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    Ilsedora Laker, Teacher of the German New Medicine


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    Ilsedora Laker, Teacher of the German New Medicine Empty Ilsedora Laker, Teacher of the German New Medicine

    Post  Seashore on Wed Nov 19, 2014 5:14 am

    Ilsedora Laker is a Canadian whose first language is German.  She was experienced in alternative medicine when she discovered German New Medicine.  Her experience with her own cancer impressed her with the truth of the findings of Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer, originator of German New Medicine.

    There is an archive of an audio interview of Ilsedora that took place on November 6, 2014.  The interview was for the show "What Women Must Know" hosted by Dr. Sherill Sellman on the Progressive Radio Network.  The episode is entitled "Healing Emotional Wounds for Healing Cancer."  

    Here is the Description and link:

    Ilsedora Laker, the first Canadian German New Medicine educator and consultant authorized by Dr. Hamer, resides in Toronto, Canada, where she pioneered the introduction of the German New Medicine, and continues to train medical and lay specialists in its practice throughout North America and abroad. Ilsedora is also instrumental in introducing Dr. Hamer’s work to South America, and Pacific Rim countries as well as India and parts of the African Continent.

    Ilsedora discovered the work of Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer in 1992 through a colleague at Herbs and Health Holistic Centre in Toronto.

    In 1994 Ilsedora met a highly renowned protégé of Dr. Hamer, and invited him to conduct the first New Medicine seminar in North America. Her New Medicine studies (as Dr. Hamer’s research was then called) continued under his protege’s supervision until 1997 when she inaugurated her series of New Medicine seminars.

    In 1998, Ilsedora was introduced to Dr. Hamer and, at his request, sponsored his first seminar in Canada. After this event, she became his student and shortly thereafter was entrusted by him with overseeing the translation of his thesis “The Summary of the New Medicine”.

    At the end of the program, Ilsedora mentioned that there is a free archive of an Introduction to German New Medicine (GNM) webinar that one can get by emailing  The URL is "newmedicine" rather than "germannewmedicine," I think, because originally the findings were called New Medicine.  

    Anyway, I used the contact form on and was sent the link and password for the 2 1/2 hour webinar.  I highly recommend it.  I think this material is absolutely fascinating.  Ilsedora calls it the medicine of the future and I think she's right.  It doesn't just apply to cancer.  

    Here are some screenshots from the webinar:

    Ilsedora Laker, Teacher of the German New Medicine 115
    Ilsedora Laker, Teacher of the German New Medicine 213
    Ilsedora Laker, Teacher of the German New Medicine 312
    Ilsedora Laker, Teacher of the German New Medicine 412

    Ilsedora has a blog, although she apparently doesn't have much time for it.  The latest entry is in August, "The Body Speaks":

    August 21st, 2014

    When I first heard Dr. Hamer’s lecture on “The New Medicine” in 1992 I realized that what we know as disease, is the body expressing an experience on the physical level.

    In fact the body is speaking to us through our symptoms. Most of our daily physical symptoms can be understood to be an expression of our experience, an experience that involved a DHS.

    Since we now have Dr. Hamer’s meticulous research we also have the opportunity to decipher our daily aches and pains by understanding the origin and the experience that is related to it and very quickly alleviate symptoms.

    For example, if we develop an itchy skin rash, in the GNM we already know that this is a healing phase of a separation conflict that is affecting the outer skin (epithelium).

    This could also be as the result of a track that we have been exposed to such as a food or possibly something that was put on the skin that caused this reaction.

    This is what we commonly call an allergy. By understanding the moment in time our brains “associated” the food or the substance to the DHS that involved the separation, the symptoms disappear quickly. . . .

    The abbreviation "DHS" is for "Dirk Hamer Syndrome," named after Dr. Hamer's son who died, and the event that brought on Dr. Hamer's own cancer, and the event that started Dr. Hamer on his road to discovery.

    I see Ilsedora as a person who is devoted to sharing extremely important, mind-boggling information with the world.  flower

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    Post  Seashore on Fri Nov 21, 2014 4:54 am

    I've heard Ilsedora say that all diseases, other than those caused by poisoning, fall under the theory of German New Medicine - they're all caused by a conflict brought on by an unanticipated shock.

    She words it as taking a poison.  I don't think it's clear what she means - whether ingesting food additives would be included in taking a poison, for example.

    I'm wondering about this because I want to know the role of toxins in disease - whether or not the disease is brought on by a combination of a toxic body and an unanticipated shock.  

    I'm thinking about the increase in the rate in cancer in modern times.  If German New Medicine is true, it seems that there would not have been an increase - that people have always had unanticipated shocks throughout history to deal with.

    So, why has the rate of cancer increased?

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    Post  Seashore on Sat Nov 22, 2014 7:37 am

    Seashore wrote:I see Ilsedora as a person who is devoted to sharing extremely important, mind-boggling information with the world.  flower

    There is another person devoted to sharing the same information:  Caroline Markolin.

    Unfortunately, there is infighting going on between these two individuals, with Dr. Hamer caught in between, I suspect.

    Anyway, I've been exploring Caroline's website this morning, and I think it's quite good.

    Seashore wrote:I'm wondering about this because I want to know the role of toxins in disease - whether or not the disease is brought on by a combination of a toxic body and an unanticipated shock.

    I see this on Caroline's website under "Toxins Theory":

    Over the past decades, the theory that diseases are caused by toxins has become a wide-spread belief. It shares with other conventional theories the reliance on fear rather than scientific merit, and distracts us from finding the truth of the origin of "diseases" within ourselves. The toxin-theory also owes us the explanation as to why certain toxins would cause different diseases in different people and why some have reactions and others don't.

    This is not to say that toxins are safe. Toxins in our food, in our environment, in consumer products, electromagnetic pollutants, just to name a few, can, of course, be harmful. Foods containing toxins (pesticides, herbicides, preservatives, food additives, and the like) deplete the body of energy, which can make the healing process, including the healing of cancer, very difficult. Also, neurotoxins, for example, in dental fillings (mercury) or vaccines (aluminum, formaldehyde) can result in severe nerve damage and neurological disorders. Poisons, like food poisons, radioactive poisons, or chemical poison as in chemically derived drugs, do not cause cancer; however, poisons such as cytostatics ("Chemo") can cause severe organ and tissue damage resulting in death.

    She also says this, under "GNM Therapy," and the heading "THE IMPORTANCE OF A HEALTHY DIET," quoting Dr. Hamer:

    Dr. HAMER: "An individual who eats properly is less susceptible to suffer biological conflicts. That is self-evident. It is a lot like why rich people don't get as many cancers as the poor, because the rich are able to resolve many conflicts simply by pulling out their cheque book and writing a cheque. But to prevent cancer (or any other disease) through diet is impossible, because even a healthy diet cannot stop conflicts from occurring. In Nature, the strong and healthy animal will naturally suffer fewer cancers than the one that is weak or aged. But this does not mean that being old is therefore carcinogenic."

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    Ilsedora Laker, Teacher of the German New Medicine Empty Re: Ilsedora Laker, Teacher of the German New Medicine

    Post  Seashore on Tue Aug 01, 2017 3:04 pm

    I see today on Ilsedora's blog that Dr. Hamer has died and she has summarized what happened to him in his life after his discovery:

    July 2017

    As most of you already may know, Dr. Hamer passed away on Sunday July 2nd 2017 in Sandefjord Norway where he lived in exile.

    Dr. Hamer left a huge void in my life when he passed and I am grateful for all the time he gave me since I personally got to know him almost 20 years ago. He was always generous with his time and willingness to share his most recent findings and observations.

    He was a giant not only in physical stature but also in his chosen field. History will one day see him as the greatest physician that ever lived.

    Needless to say, imprisonment was only one of the injustices he had to endure since his discovery of the “Iron Rule of Cancer”. He was slandered and maligned from the moment he shared his observations with his colleagues. He also had 12 attempts on his life.

    Since his passing I have reflected on the history of the GNM, what he was forced to endure over a period of the last 39 years and at the same time managed to continue his research. What Dr. Hamer accomplished and the injustices he lived through during that time is unfathomable to the average person.

    Dr. Hamer was no ordinary man. He was a traditional medical doctor with traditional medical training, and he specialized in Internal Medicine. On top of that he had his doctorate in theology. He was also the youngest person to graduate from medical school at that time in Germany, and may still hold that record to date. As an Internist he understood the human body like no other medical professional of his time.

    His research is “empirical” meaning that he was able to prove his findings with each case on the level of the psyche, brain and organ. Since his discovery of the first biological law, “The Iron Rule of Cancer”, he would not make a statement unless he was able to empirically prove his findings. This kind of accuracy was unacceptable to those that stood to lose their way of practising medicine and as a result they did everything they could to discredit the man in hopes of discrediting his discovery.

    He was not only imprisoned once, but twice. The first time was in Cologne, Germany in 1997 after he was arrested in the middle of the street. He and his son who was with him were suddenly surrounded by police with their guns drawn. I remember Dr. Hamer telling me that had they moved they would have been shot. He saw the panic in his son’s face and motioned him to remain still.

    The charge was “practising medicine without a license” because they claimed that two doctors sought his advice with their patients. Of course, the nature of the arrest and subsequent imprisonment did not fit the so called “crime”.

    How is it that his license to practice medicine was revoked?

    In 1986 when Dr. Hamer was trying to make his discovery known, the medical board removed his license to practise medicine because he refused to deny his findings, not because of malpractice. From there on it was a witch hunt in every sense of the word.

    They thought that discrediting him might control him. Instead it spurred him on.

    When Dr. Hamer was arrested in Cologne, he was immediately jailed and before he was able to appear before the judge, it was already declared to the media that he would not be released on bail. Is this justified for someone facing charges of practising medicine without a license?

    While in prison he was eventually put into solitary confinement to segregate him from other prisoners. This was not to protect him, but to prevent him from continuing his research in prison because he decided to explore “the criminal mind” with his cellmates as subjects.

    His conclusions were published in 1999 in Volume II of the “Legacy of the New Medicine”.

    18 months after his arrest and subsequent imprisonment, Dr. Hamer’s lawyer took his case to the Netherlands to the High Court of Justice in The Hague and on reviewing his case had him released immediately and unconditionally for “unjustifiable imprisonment”.

    Not long after his release he moved to Spain where he was safe from further extradition from the EU. However his enemies weren’t finished with him yet and they continued to pursue him and in 1998 the Germans issued an international warrant for his arrest. However he was only safe in Spain until they joined the EU.

    In 1998 Dr. Hamer asked me to organize a seminar here in Toronto and he came for a short two week visit in 1999. However, after that he was no longer able to travel outside of Spain. He was at risk of being arrested.

    A few months later, on January 31st 2000, I visited Dr. Hamer in Spain which was the exact day court proceedings against him began in France along with the issuing of yet another international warrant for his arrest. Now he was unable to visit the country of birth as well as France otherwise he would be immediately arrested.

    The French proceedings took place in Chambery (the origin of the House of Savoy and official title of the Italian crown prince, Vittorio Emanuele, who shot Dr. Hamer’s son), and tried Dr. Hamer in his absence.

    Four years later, after several proceedings, they declared Dr. Hamer guilty of the “illegal practice of medicine”, which was supposed to have taken place in the afternoon of 1993 when he drove to France to attend the funeral of a dear friend the Count D’Oncieu de la Batie.

    The French “authorities” alleged that in that short visit Dr. Hamer consulted with two cancer patients and convinced them to stop chemotherapy. They also alleged that he was the head of a cult, which is illegal in France.

    Of course these were trumped up charges and on top of that, the witnesses were no longer alive. However the charges were declared valid and Dr. Hamer was sentenced as guilty of the charges in his absence and on the morning of September 9th, 2004 Dr. Hamer was arrested and taken to prison in Malaga.

    He then disappeared from sight for more than one week until his lawyer managed to track him down to Fleury - Merogis in Paris which is the French high security prison where terrorists and mass murderers are imprisoned.

    When we found out what had happened to him after no news of his whereabouts for more than a week, we were all shocked at the way he was treated right after his arrest. From Malaga he was taken to Madrid, one day after his arrest, stripped of his clothing right down to his briefs and left waiting in a cell for 24 hours without any food.

    He was then quickly hauled off to Paris where he was treated the same as the worst kind of criminal, all because he refused to deny his findings which resulted in having his license to practice medicine revoked.

    Before all this happened he said to me, “Ilsedora, I don’t think I could survive another imprisonment” and of course at the time I was notified of his arrest, I feared for his life. He was already in his 70th year.

    His treatment at Fleury – Mergolis was barbaric according to what he told me. Although his supporters and friends sent him “care packages” of warm socks and blankets, because the old prison is unheated, none of it got through to him. He was able to receive letters, but only after they were all read and “approved”.

    He was in Fleury – Merogis for 18 months when once again he was unconditionally released from one day to the next when it was discovered that there was a conspiracy against Dr. Hamer involving a high court official!

    I’ll never forget the day of his release when I called his home in Spain and his companion Bona answered the phone. Excitedly she said “Ilsedora he’s home….here he is” and handed the phone to him, then I heard his voice “Hallo Ilsedora! Gruess dich!” It was the same greeting as always and it was like he had not been away. That moment is imprinted in my memory.

    I am deeply saddened that I will never hear his voice and his greeting again but am forever grateful and honored that I was able to learn directly from the man that discovered the biological laws that changed the face of medicine.

    One day the world will be a better place because of his undying dedication to his discovery. In the last few years he called his work the “Germanische Heilkunde”, which when directly translated is “Germanic Medicine”. When Dr. Hamer was unable to copyright his work under “The New Medicine” he simply added “Germanic” in honor of his homeland. Dr. Hamer was living in exile and always longed to return home.

    Tragically he was unable to return to his home until his passing. His final resting place is in Erlangen, Germany where he was buried on July 14th 2017.

    A tribute wall has been established on Dr. Hamer's web site and everyone is welcome to post their words of gratitude for his life's work.

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