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    Holographic Med Beds Regrow Limbs! Mind-blowing!


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    Holographic Med Beds Regrow Limbs! Mind-blowing!

    Post  Carol on Thu Sep 27, 2018 9:32 am

    Holographic Med Beds Regrow Limbs! Mind-blowing!

    Remember the really cool medical beds in the movie Elysium?   These med beds could heal you of any disease and even regrow tissue, organs and bones!  It turns out whistleblowers in the secret space program say this technology already exists and is being used on soldiers who get limbs blown off.   They say if you get a limb blown off by lunch you’ll have it grown back in time for dinner!   You’ll hear testimony from somebody who claims to have been in our secret space program below.  He says he’s trying to recreate what he knew about these medical beds and already has money to do it!


    I started digging around to see what is out there and it seems the Russians are very aware that our DNA is some type of hologram and they’ve already done some amazing things!  Dr. Peter Gariaev has regrown organs in rats using something similar to how the med beds in Elysium work!   He says that with his technology we’ll be able to regrow any organ and put it back into the state it was in when we were in perfect health!   He stores your DNA onto a DVD using a quantum computer and then transmits it somehow electronically so the bad cells grow back into good ones!   He said it would be possible to live to about 1,000 years when the technology is fully perfected.   Dr. Gariaev did an experiment where he shined a green laser through salamander eggs and then through frog eggs.  Salamanders hatched from the frog eggs!  That is some crazy stuff!

    Another scientist, Dr. Dzang Kangeng did some real Frankenstein type experiments where he passed light through a duck into chicken eggs resulted in chicks where 80% of them had flat bills, 90% had eyes moved into a position similar to a duck and 25% had webbing between their toes.   Freaky stuff!

    Clearly DNA can be manipulated in ways we are only beginning to understand and Dr. Peter Gariaev seems to already be working on technology very similar to the high tech med beds in Elysium.  So is it really that far fetched to think we already use this technology in the secret space program?  Nikola Tesla perfected antigravity levitation almost 100 years ago so there is no doubt we have starships up there now being hidden from us.  I personally think it’s very possible we’re already using this Elysium type medical bed and it’s being kept from us just like free energy is kept from us.  

    Here’s some amazing information on Dr. Peter Gariaev in the next two videos.  The last video is a bit hard to hear because of the translation but it’s pure gold.  If you close your eyes you and concentrate you can hear the English translation.  It’s very interesting where he talks about regrowing organs in rats just like the Elysium medical bed.   I think almost everything they show us in science fiction has already been done.  In fact I wouldn’t doubt if certain directors might be allowed to shoot actual technology in the secret space program rather than faking it with Hollywood props and computers!  Nothing would surprise me since I know everything they tell us is a lie.  But they tell the “suckers” who are still believe their TV’s to keep giving to the Cancer Society because they’re hard at work, “Searching for the Cure”!   What a sick joke!  They don’t want you to have the cure for cancer!   They want you dead but only after they get what little money you have been able to save!  It’s one big scam after scam with these people.  They want to take away your access to all information they can’t control so they keep you on their plantation of slavery and lies.

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    Holographic Beds Regrow Limbs - Secret Space Program
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    Re: Holographic Med Beds Regrow Limbs! Mind-blowing!

    Post  orthodoxymoron on Thu Sep 27, 2018 10:03 am

    This sounds too-good to be true, but perhaps Miracle-Cures and Miracle-Technology are either here or seen on the horizon! Perhaps we're moving from Purgatory Incorporated to Heaven on Earth. Hope Springs Eternal.

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    Re: Holographic Med Beds Regrow Limbs! Mind-blowing!

    Post  Ashera on Sun Sep 30, 2018 9:47 am

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