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    President Trump Announces New USMCA Trade Deal


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    President Trump Announces New USMCA Trade Deal

    Post  Seashore on Tue Oct 02, 2018 4:42 am

    It's so nice to see a full presentation by the President without mainstream media commentary:


    Published: 6 hours ago

    President Trump scrapped the NAFTA deal with Canada and Mexico...and worked out a better trade agreement with them known as the USMCA. (Unites States, Mexico & Canada Agreement). This announcement was delivered today (Oct. 1, 2018) in Washington DC under sunny skies. In this video, the POTUS explains why the old NAFTA agreement was so injurous to the U.S. and others.

    To listen, click on the above link.

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    Re: President Trump Announces New USMCA Trade Deal

    Post  Mercuriel on Thu Oct 04, 2018 6:46 am

    Just another in a long list of successes for Ole' 45...

    LOL - The naysayers will keep at It though. That said - I'm not surprised that a Deal got done.

    After all - He came in known as the "Deal-maker" and has done nothing but PROVE It since coming into Office.

    Memo to the Deep State - RUN while You still can...

    Remember - We're coming for You...


    Peace, Light, Love, Harmony and Unity...

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    Re: President Trump Announces New USMCA Trade Deal

    Post  orthodoxymoron on Thu Oct 04, 2018 11:09 am

    Good to see you posting, Mercuriel. I voted for Donald Trump, but I keep getting the sinking-feeling that this world is centrally-governed by Supercomputers, Artificial-Intelligence, Bio-Robotic Reptilians and Greys, and Bad@$$ Gods and Goddesses (for better or worse, I know not). Even the supposedly 'Good-Guys' look like a 'Tough-Gang'. It seems as if one must be a Bad@$$ Billionaire to be a 'Mover and Shaker' in this world. Think long and hard about the backgrounds of the most-powerful people in the world. Are the 'Powers That Be' Ordained by God?? It almost seems as if one must somehow be linked with Organized-Crime, the Secret-Government, Secret Space-Program, and Intelligence-Agencies International, to even be considered for the Top-Jobs. But perhaps it must be this way. This Solar-System might be tougher than we think (or can think). Perhaps this Solar-System is a 'Sunday-School Picnic' compared with the rest of the Universe. Who Knows?? The Horror. I Represent and Present a Monarchical-Episcopate Divine-Right Royal-Model Representative-Republic (if you can get-it and keep-it). Duh?? WTF??

    "You Can't Handle the Truth!!"

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