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    Terrified Woman From Another Universe Wakes Up Here


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    Terrified Woman From Another Universe Wakes Up Here

    Post  burgundia on Wed Jan 04, 2012 8:03 am

    What started as an ordinary day—waking in bed one morning—evolved into a series of fearful shocks and haunting horror for a desperate woman lost in an alien world: our world.

    As Lerina García left her bed she noticed the sheets and bedclothes were strange. She didn't recognize them. Still shaking off the last vestiges of sleep, however, she simply shrugged away the eerie discovery and began her morning routine.

    Everything most precious to her was gone

    But García would soon learn that once she'd left that slightly alien bed she entered another reality. Her life, her past—everything most precious to her—was gone.

    As she went through the routines of her first day in another universe she noticed small incongruities: things out of place, items missing or items she hadn't purchased.

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    Re: Terrified Woman From Another Universe Wakes Up Here

    Post  Micjer on Wed Jan 04, 2012 8:28 am

    Could you only imagine this happening. Whoa!!!

    I watched the following documentary a couple of years back....

    Not to spoil the ending but his memory of a past life was only partially correct. There were missing pieces, that didn't fit.

    Perhaps a parallel world and existance is the reason for the differences.

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    Re: Terrified Woman From Another Universe Wakes Up Here

    Post  Chimpsky on Sat Jan 14, 2012 1:02 pm

    Crikey ! It could be put down to some sort of neurological phenomenon, but the guy in Japan is really freaky, the only explanation for that is dimension "sliding", unless its just not true or an elaborate hoax, in which case its not the only expanation ... Nutbar

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    Re: Terrified Woman From Another Universe Wakes Up Here

    Post  Carol on Sat Jan 14, 2012 1:56 pm

    Ironically, reading threads at Mists reminds me of Science Fiction Theatre - only here 99% of what is posted is reality. You may recall a year back or so when Whitley Striber was describing odd events of time slips and people bi-locating on C2C last year. And then there are the stories of how people disappear in areas like the Bermuda Triangle or where a whole city ups and disappears or where city blocks reappear most likely from an alternate timeline. I could see where this could be a bit unnerving - and then some - for someone. I love these types of movies too. What an adventure.

    A man from another reality shows up in Tokyo's airport
    "People who appear and disappear may not be snatched up by rogue ripples of time, but by anomalies in the fabric of the shifting, living multiverse.
    Some quantum physicists theorize that existence is populated by infinite universes infinitely created. Each universe is like an infinite bubble birthing new universes—new limitless bubbles. Time does not exist. Instead everything is an eternity of now.

    In the world of the quanta—which encompases all that is—the multiverses are vibrating at different rates and some parallel worlds literally overlap ours.
    Physicists also have had glimpses into these other realties during experiments where sub-atomic particles have winked out of existence and then reappeared. Whether they're jumping dimensions, or actually traveling between multiverses, no one knows.

    Finally, quantum theory and string theory recognize a symbiotic relationship between cognitive awareness and the universe. In essence, a universe cannot really exist unless a mind perceives it. The mind influences the quanta and the quanta influences (perhaps even programs) the mind. It's a two way street.

    So now what would happen if that quantum link between the quantum universe and the quantum mind were broken—even briefly?

    Would the person become like a ship that lost its anchor—in this case an anchor to the universe? Could a person slip from this reality into one right "next door" to our universe? If so, would there be an exchange trading one version of a person for another, sort of a universal-multiverse swap? Or, as in the case of the hapless lost professor, would a person simply vanish with no counterweight replacing him or her from an adjoining reality?

    Time would be unaffected, and the two parallel universes would be so symmetrical that only minor things may be different.

    Yes, minor things like a lover that no longer exists or a sister who never had surgery…"

    read more at link


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