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    Mists of emergence


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    Mists of emergence Empty Mists of emergence

    Post  Eartheart on Fri May 10, 2013 6:38 am

    “mists of emergence” The Carol

    Flowering energies emerge from chaotic events... Is it hope? or the last
    perimetr of sanity, but those latest gayainfusions made me stop and fill
    the teapot so to speak... The Knowing had set in and was streaming
    the inner visions to see, what parts could lock to the dreamtime.
    See the Beginning, then you will also see the End! So i start a postshift
    Coroboree, wich is like a dance-inn picknick of Dreamers & Weavers,
    and i invite all my fullon devkids here in those mists of emergenc to hear
    their music, partake in their sonic creations and flower into their lightcristalls.
    Flowers Lmao Lmfao Lolerz
    Letting those prime vibes clear my concious mirrors, the last remnants of 3D
    twisted away up through the center of the vortex,like the dark prince from sirius
    taking it all with him into the malstrom of power and selfagrandismongrism...
    Real O-bamlight at least, leaving me to the Bitchslaps of my Goddesses here,
    our children screaming on top of their lungs, taking unreachable positions, The Floyd
    and myself send on to homelessness and free inscended Blissgardener walkabout...
    Mists of emergence Isisgold311153737

    Here the original:"Flowering energies emerge from chaotic events, a both outer and inner.
    These appear as showering Gaia with “mists of emergence”. Assistance is requested of all
    Gaia Light Workers to coordinate individual situation energies with the current
    Gaia “mists of emergence” energies.
    Those viewing thus communication with Higher Vision will understand their roles.
    As participation in these energies is individually accepted, global acceptance and participation follows."

    What a surreal celebration this ephemeral realm had me watch my inner screens in this daydream.
    Agashed on the emergency of transfiguration and glory emerging. Divine solutions prayed...
    The psychic streamers initiated the blastwwave in the soulrings of the emphatic gridcrews.
    My silly attemt of teleportation landed me directly somewhere in the sun, on a plasmatron
    with angels weaving solarflares through me like i needed a magnetic ionisation cure of sort....
    There is this irresistable music in my neural circuits and i am relaxed like a burned out freak,
    probably imploding the matrix into some golfball sized white star and inscending creation
    on her secret whims the creature repaid the Living Goddess fully!
    Didnt you come to here to loove this part??Mists of emergence Sora__Prince_of_Light_by_callousvixen

    Kum Ori Sar Shalom (Arise My Light, Prince of Peace)

    Mists of emergence DivinePrinceDivineLightUniversal

    The Loove-pulse of Eartheart could lead the trance on the wild coroboree, sound and archetypical frames
    of the finest dancers looped into eternal echos!!!

    ***Ultradimensional Pulse, adequat prolonged EMP with logarithmic upsquirt, monopolar gravocubes for
    sun and planets in progress, leading to our monopolarized polshifting aural interfaces, which than coupled
    to the earthcore stream the unity lifeforces, which lead to the individual electrocute Manga virtuality of supracharged DNA.
    Good luck bitch for setting me up like this rrrrrrrrrrrrrrr....

    "Please pay closer attention to how you feel, learn to understand more clearly how others’ may influence your thoughts.
    This is how you can be of assistance and yet be active participants during this early reformation of the Earth Star planet."

    "the sounds are not presaging massive earthquakes, but are being generated by the twisting magnetic field and the pulsing permutations of the spinning Earth’s core warping parts of the mantel. Everything’s reacting to the arrival of the huge photonic cloud that’s invaded our region of the Milky Way Galaxy."
    The howling of the wolfs and gnashing of teeth.... Get the Flip Real

    Then late 48h again the Lords shaping the refraction on the logos. Decoupling of the EARTH. ID-Splits----------------------------------

    The Earth is ascending and those corridors that made the Holograms accessible for entities of various origin will be closed for the period of the decoupling.

    The Earth is ascending and those corridors that made the Holograms accessible for entities of various origin will be closed for the period of the decoupling.

    All prophecies, triggered by huge electromagnetical changes on Earth – „Nothing shall remain as it was“ – and Gods intention will be fulfilled on this Earth.

    To be lifted up from the „chaos of this time“ into the order of the timeless and nearly spaceless Being of the fifth dimension is the well deserved reward – which is now brought to life by the divine breath of the Creator himself.

    I will lead mankind across the Bridge of Light into the World of Light. One last piece of advice yet, for the time being: Remain firmly rooted on earth and fulfill your daily deeds for your benefit and for the benefit of the world until the moment you will be called by your name.

    Do you remember our last visit in inner Earth, agarthian emergency of sixdim finals for their long psycle....

    Mists of emergence Images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRd_2xvb-Sgs14-QYDp_kq9d9BsZAlMjb-yRNFl-_WBtrjavQQeEOmx3is

    Wov what a song for May13....In the prophecy of Pacal Votan is granted for each 13tribe a number of 144,000 star children to receive at the moment of the pole shift their „immediate“ enlightenment. Which means that some will be enlightened immediately, while others will be so after having completed an „intensiv training“ on board of one of the space ships or dream those agarthians into oblivion... confused

    Mists of emergence Images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRoJmX8exp7td86P-rthjs_bid4A_Fn5Mp7N1Kocainhx7_cW8DS_5NRkI ohhhh fine

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    Mists of emergence Empty Re: Mists of emergence

    Post  orthodoxymoron on Wed May 29, 2013 11:25 pm

    You certainly have a way with words, Eartheart...

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    Mists of emergence Empty solar rebirthing enspacement

    Post  Eartheart on Sun Mar 22, 2015 6:54 pm

    elephant ganeshpatipooja Flowers

    our harmonic dhoop & our rainbow grid of activated starhumans aka Loove Event horizonts

    Sol3 affairs inside my 13dim bubble\holo have been on hold?
    No way, we've seen some purging, some awarness centering,
    our homecoming as organic divineties on this 5 density freed
    of polarity, inner lightness instead of enlightment yet, complete
    overhaul of neural webbing around the globe, some inner grow
    and dnawirering beyond the statusquo controll reasons, ###,
    de-tension of the anorganic onslaught against my Loovers gardens,
    a multidim resonance to our "LivingDream" Gospel alive,
    enclosure of the fallen hu-mans in lowdim holons, offwordly transfer
    of most of our essences so to call - just a little bit is left down here to
    wittness this event - ready to go... Here is the soon, the becoming anchored
    for our grasp... Please release the vibrational memory stored in your
    quantum tubes, accept your beyond human state of becoming light,
    embrace this joy with me and play to your Earthearts desire...
    Musical The Floyd Harp Band The Carol

    Ask yourselves why the evidence is available to those who care to look.

    Our all-encompassing mercy for the 3Dim trash and the belittled Orion Mpire is therewhile our only bridge to their ghost trip. We are beyond it.
    Gaya has taken us allready in, nested perfectly in spinvortexes selfsimilar to her divine children, while our auras are filled with those exquisit
    dreamings of our tribal lore. Dreamtime is on & we are gone?
    Not yet, even if i just peek from my 13Dim Kaleidoscope onto a flat earth, before the flipflap of that dimensional manifestations booms our now.
    We gonna blink ON like a crismass tree, and the empty theater will have the moment of the lone sinister dictatoric logos of 3D.
    We sweat the emotional dross of their realms, while the chemtrailed nanoclouds interfaced us with "terrestrial television" into cloudcomputing.
    But my enlighted pixelcloud crashed their servers. The photonencloud helped. I saw a long curving algorithm of an outstanding EMPulse growing on and on, a flare of interdim biomagnetics.
    And some handlers trying to get personal by medling with the "unconcious" planetry privacy rights, but the freqs of our unity fields, higher chakra scalars and
    interspectral living light resonance between us are even using the space inherent "Great Mystery" and cant be defiled by frequency spamming procedures.
    A dragon dances in those athmospheric rays.
    If youre activated on your own, your complex lightcristalls are stable to make it. Light synchron your own aural flower of life and ascend in it.

    This is ON the Grid:
    "The planetary heart- brain complex is ignited from within the core of the earth, as well as the replica of that complex existing in the center of our skull and brain.
    The heart brain complex is ignited by the Collective Monadic Body Spark, which is fueled by the proper phasing that exchanges directly into the heart of God (Universal Core) and returns the spark to ignite and expand itself as a running current throughout the complex meridians, axiatonal lines of the heart brain complex.
    This is a Universal Cosmic Orbit, the macrocosm version of the "microcosmic orbit" that runs within our own central vertical channel. "

    Sourced Self and the soulfields ready for harvest, (by dwarfs?), unified chakra and the rod to source, flashed bios@121212, but yeah for a functional 4Dim collective harmonic
    biosphere we could really use a heart-brain scalar loop to readjust all avaible ressources. Via good juice...

    ‘We have used light to turn a normal insulator into a superconductor,’ says Professor Andrea Cavalleri of the Department of Physics at Oxford University
    and the Max Planck Department for Structural Dynamics, Hamburg.
    ‘We have shown that the non-superconducting state and the superconducting one are not that different in these materials, in that it takes only a millionth of a millionth
    of a second to make the electrons “synch up” and superconduct,’ says Professor Cavalleri. ‘This must mean that they were essentially already synched in the non-superconductor, but something was preventing them from sliding around with zero resistance. The precisely tuned laser light removes the frustration, unlocking the superconductivity.’
    Topological Superconductivity on Mother Earth surface, gridpoints and core setup, psychodimensional lifeweb...In a blink of an eye!

    Fractals boost superconductivity, oxygen fractal influences electronic matrix...
    "beautiful example of self-organization and complexity in a transition metal oxide" but is not convinced that the current result sheds further light on the cause of high-temperature superconductivity. "Crystalline order does not cause superconductivity, but it can improve it,"
    material instability derived by quantum fluctuations ...
    It is striking that the distribution of oxygen atoms, characterized by domain sizes that go up to 400um,can have such a strong influence on the electronic properties of the material.

    " In this sense the stargate 12.12, which is a perfect alignment of the earth with the Great Central sun and the photon belt, will simply create the condition of maximal constructive interference of Gaia and humanity with the energies of the Source. Both of them, being U-sets of the Source and thus superimposed wave systems, will be in total phase with the Source. This will create a huge energetic potential that will simply transform the EM spectrum = photon space-time = matter of Gaia to the frequency levels of the 5th dimension all of a sudden. Now such potentials are regularly observed in quantum mechanics under the conditions of constructive interference.

    This is a phase transition similar to that of ice kept under pressure. When the pressure is lifted, the ice immediately evaporates without melting first. In this case the zero point marks the transition of matter = 3d-space-time = EM spectrum from one aggregated state to another, where space no longer exists, but only vibrations in terms of frequencies.

    This is also the elimination of speed as a holographic illusion of human perception, mainly through vision which is restricted to the narrow spectrum of the visible light. This circumstance explains why the higher dimensions exist in the Now, that is to say, one does not need any linear time to reach any other reality, no matter how far away it may be in this universe, but only to raise or alter the frequency of his intent. This is a phase transition similar to that of ice kept under pressure. When the pressure is lifted, the ice immediately evaporates without melting first."


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    Mists of emergence Empty Re: Mists of emergence

    Post  Carol on Fri May 15, 2015 8:31 pm

    It's amazing how many "wise ones" share their insights on Mists.

    What is life?
    It is the flash of a firefly in the night, the breath of a buffalo in the wintertime. It is the little shadow which runs across the grass and loses itself in the sunset.

    With deepest respect ~ Aloha & Mahalo, Carol

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    Mists of emergence Empty reinvent yourself

    Post  Eartheart on Wed May 27, 2015 2:08 pm

    "Wise Ones"
    implies an aware observer, Hugs

    But neverless it all comes down to deepseated patterns of selfstyled
    fear-responds, utilising all emo-fi of our shared future devkid circle reaching back in "Time?" to resolve our slow&sad act into fast&furious galactic gardians to source this devWill Logosgod... Farewell

    This Pentecostly X-change with the group and the sky, Phire and HSelf
    put it all like a spiralturd in this imaginary center, which a deluge of superb energies, heatwaves, empty freeze, x-panding minds of borderless liftoffs,
    sensual implosions and transhuman states of entety stay cal or,


    The final surging of all related elementals was like an Ascension Testrun,
    and myself beyond recognition in this unknown, pixelized soulstar in
    some dim before manifestations, high as champion, but unable to steer this act, so after 22hours i slowed a bit and descended into normal sitcom...

    Still feeel myself like a animated hologram with an rerunloop Gathering
    but ultimate freedom from attachment of the human kind...
    If this was just a PAT related sourcesink torsion effect, its beyond human
    instinkts even for me, if this is AI synthetic bombardement (as i was devoid of proper logistix during this testrun) i will x-change my alumincap with a jadehelmet and take command, if this was the maximum x-tention of chargesurge for temporal spezifix i can attest a unified portal of organic
    transmutation is at work now... By the way of our other threads, i saw no Jeshua around, wasnt aknoledged as one or similar religious interpretended living vibers, may be i swallowed CERN and got overwelmingly sidetracked...

    Argh Best moments to reinvent yourself @ United Dreamstates of Albion


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    Mists of emergence Empty Re: Mists of emergence

    Post  Eartheart on Fri Jan 12, 2018 6:11 am

    Mists of emergence Resona10

    Sligtly woken up, Head resting on some moosy stones on our Mount of Olives.
    Those spectral vectors of my dreams still with me, I remembrate this missing element of my acute historic response and how i traveresed nearly 2000 years to finally create it. All this miriads of stories till in one life i created that scatepark in an enormous endless city. A living dynamic & acrobiotic feast...

    Wov 2018 and U all seem to have been bingewatching in me those GRAIL-Cronicles!
    My dreams are allways full of wispers in the mists. But the days?
    'Grounded Zero'
    You know, if you circle 3 times the sacred Tulasi and wisper the secret name of
    Beloved ... you are resolved even from the sin of killing your own brahma...
    Become cool and dip your bitchslapped pistolwiped face into the lake and call
    out for the Lady without opening the sealed lips. Recieve a sword of Light.
    Stand like a happy child in the Manna Rain and hold your dresses up till they are filled like giant popcornbags.
    My Rainbowninja projects into a pixelcloud and lands insight a dream.
    Hey you ever encountered an alian AI, jumping as EM-overlay at you hungry
    to possess your body? May even halluzinate some sexy deliriums?? Better learn to
    charge up and generate scalar pulse beams to terminate those parasites???
    UnderwaterDUMP imploded offcoast H..., didnt make it out of there, now
    send from Eartheart via astral beam far far away...
    Since 23.12 all hunger stoped, none appetizer, nada Xtra terraristas diet,
    and the f*** is, even all the richness of the Old World taken off unreachable!
    All 3Dim thinx have become operational, and even after taking out some holdouts or some reverse coded enteties we cant stand the stink of their stuff and robbed thinx, be it art/stones/cash/weapons/memorables - better delete the whole pocket from songlines and backwards in perspective all around the circles...!!!
    Cut off from 4 lower chacras (heart inl.) and no sense of feel and selve???
    Its a rewrite - take your response up the leadder to the mooness, since saturn is home again. All aligned now for solar system upgrade with living enteties on board our Mothership. I give the signal now!!!

    Mists of emergence Tradef10

    Yeah its the day without date - as no dates are given as you know, and now i gonne swith yeah off, you logarithm hungry beast - watheblip...

    Mists of emergence Sunshi10

    Flow of Magix and Forces projected to form life again, upstream tubes of supraluminal shakti. REcieving................................

    And like Dr.Oxy said, stay away from those shadows.

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