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    Cobra normalises thuban relations


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    Cobra normalises thuban relations Empty Cobra normalises thuban relations

    Post  Eartheart on Thu Nov 10, 2016 8:04 pm


    Sanxingdui civilization was the main anchor point of an extraterrestrial faction from Thuban (alpha Draconis), the most prominent faction of the positive Draconians. They are one of the founding sources of Chinese culture and one of the main reasons why dragon as a symbol has positive connotations for Chinese. Thuban was a polar star 5000 years ago when Thuban Draconians descended on Earth, using Chendgu vortex as the entry point.

    Sanxingdui means three stars mound in Chinese and the three stars are Thuban, Antares and Aldebaran. These three stars form a very strong energy triangle, Antares and Aldebaran being on one of the main galactic plasma Light filaments that allow interstellar travel through portals in this sector of the Galaxy.

    Not far away from Thuban, on the Antares-Aldebaran galactic highway, is the star Dubhe, home of Goddess DouMu which belongs to an ancient humanoid positive civilization living on planets orbiting that star:

    Goddess DouMu is now engaged in more active work with the portals on the surface of the planet in the new phase of preparations for the Compression Breakthrough which have begun in July. End of exerpt...

    Earthearts thoughts on the living light from there...
    (Aldeebaran has its wings over western european cultures, while Antariis over eastern european cultures, repective slavic emotionalstrong traits and aric scientific mindedness, which should work together and never have been antagonistic, but the demonic races have played them against each other to hinder progress - like today there are exemplary angsts that russia and germany would force an alliance against those evil groups - and the calling was never pure technological progress - but the fusion of emotional knowhow and scientific ability to create spiritual technology, science of fun,
    happy culture and emotional social science - to name a few traits...)

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