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    Free flow instinct ( for girls only ) Amazing !


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    Free flow instinct ( for girls only ) Amazing !

    Post  mudra on Sun Jul 02, 2017 3:32 pm

    Neither tampon nor sanitary napkins I live without protection during my periods.
    Long life to the instinctive flow

    The following is translated from a french article I came across lately.
    I could'nt find any english material on this subject.

    I have oftened wondered how women would handle their menstruations in former times .
    How would something so uncontrollable as this blood loss ( I thought ) be tackled with ?
    How did tribal women handle that ? And so on ...

    At last some mind blowing answer came to me :)
    Amazing how we have been brainwashed some more by thinking we need tampons, sanitary napkins , mooncups and god knows what big corporations invented so they could sell them to us.

    Working with nature makes life so much simpler !

    Free flow instinct

    Free flow instinct consists of wearing no protection at all during menstruation.

    The last time I wore tampons for my period, or sanitary napkins, I think it was six years ago ... And yet I do not take the pill. I never wore a mooncup (menstrual cup) either.

    Without protection in the mountains, my body took over

    It was by the chance of a hike in the mountains that I discovered that I could do without tampons and other protections.
    As I had already reached halfway up the summit, my menstruation arrived without warning.

    I had absolutely nothing to "protect" me, I said "never mind ", we will see, because I had not the possibility to go back right away.

    On my return home, while I expected to discover a huge red disaster, I saw only a small spot.
    Without protection or assistance, my body had taken over.
    Astonished and impressed, I decided to continue the experiment the following days.
    The first day being the most abundant, the following were  the easiest.
    I was able to test on myself that the muscles contract unconsciously to avoid leakage.
    I was just going to the bathroom as soon as I felt it was necessary.

    I quickly could sleep overnight without protection

    What a joy to develop one of my natural and unsuspected abilities!
    And what a satisfaction to learn to listen to my body and to trust it!
    Finally, I was glad to no longer have to worry about buying all these products, to have them on me when ...I then saw that what I was doing was called "free flow instinct" (the "free flow" being just the laissez-faire, uncontrolled).

    Over time, my mastery was refined and I soon could sleep without any "protection" or worries.
    Whereas before I had to wear a good protection to sleep, now it's at rest when I sleep, I only have to go to the toilet in the morning.Sometimes I get up once in the night, the first two days.

    In short, everyone learns not to pee in bed, so why not learn also for menstruation ?

    If you want to test this nothing more simple !

    If you are curious to try, the method is simple and you can do it in your next period.
    It is more reassuring the first time if you are at home or in a quiet place, equipped with toilets, or in the wilderness.

    Simply do not put any valid protection. Just  black underwear, some toilet paper or cloth, just in case, but nothing really absorbing.The goal is to be conscious of not having protection for the muscles to contract unconsciously (it is not tiring).After an hour or several hours, you will feel that there is blood to be evacuated, just as you feel when you have to urinate.

    At night, the flow goes to rest or the muscles contract naturally, in the same way that you do not pee in bed.

    When I talked to other girls, some of them were scared and told me that it was certainly dangerous to hold back the blood.I asked my gynecologist, she said that I muscle my perineum, which was a very good thing and could prevent me from incontinence later (and even anti-leakage protections!).

    For my part, I consider that to hold his blood for a few hours is no more serious than holding back his pee.In tampons and mooncup, the blood also remains in the body and much longer, sometimes with the terrifying toxic shock that one can sometimes read in the leaflet notice.

    Other women told me that they were already practicing free flow.But why haven't they talked about it before?I want to share this with the most women possible, so that each one can free herself from all this arsenal and reappropriate her body even more.

    Without any props, we develop our faculties.
    It's up to you.

    Love Always

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    Re: Free flow instinct ( for girls only ) Amazing !

    Post  Pris on Sun Jul 02, 2017 6:30 pm


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    Re: Free flow instinct ( for girls only ) Amazing !

    Post  mudra on Sun Jul 02, 2017 7:43 pm

    Well Pris nothing better than another living example that this works cheers
    Thank You for sharing your story.
    I am too old to check it for myself but what a great idea to spread around.

    Love from me

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    Re: Free flow instinct ( for girls only ) Amazing !

    Post  Swanny on Mon Jul 03, 2017 3:48 am

    Makes sense to me

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