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    Global CE-5 26/07/2014 - Standaardbuiten - The Netherlands


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    Global CE-5 26/07/2014 - Standaardbuiten - The Netherlands

    Post  mudra on Tue Sep 16, 2014 4:47 pm

    Thanks to Alchemikey to share a post from this site on his Reminders of Remembrance thread.
    This is how I discovered this group.

    Global CE-5 26/07/2014 - Standaardbuiten - The Netherlands

    CE-5 stands for Close Encounters of the Fifth kind which means that it is possible for us "humans" to invoke encounters with extraterrestrial life forms. It is what we call Human Initiated Contact. The term CE-5 was created by Dr. Steven Greer.

    The CE-5 Belgium - The Netherlands team chose the cropcircle in Standaardbuiten as location to perform their monthly Global CE-5 meditation.

    This cropcircle was formed on 26 june 2014 next to the field where the CSETI cropcircle logo appeared in 2013.

    With six people we performed our meditation which was very interesting because one of our members experienced he was being taken over by an entity.

    Many different visions during meditation going from spaceships to making connection with ET's.

    Again we toke some amazing photographs in this cropcircle. ( Click the photo's to enlarge them to their original size.)

    This AMAZING photo was taken by Linda Schouten on the 5th of July in the same crop circle.

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    Love Always

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