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    HAPPY NEW YEAR 11 sep 2012 - egyptian calendar


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    HAPPY NEW YEAR 11 sep 2012 - egyptian calendar

    Post  THEeXchanger on Tue Sep 11, 2012 2:19 pm


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    Re: HAPPY NEW YEAR 11 sep 2012 - egyptian calendar

    Post  THEeXchanger on Tue Sep 11, 2012 2:20 pm

    ANCIENT EGYPTIAN CALENDAR - 365 (12X30+5) LIKE haab - 11 SEP 2012 - HAPPY NEW YEAR

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    Re: HAPPY NEW YEAR 11 sep 2012 - egyptian calendar

    Post  THEeXchanger on Tue Sep 11, 2012 2:20 pm

    and was divided into 12 months of 30 days each, plus five extra days

    (epagomenae, from Greek ἐπαγόμεναι) at the end of the year.

    The months were divided into three weeks of ten days each.

    Because the ancient Egyptian year was almost a quarter of a day shorter than the solar year

    and stellar events therefore "wandered" through the calendar,

    it has been referred to as the annus vagus, or "wandering year".

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    Re: HAPPY NEW YEAR 11 sep 2012 - egyptian calendar

    Post  THEeXchanger on Tue Sep 11, 2012 2:21 pm

    Ancient Egyptian Calendar Reveals Earliest Record of 'Demon Star'
    Charles Choi, LiveScience ContributorDate: 31 May 2012 Time: 12:17 AM ET

    Ancient Egyptians may have chronicled the flickering of a star known as "the Demon,"

    perhaps the earliest known record of a variable star, astronomers suggest.

    The ancient Egyptians wrote calendars that marked lucky and unlucky days.

    These predictions were based on astronomical and mythological events thought

    of as influential for everyday life.

    The best preserved of these calendars is the Cairo Calendar,

    a papyrus document dating between 1163 and 1271 B.C.

    The entry for each day is prefaced by three hieroglyphics

    that indicate either good or bad luck, with the characters often derived from events of mythology.

    Astronomers at the University of Helsinki in Finland had previously discovered

    that some of the fortunate days recurred in a pattern, every 29.6 days.

    This almost exactly matches the length of the lunar cycle — the time between two full moons.

    New moons may have been associated with bad luck.

    Dimming demon star

    The scientists also detected another pattern in the calendar,

    one that occurred every 2.85 days.

    Now the researchers suggest this approximately matches regular dimming of Algol, "the Demon Star,"

    which lies approximately 93 light-years away in the constellation Perseus

    as one of the eyes of Medusa's head.

    Its name comes from the Arabic phrase, ra's al-ghul, which means "the demon's head."

    Algol is the brightest known example of an eclipsing binary system

    — the large bright member of the system, Beta Persei A,

    regularly gets eclipsed by the dimmer Beta Persei B.

    From our point of view, Algol dims by more than a factor of three for 10 hours at a time,

    dwindling easily seen with the naked eye.

    "It seems that the first observation of a variable star was made 3,000 years earlier

    than was previously thought," said researcher Lauri Jetsu, an astronomer at the University of Helsinki.

    The Cairo Calendar describes how Wedjat, the Eye of Horus,

    regularly transformed from peaceful to raging, with good or bad influences on life.

    Horus was the patron god of kings in ancient Egypt. [Gallery: Sun Gods and Goddesses]

    "The eclipse seems to be linked with the lucky days,

    because it represents the pacification of the Eye of Horus," researcher Sebastian Porceddu,

    an astronomer and Egyptologist at the University of Helsinki, told LiveScience.

    "A bright Eye of Horus meant it is raging and a threat to mankind."

    Pinch of salt?

    In modern times, Algol actually dims every 2.867 days.

    The researchers suggest this discrepancy of 0.017 days

    — about 25 minutes

    — between ancient Egyptian and modern values for Algol's dimming may be due to changes Algol

    may have undergone in the past three millennia.

    Matter is apparently flowing from the dimmer member of this eclipsing binary to the brighter star,

    altering their orbit so that eclipses now take longer than they once did.

    If correct, this ancient Egyptian data could shed light on eclipsing binaries

    and the details of how such mass transfer might affect their orbits.

    "I believe that from now on,

    Egyptologists will be keeping an eye on possible references to Algol elsewhere," Porceddu said.

    Other scientists are intrigued by the idea, but remain skeptical.

    "I think it's an interesting idea — just how convincing it is is another issue," astrophysicist Peter Eggleton

    at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, who did not take part in this research, said in an interview.

    This pattern "does seem very plausibly attributed to Algol,

    and the suggestion that it has slowed down by a small amount over 3,000 years is not unreasonable,"

    Eggleton said. "But you do have to take the idea with a pinch of salt

    — it's obviously difficult to pin down what people were really thinking 3,000 years ago."

    The scientists submitted their findings to the journal Astronomy & Astrophysics.


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    Re: HAPPY NEW YEAR 11 sep 2012 - egyptian calendar

    Post  THEeXchanger on Tue Sep 11, 2012 2:22 pm

    Linking Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greece to The Hebrew Numbers

    Here I will show you the links between ancient Egypt , Hebrew and ancient Greece .

    It is important to realize that it is not intended to make you a mathematician
    or really go deeply into the number site of things,
    but for you to become aware of the underlying structure.

    You might say I do see that, but are you really aware of the implications?

    You will also learn that all this is related to astronomy,
    and if you did follow the articles closely then you did not only notice the mirror images of numbers
    but also twin numbers
    such as 101,1001 7007 93609360.

    And I shown you in previous articles 37 and 73,
    now lets look at the Mayan figure 6665.6665 which is related to the 583.890411 days of synodic periods
    of Venus and is equal to 10656 tropical years of the Mayans.

    6665.6665 x 583.890411 days = 10656 (12 x 888)

    And if you look up the number value of 10656 in the other articles
    you will see that it is the grammatical value of YHWH.

    Now lets take 73 and multiply with our now familiar 18
    73 x 18 = 1314,

    now lets look at the 4 different counts: 260,
    360, 365 and 365,2420

    260 days x 360 x 365 x 365,2420 = 9496292 days = 26000 tropical years

    So how are these 26 generations or 26000 years related to the 10656 years.

    26000 tropical years x 1314 x 583,890411 days = 1872000 days
    10656 tropical years
    583,890411 being a synodic period of Venus.

    The same result will be reached if instead of using tropical years you use

    TUNS or HAABS . 1872000 days is one fifth of 9360000 days,
    which is a Mesoamerican period called the 5th Sun,
    after which a new cycle begins of 26000 Tuns

    The Mayans equated the precession with 25920 Haabs equaling 9460800 days.

    As you will remember on the star of Bethlehem
    you have the rough count of 40 or 400
    but in the fine tuning it is build of twice 192 which is 384.
    similar with the 26000 and 25920.

    As you know we will need to look at Plato’s number
    and the time cycle through one zodiac 2160.

    we used the 73 and now its mirror image 37

    Lets use the count 21600 days / 37 for a synodic period of Venus,
    9460800 days can be written as 16206 synodic periods of Venus
    counted as 21600 days / 37 for a period.
    9460800 days x 37 = 16206 synodic periods of Venus
    21600 days
    16206 synodic periods of Venus = 2701 x 6 synodic periods of Venus

    And 2701 as you remember is 37 x73 =2701 and was related to hydrogen.

    2701 synodic periods of Venus of 21600 days / 37 = 4320 Haabs, 4320 Haabs
    = 2700 periods of Venus of 584 days.

    And you will also remember the letter value of the first sentence of the Bible in Hebrew
    which also equals 2701.

    So by using the simple count of 584, 16200 (the mirror of 192)

    16200 x 584 days = 9460800 days.

    But if you use the 1314 and multiply it with the 7200 days you also get 9460800 days.

    Now the 7th word of the bible is the earth and its letter value is 296

    And when you look at the names of the 12 Tribes of Israel
    and their individual values
    in Greek 888 , 1332 1480 and 2368
    If you take the now known Fibonacci Series 1 , 1, 2, 3, 5 , 8 …….144 ,233

    And multiply them by 296 days you will get 296 , 296 , 592 , 888 , 1480, 2368 ……….
    And 42624 days, 68968 days
    68968 = 233 = 16180555 Phi
    42624 = 144

    The 12th term then of 42624 days,
    equals 73 synodic periods of Venus 583,890411 days
    and fully correspond with the Holy figures in the Bible
    2368 days x 18 = 42624 days

    A Venus year, 365 synodic periods of Venus of 583,890411 days
    has 213120 days and 213120 days = 592 Tuns = 90 x 2368 days.

    Now the Greek letter value of Godhead is 592 (twice 296)

    52 with a 9 in the middle or 25 as you remember is the Snake

    Lets look at these 4 numbers again, 592 , 888 , 1480 , and 2368

    By integrating the 9 or Yin Jesus rose to Christ (1480)

    Now lets add up 592 + 888 + 1480( = 2960 )+2368 =5328

    And 5328 is 8 times 666. or the square of 1332 .

    You might also remember the mirror of the speed of light 7992,..
    Which is 27 x 296.

    This 592 complements the trinity of the figures 888 , 1480 , 2368,
    in the same way the figure 1184 is a necessary complement
    to receive the central 3:4:5 triangle with the sides 888 , 1184 , and 1480 ,
    and the perimeter 3552 days, so the perimeter of the square,
    5328 days and the perimeter of the triangle 3552 days.

    Sum up to 8880 days, and in Greek geometrics the figures 8880 is the symbol of the risen Christ.

    Now lets get back to our 2701 (37 x 73) 2701 x 583,890411 days = 1577088 days

    1577088 days = 2368 days x 666

    1577088 days = 364 sidereal orbits of Jupiter

    1577088 days = 18 x 2962 days

    Now with the equation 16206 x 583,890411 days you get a precession of 9462528 days

    and this count is 1728 days longer then 9460800 days.

    Or 888 x 888 x 12= 9462528

    Now lets look at the Venus period again of 583,89411
    if added up you get 39 like the 39 books
    in the old testament but if you multiply the individual numbers
    5×8x3×8x9×4x1×1 = 34560 and 34560 days equals 96 Mayan Tuns.

    Then you have the 40 so lets see 40 x 34560 days = 1382400 gays = 2368 Venus of 21600 days / 37.

    So noteworthy is the fact that 5328 synodic periods of Venus of 584 days
    correspond to 5329 synodic periods of Venus of 583,890411 days
    in the same way as 2701 and 2700

    5328 Haabs = 3330 Venus of 584 days.

    2368 Haabs = 1480 Venus of 584 days

    As you have noticed I mention days
    but you also need to remember that according to the bible a day is like a year.

    If you take the Latin alphabet A-Z A being 1 and Z being 26 adds up

    To 27 and again 1+2+3…….26+27=378 which equals the synodic period of Saturn.

    You already know the diameter of the Sun being 864000 statute miles

    And the square around the disc of the earth which slightly rounded off, equals 31680 miles,
    this is 8 times the radius of the earth (3960 s miles)
    also explained already the Greek value of lord Jesus- Christ equals 3168.
    the radius of the Moon is 1080 s miles and the Greek letter value of the Holy spirit is 1080.

    Now 2368 Haabs multiplied by the Venus quotient 2700 / 2701 results in the 864000 days.
    2368 days x 365 x 2700= 864000 days

    You might recall that 1+2+3…+17= 153 and its mirror 351 is 1+2+3……26
    and add up to 504 and 504 x 1001 = 504504 twin numbers again
    which is a Mayan astronomical number 315315 synodic periods of Venus of 584 days
    = 504504 Haabs.

    In 21600 days a pentagram is drawn by Jupiter and Saturn and 21600 days
    corresponds to 5 sidereal orbits of Jupiter
    and 2 sidereal orbits of Saturn.

    666 stands for the magic square of the Sun
    and 1080 the radius of the moon joined it makes 1746
    and this was a value known by Plato
    as “ the same and the other and Fusion,
    but also the letter value in Greek of the biblical phrase a grain of mustard seed
    which equals 1746

    X 33rd degree= 57618 and 52.909090909 reverse 18576/33=562,909090909

    ( 18,576 & 576,18

    And the 592, these 3 joined 592+562+529=1683

    Move the 3, 3 places and you have 3168,
    yes these numbers too move according the same principles.

    Now lets look at the magic of 864000 lets divide by 10
    and start multiplying 864 , 1728 , 2592 , 3456,4320 ,5184 , 6048 ,6912 , 7776

    All familiar numbers, 777600 was another platonic number related to a month, how?

    A month of G-d is 25920, while for us there are 12 months in 25920 of 2160 years

    but 12 times 25920 is 311040

    And 3 of these months of 25920 is 77760 ( 36 x 2160)

    And 25 times 864 is 21600.

    I did not tell you yet that 17 or 170 divided by 10 times 9 =153

    Therefore they are related.

    Do the same with 86400 ,
    86400/10 x 9 = 77760.

    In revelations 22:12 it is mentioned that Jesus refers to him self as the Alpha and Omega.

    The Greek text has a full letter value for Alpha as 532 but Omega has only the ohm sign which has a value of 800.

    This gives you the total of twice 666 or 1332.

    Now the number 2368 again and 1332 makes 3700.

    The names of the 12 tribes of Israel totals in Hebrew letter value to 3700

    The first 5 names add up to 1332 and the next 4 have a total value of 1480 and the last 3 names,
    the foundation figures have a letter value of 888.

    1480 is 148 more then 1332. Christ is 1480 and 1+4+8+0=13
    and the spokes man of the 12 tribes of Israel. speaking for the tribe of Levi, the thirteenth tribe,
    set aside by JHVH of priestly functions.

    The proportions 5:4:3 of the 12 tribes points to the Pythagorean triangle.

    And the figures 1332 , 1480 and 888 connect to the chapter Numbers

    Now pay attention here, I said the tree is equal to 18, 180 108

    If we use the single letter A
    with a value of 1 and omega 800 you have the 801 and in Greek geometric 801 represents the Dove,
    which is also a symbol for the Holy spirit as mentioned in John 1:32.

    1332 plus the 108 is 1440.

    We go back to 777600 and multiply it by 13 and divide by 12 is 8424000 days
    and 8424000 times 10 divided by 9 is 9360000 days or 36000 Tzokins.

    As you see 2701 and 2700 and numbers such as 13 and 12 are related

    See if this is true, 864000 days x 13 / 12 =936000 days

    As last point Deut 34:1-4, he climbed the mountain Nebo

    Nebo = 50-2-6 is 58 ,
    when g-d tells Moses to climb the mountain 58
    then there are exactly 5800 verses completed Deut 32:69 Moses is then 120 years.

    The grave of Moses is unknown , g-d gave him a place in the valley of Moab somewhere in the 49.

    Moshiya de Broek

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    Re: HAPPY NEW YEAR 11 sep 2012 - egyptian calendar

    Post  THEeXchanger on Tue Sep 11, 2012 2:23 pm

    Jorgelito - Posted 4 Hours Ago ASKED a question:

    Does every frequency, every energy, every state,level or dimension of consciousness have a number?
    If so, can this knowledge be used to "dial up", "self-create" or "tune in" any loving energy of the universe?

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    Re: HAPPY NEW YEAR 11 sep 2012 - egyptian calendar

    Post  THEeXchanger on Tue Sep 11, 2012 2:24 pm

    yes..."energy is, colour, frequency, light, sound, tone and vibration through the lower six aspects

    and,it all feeds into, and, flows through the lower central vertical channel, and, into the upper central vertical channel

    the upper six, are mathematical relation equations" ~ susan lynne schwenger

    - stuff, i discovered back in 1991"

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