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    The Extraterrestrial That Walked Among Us! (True Story!)


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    The Extraterrestrial That Walked Among Us! (True Story!)

    Post  Carol on Sun Jul 22, 2018 12:38 pm – Vid (27:49)
    The Extraterrestrial That Walked Among Us! (True Story!)

    "From what I know from reading the book, “Stranger at the Pentagon” and from hearing Dr. Stranges speak at his seminars, this appears to be fairly accurate with a few minor errors. It is my understanding that Valiant Thor, not Val Valant Thor, spoke 16 earthly languages. If he spoke 100 languages then some of those languages would be galactic languages, although most galactics use telepathy to communicate. Anyway, the video shows what Val and his some his crew members look like. –MrT."
    Strange But True Stories! Published on Jun 12, 2017

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    Re: The Extraterrestrial That Walked Among Us! (True Story!)

    Post  bobhardee on Wed Aug 01, 2018 9:17 pm

    President Ronald Reagan was briefed by the head of the CIA of the various types of aliens that were interacting with humans.  Linda M. Howe reviews the released documents from that Camp David conference and shared it on this video. It is well worth the listen.

    While we are on this topic, this video popped up.  Radio signals coming in.   A new group of signals from a distant planet.

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