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    The End of the Twins Cycle


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    A Gleiwitz Incident?

    Post  Ashera on Sun Mar 18, 2018 4:25 am

    London, Gleiwitz Station

    Bronze Age Swastikas And Chaos Agenda

    West-Berlin 1980s - Der Historikerstreit - I think the ideas of the historian Emil Nolte were underestimated. But the certain "meme" he detected spread into two directions from an assumed Silesian core...

    I assume three great catastrophes in the as Utlande or Atlantis known North Sea region, 15.000BC, 7000BC, and 1200BC. Only the latter could be seen as historically because interrogation protocols from the era of Ramses II hint in that direction. This is also the point in my scheme where plausible history writing starts at all.

    So one can synthesize all these catastrophes into a single one: 1200BC. This is codified as the year 102BC (GoT) in Game of Thrones, and as the Doom of Valyria. 1200BC probably Hekla 2 erupted in the North Atlantic Rift and caused a lot of trouble. Maybe the whole rift shivered etc.

    Maybe Troya was less destroyed by the Spartan venegance attack than the effects of this very catastrophe. It was the time when Helen of Sparta (my great heroine [What do I care Paris? Cassandra I miss]) is said was "transported" to the island of Rhode (cp. the City of Braavos in GoT). But I assume she travelled to Kaipha (todays Haifa) that then belonged to Egypt (the pyramids in GoT...). In Egyptian a Kefa signified a local female ruler. I used this term for my Gypsian Basics Dictionary.

    1200BC was the time of the Bronze Age Collapse.

    The strong league of the city states broke away and chaos ruled. In the east, probably departing from the Ararat region, new powers appeared on the board. The Council of the Seven Sealands (The Ulad - The Descendants of Gor) met on Heligoland to develop a new corpus juris.

    First swastikas appeared in Silesia and later spread to the Elbia region and East-Denmark - there John Whitewater went two prove the second direction of the "meme" Emil Nolte discovered. Just a jew years ago, so 2015 they found out that first huge battles were fought in the eastern Elbia region about 1200BC. Later the Elbia river could be hold as a border, in North the Limes Saxonicus was erected (Holstein).

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    Post  Ashera on Sun Mar 18, 2018 7:12 am

    Never I had the life I wanted, #Bundestag! And when I was close to it a Swabian Prank stepped in! To hell with him!

    There are plugs and there are holes #Bundestag. Isn*t it a cognitive deficit to cannot decide this? And then to define this necessary semantic distinction psychologically away based on Bible translations?

    I do not sacrifice anyone #Bundestag... but if someone runs into an open knife one could speak of killing on request

    I do not have this insane belief in authority, #Bundestag, I scrutinize even highest judges constitutionally, and pyche-logically - refering to the Basic Law Preamble

    You make me nothing but sad and sick, #Bundestag!

    I do not want to live in this dead Swabian utopia of CO2 button counting, self-driving electro cars and green pastures #Bundestag. I want a Jaguar, seed bombing and sweet water projects

    You steal my stuff and put me into some of your allegedly intelligent mobile devices #Bundestag? And no one is responsible afterwards? Kiss my ass! You will use the scientific crap you financed!


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    Re: The End of the Twins Cycle

    Post  Ashera on Sun Mar 18, 2018 1:02 pm

    For ten years I live in an empty flat, @gewoba, get permanently threatened to lose it despite the rent is regularily paid. Threatened with transportation, to take my things away? Anti-Semitism?

    He showed me his head. I did not believe the refigerator story @gewoba. It looked like a hit with knuckles. He became too cheeky and spread crap. This probably did not only annoy me but also others

    Ich habe gelernt @gewoba: Ich bin der verfassungsgemäße soziale Terrorstaat!

    I have but a regiment of guards to do my bidding, therefore it is not by force. It is by terror
    (cp. Rider Haggard)

    Memorandum for the @gewoba Record

    Was wollten diese schwachen Leuchten @gewoba? Ich bin das gleiche Biest wie immer!

    Ich hab mal wieder die Schnauze voll @gewoba

    Die Ebene ist eine andere. Heute haben die Idioten Amtssiegel @gewoba. Aber ich bin hoch qualifiziert und das nutze ich voll aus bis keiner mehr steht!

    The social is overestimated @gewoba, and this is always close to social fascism then. No matter if it is defined as democracy or not; only the effective structures count

    What do I have what you not have @gewoba? How does one become Magistra Profa. Doktora? Read...

    Do not touch me or I react with a social conflagration @gewoba! Nothing changed!

    "We only wanted to help". To the toilet? Forget it, @gewoba!‏

    Take this @gewoba:

    I see no reason to negotiate with people who aim intentionally at ethically low aims, may they vote or not

    Tjo... @gewoba...

    My approach is evolutionary creative and not regressive, whatever the general social development may be. And this is my constitutionally guaranteed individual right. To declare me as nuts is just fascist

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    Re: The End of the Twins Cycle

    Post  Ashera on Mon Mar 19, 2018 3:12 am

    I am Civita Romana by Bremen Prosecution definition. I do not generally refuse definitions but they must have an interpretative origin

    Bremen is S.P.Q.R and not an Augustus style populism

    I do not want an Easternization (Verostung) of the Constitutional Tradition

    Dare more democracy once again?

    Democracy is not always the solution, also Basic Law and Bremen State Constitution are to respect

    Ukraine demands more sanctions

    Gleiwitz II? - The whole matter, including the nerve agent attack, needs scientific investigation and juridical treatment

    Death penalty for certain drug dealers?

    I want death penalty for people who massively violate and subvert constitutionality

    The false people were promoted over decades, multiplied like nuts, and similar terrorists were invited to move in and do the same, preferably East-Elbians. And now the whole shithouse goes up....

    More border controls?

    Who exactly is to protect?

    They hunt me like prey and systematically messed my life. Since I am innocent reasons needed to be construed to justify what they do. Like a concerted action. There is no excuse acceptable

    I do not see why I should treat intentional betrayers carefully. I do not care their fate

    I wrote to @BVerfG in 2015. They said even the anti-Semitic aspects of the case are not a Federal but a State of Bremen matter. The Bremen Justice is independent even if the District Court was lost

    Whole nations will be judged in Bremen, and then competence is needed. And after all is investigated is to decide who gets bombed to ashes, and not because some idiots voted for war

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    Re: The End of the Twins Cycle

    Post  Ashera on Mon Mar 19, 2018 6:57 am

    Dreimal ist Bremer Recht und dann gibt es was an die Glocke (exceptions prove the rule)

    The Social Terror State (@Game_0fThrones)

    Chapter 1 - From Wallow to Evolution
    Chapter 2 - The Fortress of God
    Chapter 3 - The Limits of Communization
    Chapter 4 - Slavery
    Chapter 5 - History
    Chapter 6 - I answer injustice with justice
    Chapter 7 - Ignore Ignorami

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