psychoanalysis

    Some assume I was interested in playgrounds, other I would like 6 Days Bycicle Running - I care a XXXX!

    And the judge hovered above the water surface in his chair, all knowing, understanding nothing: "It be a blubber bulb!"

    All this second chance and second rate trade partner education messed the instinct for truth. Any matter became bargaining chips, even identity. This clearly conflicts with the constitution: democracy going wild!

    Bremen is my State by birth right at least in thrird generation and Hanseatic descendence. I am Landeskind. And I deport anyone who does not respect certain Bremen rules and the State Constitution

    How should a parliament understand me that did not even understood the pope? And what of me is represented then? I only feel execution of power

    It is the end of a system if democratic representants assume to be the intellectual elite, the idiots play avantgarde, and if XXXX assumes to be the crema

    Not even the little finger for your pervert Adamite gender dirt!

    Why still do the retards rule and arrogate to command all others, to exploit them and to reconstrue what they see as useful for their medial string-doll regiment? The abyss  opened, march on!

    xxxxxxxx who are not up for a fair disputation I simply poof away

    That I am Anthropologin is a certain advantage but the threat and danger are nevertheless damned real

    I had a labia correcture, this is medically nothing unusual, except to Lutherist naturalism

    The idea to improve nano-surgery with lunar caustic and barlow is barbarism, and only PCOG Kurii and their love for decay can come to such ideas

    I do not want to know how many girls they mutilated for the sake of their ideology and who stay silent because of shame or even committed suicide...

    That all people are equal to the law does not say that they are qualitatively equal as social justice often misunderstands for its factually fascistoid levelling purposes (Animal Farm, George Orwell)

    The Law is
    The Law

    Do not expect mercy, I send all involved to their doom. Your junker religion I do not part

    Land of Asher so ca. from Haifa at the Kishon river to the Litani river. But Haifa (Kaipha) belonged very long to Egypt, so Tyros was the centre and had an Egyptian Harbour

    I am convinced that the term Kaipha is etymologically related to Kefa and has but nothing to do with "Kaiphas". A Kefa signified a local female ruler in Egyptian

    Sheba Farms

    28 JAN 2015: Hezbollah ambushes an Israeli military convoy in the Occupied Sheba’a farms, firing Kornet missiles against two Israeli Humvees, killing at least 2 soliders and injuring several others, in response to an Israeli airstrike on Hezbollah unit in Quneitra 10 days earlier

    I propose a working camp - Sheba Farms

    Sheba Farms belong to the Land of Asher, it is a disputed territory

    That the state sanctioned what I aimed at was to me true salvation in my own body

    What should I think of an immigrant who comes here and threatens me in my core? And of a populace and judges who partly back that?

    This is my daughter and she is the delight of my old age
    - The State

    What do I care these Cherubimic wandersmen who did not get the monomyth?

    Singular Codification - The Path of Individuation

    I think there is hardly any other way than I did it, and this I mean psyche-logical spiritual AND physically. And anything else I do not justify or defend

    I am just a girl and not an apron for male interests

    Your LORDist Freudianism interests me a XXXX, mason morons! And I played with open cards all the time, I said and wrote who I am

    Everything you corrupt for the sake of media and control, but I am scientifically serious. Money is not my primary driving force. This led me into misery under your auspices: non serviam!

    You will go unsung. It is your arrogance

    You theorize like nuts and know nothing! I am fed up to the brim with that!

    Forwards, and never forget!

    Do you want to demonstrate your meaninglesness to God and the universe or what is the use of your idiocies?

    You want XXXX and you get XXXX!

    Obama already planned the FEMA camps as ultima ratio of reason, it was not Trump. Democracy must have its limits, and what Nancy Pelosi does may be populist but it is certainly not the politics that is needed now

    Goreans serve in almost every army of this world. And once in the City of Ko-ro-ba existed a wall with the names of all Goreans that were fallen in the battles of earth: mo matter which side

    Sabotage and Socialism - a brisant mixture - and `more democracy shall be the solution? More social envy and more sabotage? What about thinking and ethics? But how explain that to a pit of flatworms and a breed of barnacles? You are a self-destructive species

    No illusions... you have no future. You are too stupid

    Your activities make no sense, it is just a power play without rhyme or reason

    What is the use of a state that causes nothing but problems and trouble where are none? Because some sick belief system rules informally under the cover of enlightenment?

    Gor has three moons, and therefore "Tri Moon". Only one moon is named, the "Prison Moon". But these bodies are in such low orbits that it is discussed for aeons how this could be. But what if Gor is not a planet but a hovering continent? I speak of "stabilisators"

    Who could have known in the 1960s that Gor would fit so nicely into cyberspace? No one

    "I flew only so through the corridors...!"

    The manners of gerontopsychiatry. Not so my taste, I prefer other corridors, and a black cape...

    I do not set great value upon to getting excused by the culprits

    P.S.: the Builders really should proof the idea if the three moons are not needed as "compensation filters" to construe a stabile complex SL sim, and not only the tube system of the mists for example...

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    Re: The End of the Twins Cycle

    Post  Ashera on Sun Jan 06, 2019 12:14 am

    The Delta Vosk Pirates

    Edward Kenway (Assassin's Creed: Black Flag)

    Under a Black Flag

    So long, Captain Jack.
    Disney will save $90 MILLION by not bringing back Johnny Depp for the Pirates of the Caribbean reboot.

    I use torpedos now, the first I fired last wekeend, the second this... Looking for my telescope...

    The End of the "System Sieling"

    The @gewoba belongs into the pillories!

    The populace is a shame!

    If a matter is verified or falsified beyond doubt there cannot be any negotiation of the truth value based on opinions and witness testimonies

    The final answer to lynch justice, even if judges are involved, is martial law. No illusions

    The flag is called Jolly but there is no Port Roger and no final anus as salvation...

    Sa Sekhem Sahu!

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    Re: The End of the Twins Cycle

    Post  Ashera on Sun Jan 06, 2019 2:59 am

    Eyes Wide Shut

    Through all castes there are three types of Kajirae: White Silks, Red Siks, and Black Silks. This has not necessarily to do with the dress colour but indicates the "knowledge". The Third Knowledge is Black Silk, and you must be of "Gorean" breed. @gor_sl is Red Silk

    A Kajira does not get "deflorated" but "opened". And how this is done depends in the ideal from the sexual preferences that she outed. I was opened by man and woman at the same time because I am Lesbian Bi. A typical Panther Girl. Factually ancient Jewish/Islamic


    The Ancient Egyptian Rite

    What I did and do is beyond high-grade freemasonry, resp. it has nothing to do with it: Sa Sekhem Sahu!

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    Re: The End of the Twins Cycle

    Post  Ashera on Sun Jan 06, 2019 5:02 am

    On Gor some assumed I was an agent of the Priest-Kings

    Factually they know nothing because they are not the state. They form some informal "shadow government" but have no access to weapons of mass destruction

    I am not a Doktor, I am Doktorin - a thorn in the Adamite eye - and Magistra

    Rabea Dreyfus...

    I do not know yet the role of Chief Grinning Skin and his girl, and the why. I assume a "Christian" background, and he must be connected to the Gewoba management floor and Major Castringus and his mason troop

    Oh wacke... Kacke! Ack... the Wacker!

    You miscalculated - I do not obey to every idiot

    First Girl from Gor

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    Re: The End of the Twins Cycle

    Post  Ashera on Tue Jan 08, 2019 7:28 am

    Zanzibar - or: what do I care a wooden kid monk? Over board with him! And my aim would be Bornholm...

    Operation White Washing - On the Magic of Lutherist Inversions

    Could the legal uncertain situation in the State of Bremen have impact on the Scottish #Brexit attitude and what does it say about the Scottish separatists?

    Ruben, Rabea, and Judy

    The Whitewater Nexus. Part One

    When I was in Scotland age 14 I discussed already "terrorism" with Sir Robert, and back in Germany again they treated me once more like almost illiterate in English

    Edmund Leach, "Custom. Law, and Terrorist Violence"

    I do not see the illegally recorded, kept, stored, filed, and spread @gewoba data as my "interests worthy of protection". I refer to the Bremen State Constitution and the Basic Law, Preamble to that I once swore and not to East-Elbian legal custom

    Divide, add, multiply, and understand.
    - Liber AL I:25

    I wrote two disciplinary complaints, one for the District Court, the other for the Land Court. They are entangled because the District Court judge in question enforced some in my eyes illegal objection sanction that the Land Court judges in question decided

    My scientific qualification and reputation is out of question, but the one of certain judges is disputable


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    Re: The End of the Twins Cycle

    Post  Ashera on Tue Jan 08, 2019 9:07 am


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    Re: The End of the Twins Cycle

    Post  Ashera on Tue Jan 08, 2019 9:11 pm

    Stayin Alive

    I defintely was not homosexual, not even as dislocated woman, that was clear in Münster already, and there I also started to talk Crowley and Nuit stuff. I was totally queer, as ever

    I did not stand still there but investigated further - until now

    1985 was a strange year... these Athena Grill diiscussions and also the Oshos... I was not satisfied with the Berlin Babylon stuff and the idea of a male Lucifer...

    I experimemted wth a "Double Kundalini", and finally both serpents broke through my spinal-cord-brain-barrier

    1986 West-Berlin - 6787876 - my supersymmetric number

    David Bowie with Mickey Rourke

    David Bowie with Mickey Rourke 1987

    "You must inhale deeper..."

    David Bowie lighting a cigarette for Mickey Rourke.

    Partly lightyears ahead - ,my Bowie facorites are Cat People, Station to Station, Major Tom

    One cannot say that David Bowie was militant but he certainly was military

    Ziggy Stardust - The man who fell to Earth - Major Tom

    "Tomorrow belongs to those who can hear it coming" - David Bowie #bornonthisday

    Read in strictu senso my name means Magdalene - Rabea Alienne - Girl Helen

    I say Allah Elohim, and this includes El Elyon, the redeemer, and the rock

    I am not Christian in your sense, rather in the sense of Sura 5:110 where God Allah said to Jesus that He strengthened him with the Holy Spirit. This Holy Spirit is, either you read it as Raab or Ruach, female. And this corresponds well to "Eli, Eli!", the last words of Jesus at the cross.

    The deliverer of a Job*s message? Not possible in relation to Allah! Once promised and agreed by the soul it is valid forever (I do not like those who disappear; Quran 6:76)

    Lutherism is not really post-Abrahamite, it is rather Adamite, a Christian variance of the Osiris cult. The arbitrary aspect comes from the impact of the Lord of Job (Hiob) who is equally treated and named as El Elyon, Elohim or Adonai and generally called LORD

    What the Lutherist Freudians do one cannot call diagnosis, based on socio-religious gossip and their laziness to read or listen, in the omniscience of their drawer thinking. One should take the official seals away

    The Quran has several built in fuses that the Bible lacks: you cannot merge with God

    In the Quran (53:49) Ashera is not a goddess - there is only one God, and this is Allah who is the Rabbi of Ashera. And I took flesh and come among men (Liber 49:9)

    I do not like the "generational" thinking at all, it is not my plot but the one of (social media) junkerdom and harvesters. And this a deductive mindset that assumes a godlike position. Not even Jesus assumed that for himself (Philippians 2:6). Adamites do that

    I did at least 150 hours psychoanalysis

    My flat definitely does not stink but I possibly know what is up - and it also has nothing to do with Rabia under my shower tub...-

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    Re: The End of the Twins Cycle

    Post  Ashera on Wed Jan 09, 2019 12:08 am

    Ready to Shore Leave
    (we had catfishes in an aquarium;
    they are funny because they are conscious of the dimensionality of their territory;
    they do not exceed it but adapt their size proportionally, I do not know the ratio,
    but no question that one is nevertheless the big boss;
    and as far as they can they clean the "windows" themselves,
    they eat the algas.
    At least their "social" behaviour is very complex and only comparable to primates;
    the boss had his special cave that he seldomly left, except to eat,
    but had an eye on all and everything)

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    Re: The End of the Twins Cycle

    Post  Ashera on Wed Jan 09, 2019 2:16 am

    Zero Point ARCHIVE
    JUNE 11, 2012
    The Dawn of the Magicians

    The Vrilya

    This secret community was founded, literally, on Bulwer Lytton’s novel The Coming Race. The book describes a race of men psychically far in advance of ours. They have acquired powers over themselves and over things that make them almost godlike. For the moment they are in hiding. They live in caves in the centre of the Earth...


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    Re: The End of the Twins Cycle

    Post  Ashera on Wed Jan 09, 2019 2:52 am

    Zero Point ARCHIVE
    JUNE 25, 2012

    What is the Evil?

    Scotland 1973, Whitewater Creek...

    When she is nearly 14, she has an adventure of her own in the wilds of the countryside. She sits, enthroned in initiate fashion, on the stone atop the grassy mound, around which the spiral pattern of the other stones revolves; she comes upon the deep well with red sand at the bottom (this is, by the way, an allusion to Athanor, an occult hill mentioned by Philostratus in his Life of Apollonius, where is located a well with its bottom covered with red arsenic– Athanor is also the name of the alchemical furnace)...

    ...It is difficult, however, to embrace the explanation that the girl “poisoned herself– in time”; it doesn’t tally with what we are told in her own words, & seems more to be Ambrose’s (or Machen’s) prim summation of an event that would not have passed the scrutiny of the age...


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    Re: The End of the Twins Cycle

    Post  Ashera on Thu Jan 10, 2019 9:50 pm

    I do not doubt the principle of hierarchy but a lot of those who assume to be elite and now obviously try to functionalize democracy in a putschist manner to stay in the saddles

    From where is all the money? I am the only legal person, the preceeding identity is terminated and unrevokable. I am the legal successor

    WE DID IT! We’re back!! Thanks for all the love & tweets Nine Niners!! See you next Thursday!!! #Brooklyn99

    John Whitewater, the state law theorist and semiotician, finally studied psychiatry because he could not explain certain phenomena. Norval Baitello jr., a preceeding doctorand, even started psychoanalysis; I followed. The semiotics of law and medicine is not unusual

    I did psychoanalysis from 2006 to 2013 at different therapists and even added a private education as alternative psychotherapist - the danger to public health - terror of the street

    It is an absurd assumption and a folksy media belief that estrogene would make you a female. It plays a major role in puberty and pregnancy but not generally. If a trauma is indicated hormone distortions in puberty can be assumed. This is treatable

    Not always a syringe for blood check is needed because it also implies certain risks, generally a phenotypical investigation should do it

    Hair loss can have many reasons, females with high testosterone can have that too. But often, and this is even more indicated if it starts young age and/or low testosterone levels are probable, the reason is rather shock or trauma

    Great-grandma: "Can you keep secrets?"
    Pious Helen: "mmhmm"

    The lazy slut has to work and not to suck at me, kids to and fro.I do not part your fertility ideology. My great-grandma they put in the tire production, baby boy to and fro. The job manager said it would have at least to do with wheels - like the mill she came from

    Death Command II

    Province Ninava should have been kept (North-Assyria)

    So Pompeo traveled all the way to Cairo to say that Obama was wrong to withdraw from Iraq right after his boss ordered US troops to withdraw from Syria. "When America retreats, chaos follows. When we neglect our friends, resentment builds."

    The middle mass is uniformed and subversive

    My 0056 locker number is golden on red plastic

    My genetical grandfather was one of the orignally 120.000 Jewish soldiers in the Wehrmacht. SS probably got him finally in Caucasus. He was staff sergeant of a scout car. My step-opa was Waffen-SS officer (Edelweiss), he supported my great-grandma until he died & me

    Code Red - I am Lt.Dr.

    You may eat all that you find on the ground, stupid flatworms, but you are not authorized to know all

    Ich bin das Mädchen Ashera...

    The ovens are still warm...

    I hate it if inferiority dominates me

    To me you junkerdom fellows are of no value

    I poison your atmosphere until it is sufficient for my needs


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    Re: The End of the Twins Cycle

    Post  Ashera on Sat Jan 12, 2019 4:18 am

    To persuade yourselves to your moronies and come by democratic nodding to a belief what I could be up to is simply idiocy

    I am not to have for a folksy upraisal, I do not see where and how its outcome could transcend the existing constitution. Considering the mindset of the ruling middle mass a revolt only led to regression. And for my pedomorph aims the constitution is sufficient

    Probably I must excecute some example at some homo guy that you finally get it!

    I play Fairy Chess, I care neither pawns nor kings. Long live the Republic!

    Christians are perverts. I see no dignity in poverty in spirit

    Your naughty wishes are not thelema

    An idiot was born without soul or state of mind, a blind mechanism, a life form below the capacities of the simplest bot, and Allah spoke: there shall be darkness forever and nothing anymore

    I do not care if I die, I got what I wanted and there is no way back. To what at all? Your sick imagination? This would be an alternate future that I do not want

    In February my money is back or you are dead, Diedelriech

    That Gabi died does not wonder me you pervert mason minim Xxxxxxx!

    Ihr seid mir scheißegal!

    How can some self-esteemed middle mass idiots of a crude brotherhood hierarchy assume to be more advanced than science? By tradition? In the name of the archivar?

    Who are the ones who use "nazi methods" if you analyze the structural context beyond the idiot definitions you were fed with?

    I will use this world as my shithouse, go without saying, and never look back

    I will not mourn for this world, it is a shame

    If you argue against Freemasonry you are diffamed as nazi and they refer to being persecuted in the Third Reich. But what if you knew the fact of Freechristian Masonry and the cooperation with the corrupt "Syrian" Christians and their collaboration with landlords?

    Democracy is misused for hidden agendas and backworld policy, Khurasan for example, that subverts and intrudes the entire region as India based ISIS-K with the aim to implement a theocratic Shah regime - some king of the world stuff - a Babylonian Moloch

    “We have never supported freedom or democracy for the Palestinians. Nor have we done so for the Iranians,” writes @mehdirhasan

    When America retreats, chaos follows. When we neglect our friends, resentment builds
    - U.S. Secretary of the State Michael Pompeio

    Once the State of Bremen was American Enclave...

    Throw in the sponge or I open the fire!

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    Re: The End of the Twins Cycle

    Post  Ashera on Sun Jan 13, 2019 5:12 am

    To the last drop...

    Hey!!! @VodafoneIN

    And now Papa is missing...

    Somewhere hidden in India... the mother bug.... (some Apocalypse Now scenario)

    Bug concept art for STARSHIP TROOPERS (1997).

    I swore/swear by Bremen State Constitution, Basic Law Preamble, and Quran


    The "@gewoba @VodafoneIN complex" for example

    I have a quite differntiated attitude towards Iran and I never generalize. The ISIS-K subversion via Afghanistan and the Khorasan province is internationally undersestimated - for what reasons soever. I see Indian democratic guru interests and big capital behind it

    Things that no one wants to know... Jews and Roma in Albania and Montenegro...

    Reminder to host/participants of anti-Iran conference: those who attended last US anti-Iran show are either dead, disgraced, or marginalized. And Iran is stronger than ever.
    Polish Govt can't wash the shame: while Iran saved Poles in WWII, it now hosts desperate anti-Iran circus.

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    Re: The End of the Twins Cycle

    Post  Ashera on Tue Jan 15, 2019 10:53 pm

    I am not totally without shadow...

    Horror House

    Amityville II: The Possession
    Possessed~ Intro

    Citalopram leads to some kind out of body experience, normally it was used as anti-depressant but with my diagnosis principially contraindicated. It has exactly the reverse effect of what my therapy and me myself aimed at. Not that I knew that

    We both developed suicide phantasies, sometimes quite close to realization. I had to open the attic door by force some Saturday...

    One cannot say that Alienne and Cassandra took much drugs, we sometimes smoked weed and drank wine. Sometimes some items crashed - as usual. The real hammer was Citalopram... and it has a half-life-time similar to Uranium...

    Why so long "suicide therapy"?

    Highest resolution possible, Firestorm never reached Phoenix again. And Mesh I hated anyway

    Singularity Viewer I prefered, not @PhoenixViewerSL Firestorm

    Who triggered the recent distortions of the space-time-continuum? It was the stubbornnes of certain affiliates in the past and their domination by certain aspects of the "collective unconsciousness"

    Me myself in my diachronic evolution is not an object of that I could retreat to study it from an alleged former position: I am in the here and now

    Anthropology as I do it is not a "social science", it is "anthropology of culture"

    I am not a philosopher... many things belong to the faculty of philosophy or are derived from that...

    It is not such a sorrow, it only means that you never listened

    2008 they took my car away after I had been two times in Hamburg that year. I needed a flat urgently, it was already end of September and getting cold, and I knew that I could not afford the taxes and insuarance for my station wagon any longer that I mostly slept in

    They assume I was hypnotized in Hamburg and flewn to Ninava....
    "Can you drive?", she asked me
    "Like hell", I said, "I have a license for all and everything excpet huge trucks and heavy bikes"

    You have no idea how war functions

    It functions like a Ghost Ship, finally seen everywhere and nowhere

    Panzer Girls...

    Death Command I is a legend in Iraq and Syria. It is the story of a female scout car crew who operated in the Province Ninava in the year 2008 probably (so American Soldiers style, 2004)

    From the beginning the @gewoba played obviously with bum-cards, even with backworlds and a hidden agenda of that I could not know

    I even consulted the Psychoanalytical Society, Metzer Str.

    Death Command I - a Rambo V scenario

    I asked myself for long who could be so sadist to use a living baby as mine bait in Ninava to detonate a leg of the Sergeant away... Only those who do not value life: mass people. This did not speak for Al Quaeda... -

    P.S.: I had a quite good Pentax camera once, I used Ilford films for black and white, and Kodak for colours

    looks like Agfa or Perutz colours...

    I started with an ESCOM desktop (an AMD 386 factually, also the graphics, with Seagate hard drive) and an Aztech dial-up modem in 1997... I used Netscape Navigator first... it is a Netscape-Mozilla-Chrome-Clone now... For special issues I use Edge.
    Cassandra has all the old hard drives except the Microspace one.

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