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    The End of the Twins Cycle


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    A Gleiwitz Incident?

    Post  Ashera on Sun Mar 18, 2018 4:25 am

    London, Gleiwitz Station

    Bronze Age Swastikas And Chaos Agenda

    West-Berlin 1980s - Der Historikerstreit - I think the ideas of the historian Emil Nolte were underestimated. But the certain "meme" he detected spread into two directions from an assumed Silesian core...

    I assume three great catastrophes in the as Utlande or Atlantis known North Sea region, 15.000BC, 7000BC, and 1200BC. Only the latter could be seen as historically because interrogation protocols from the era of Ramses II hint in that direction. This is also the point in my scheme where plausible history writing starts at all.

    So one can synthesize all these catastrophes into a single one: 1200BC. This is codified as the year 102BC (GoT) in Game of Thrones, and as the Doom of Valyria. 1200BC probably Hekla 2 erupted in the North Atlantic Rift and caused a lot of trouble. Maybe the whole rift shivered etc.

    Maybe Troya was less destroyed by the Spartan venegance attack than the effects of this very catastrophe. It was the time when Helen of Sparta (my great heroine [What do I care Paris? Cassandra I miss]) is said was "transported" to the island of Rhode (cp. the City of Braavos in GoT). But I assume she travelled to Kaipha (todays Haifa) that then belonged to Egypt (the pyramids in GoT...). In Egyptian a Kefa signified a local female ruler. I used this term for my Gypsian Basics Dictionary.

    1200BC was the time of the Bronze Age Collapse.

    The strong league of the city states broke away and chaos ruled. In the east, probably departing from the Ararat region, new powers appeared on the board. The Council of the Seven Sealands (The Ulad - The Descendants of Gor) met on Heligoland to develop a new corpus juris.

    First swastikas appeared in Silesia and later spread to the Elbia region and East-Denmark - there John Whitewater went two prove the second direction of the "meme" Emil Nolte discovered. Just a jew years ago, so 2015 they found out that first huge battles were fought in the eastern Elbia region about 1200BC. Later the Elbia river could be hold as a border, in North the Limes Saxonicus was erected (Holstein).

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    Post  Ashera on Sun Mar 18, 2018 7:12 am

    Never I had the life I wanted, #Bundestag! And when I was close to it a Swabian Prank stepped in! To hell with him!

    There are plugs and there are holes #Bundestag. Isn*t it a cognitive deficit to cannot decide this? And then to define this necessary semantic distinction psychologically away based on Bible translations?

    I do not sacrifice anyone #Bundestag... but if someone runs into an open knife one could speak of killing on request

    I do not have this insane belief in authority, #Bundestag, I scrutinize even highest judges constitutionally, and pyche-logically - refering to the Basic Law Preamble

    You make me nothing but sad and sick, #Bundestag!

    I do not want to live in this dead Swabian utopia of CO2 button counting, self-driving electro cars and green pastures #Bundestag. I want a Jaguar, seed bombing and sweet water projects

    You steal my stuff and put me into some of your allegedly intelligent mobile devices #Bundestag? And no one is responsible afterwards? Kiss my ass! You will use the scientific crap you financed!


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    Re: The End of the Twins Cycle

    Post  Ashera on Sun Mar 18, 2018 1:02 pm

    For ten years I live in an empty flat, @gewoba, get permanently threatened to lose it despite the rent is regularily paid. Threatened with transportation, to take my things away? Anti-Semitism?

    He showed me his head. I did not believe the refigerator story @gewoba. It looked like a hit with knuckles. He became too cheeky and spread crap. This probably did not only annoy me but also others

    Ich habe gelernt @gewoba: Ich bin der verfassungsgemäße soziale Terrorstaat!

    I have but a regiment of guards to do my bidding, therefore it is not by force. It is by terror
    (cp. Rider Haggard)

    Memorandum for the @gewoba Record

    Was wollten diese schwachen Leuchten @gewoba? Ich bin das gleiche Biest wie immer!

    Ich hab mal wieder die Schnauze voll @gewoba

    Die Ebene ist eine andere. Heute haben die Idioten Amtssiegel @gewoba. Aber ich bin hoch qualifiziert und das nutze ich voll aus bis keiner mehr steht!

    The social is overestimated @gewoba, and this is always close to social fascism then. No matter if it is defined as democracy or not; only the effective structures count

    What do I have what you not have @gewoba? How does one become Magistra Profa. Doktora? Read...

    Do not touch me or I react with a social conflagration @gewoba! Nothing changed!

    "We only wanted to help". To the toilet? Forget it, @gewoba!‏

    Take this @gewoba:

    I see no reason to negotiate with people who aim intentionally at ethically low aims, may they vote or not

    Tjo... @gewoba...

    My approach is evolutionary creative and not regressive, whatever the general social development may be. And this is my constitutionally guaranteed individual right. To declare me as nuts is just fascist

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    Re: The End of the Twins Cycle

    Post  Ashera on Mon Mar 19, 2018 3:12 am

    I am Civita Romana by Bremen Prosecution definition. I do not generally refuse definitions but they must have an interpretative origin

    Bremen is S.P.Q.R and not an Augustus style populism

    I do not want an Easternization (Verostung) of the Constitutional Tradition

    Dare more democracy once again?

    Democracy is not always the solution, also Basic Law and Bremen State Constitution are to respect

    Ukraine demands more sanctions

    Gleiwitz II? - The whole matter, including the nerve agent attack, needs scientific investigation and juridical treatment

    Death penalty for certain drug dealers?

    I want death penalty for people who massively violate and subvert constitutionality

    The false people were promoted over decades, multiplied like nuts, and similar terrorists were invited to move in and do the same, preferably East-Elbians. And now the whole shithouse goes up....

    More border controls?

    Who exactly is to protect?

    They hunt me like prey and systematically messed my life. Since I am innocent reasons needed to be construed to justify what they do. Like a concerted action. There is no excuse acceptable

    I do not see why I should treat intentional betrayers carefully. I do not care their fate

    I wrote to @BVerfG in 2015. They said even the anti-Semitic aspects of the case are not a Federal but a State of Bremen matter. The Bremen Justice is independent even if the District Court was lost

    Whole nations will be judged in Bremen, and then competence is needed. And after all is investigated is to decide who gets bombed to ashes, and not because some idiots voted for war

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    Re: The End of the Twins Cycle

    Post  Ashera on Mon Mar 19, 2018 6:57 am

    Dreimal ist Bremer Recht und dann gibt es was an die Glocke (exceptions prove the rule)

    The Social Terror State (@Game_0fThrones)

    Chapter 1 - From Wallow to Evolution
    Chapter 2 - The Fortress of God
    Chapter 3 - The Limits of Communization
    Chapter 4 - Slavery
    Chapter 5 - History
    Chapter 6 - I answer injustice with justice
    Chapter 7 - Ignore Ignorami


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    Post  Ashera on Fri May 11, 2018 6:24 am

    Or this one?

    Mustang Coupé V6 RWD "Purple Rain" @Ford

    License Tag AE6787876 ?!

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    Re: The End of the Twins Cycle

    Post  Ashera on Fri May 11, 2018 6:41 am

    Since November 2017 I had to dial-up speed reduced internet connection via my fibre cable modem. Additionally the Vodafone Group cut my phone and fax landlines without any reason. Finally they quitted the contract with me in March 2018 and then invented new identities to continue the contract and to terrorize me with unfounded bills...

    I only had a functionable Android eventually. This device the Google Bot took over in April and started to control web contents and internet access. It also censored my Twitter postings.

    I went to a store to get a Tablet... Back home I charged it to reach the starting screen: Say Yes To Google!

    I brought it back to get a Speedstick. Now things function again, slowly, but they do.

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    Post  Ashera on Fri May 11, 2018 8:00 am

    The map is not quite correct. Saxonia (Cherusci) was Roman Province 12-9BC. The largest north-south extension of the S.P.Q.R Empire was 7000 Gorean Parsangs, from Bornholm to Axum then. Mainly Augustus and the "we"-people messed that. The Arabia south border line never was really known or measured.


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    Middle Earth

    Post  Ashera on Fri May 11, 2018 9:11 am

    Originally Mediterra was a huge valley, the legend goes, not an ocean. The Nile Cataract fed huge sweet water rivers, and a huge tree, known as the World Ash. It was so giant that many beings used it as housing, Mimir lived under the third root, this was his hut.

    At this time in the Strait of Gibraltar was a dam. No one could say if natural or artificial. In any case it was known as Geb*s Altar, also a ritual place to speak to the divine powers to keep the Waters of the Ocean out of the valley.

    No one knew the reason but some day Sethos came down to earth and brought the Typhoon. The effect was a mud flood, as if s**t was everywhere that permanently increased and took the breath then. Some lucky ones could climb the cataract.

    The effect in Khem (Egypt) was an unbelievable storm. Nile crocodiles were met far inland and snapped people because of hunger. Salt water was everywhere, down to Sumer, and made the wells bitter. Many must have died.

    The Pandora.


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    Re: The End of the Twins Cycle

    Post  Ashera on Fri May 11, 2018 12:51 pm

    The City of Sais was/is located at the Nile Delta, the original Ven Highlands. Hundreds of creeks, sometimes changing their flow, but all forming the Nile Cataract. There were walking paths and stairs, also elevations with ropes, and mostly small caves, cabins, some larger, behind the falling waters.

    In Sais not Isis was honoured but Isais, even if often called the Isis of Sais. Sometimes even to hide a forbidden meaning, as Friedrich von Schiller later did, in fear for persecution.

    Isais is not a mother imago, she is Ashera, Sekhmet, the wild cat, Die Sphinx.

    The Second Hee, The Daughter.


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    Re: The End of the Twins Cycle

    Post  Ashera on Fri May 11, 2018 9:26 pm

    I did not fail, whatever their corrupt belief system may suggest!

    I am that I am. and not a medial had, could or would!

    I do not go to a lawyer to sue people (besides the fact that I hardly find anyone to defend me anymore); I think in the administration context disciplinary measures are far more effective than penalties.

    Certain moral majority parts of the average populace are highly destructive. The constitutional state is urged to show democratic limits.

    What is it my concern @RathausHB_news when they departed from a false personality profile based on faked investigations and gossip?

    Mrs. Tannenbaum seems to be a serial criminal, no argument takes hold. This speaks for intention and corrupt corporate activity.

    If you narrow the game to you or me, either democratically or not, my answer is always: me!

    Meine Vatertagsbackpfeife ist bis zum Muttertag nach Karlsruhe geschallt!

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    Re: The End of the Twins Cycle

    Post  Ashera on Sat May 26, 2018 2:50 am

    - I have nothing to do with all these things
    - This I did not assume, but maybe people connected to you

    And the earth was desert and devoid... #Bremen

    Vineyard massacred with chainsaw -

    If you chop all the trees and produce a huge green pasture the bramberries come...

    I reach you a pink apple, and a lot of work is waiting for you

    Why all the rosacea plants, and this includes the roses and most fruit trees, developed from the bramberries, is a great mystery

    I neither had an Agenda nor a Plan, and I hate it to be called "Monsieur", and I am not Agrippa*s poodle... it just happened to me when I saw the reflection in a water filled joist of the Heathen Wall: the Sword in the Stone.

    The Fleur du Lys (Fleur de Lys) is the symbol of House Anjou, or Anschau as in old German, or Anschar, and this is North-Assyria. Originally the Nile Lily was meant. Jeanne d*Arc used this symbol, and her Marshall Gilles de Montmerency-Laval, Baron de Rais. Mont Sainte Odile...

    Blackberries I love, a strange fruit, seductive, even dangerous as thicket. Needs cultivation. Some say the universe looks like a bramberry

    My genetical great-grandpa participated all the east campaign until he vanished in Caucasus, he had been in Culm/Chelmno again, maybe this was his mistake

    Many storylines were overtexted, Game of Thrones partly helped me to remember... I originally channelled blueberries, strawberries... Summerhill... but this was a school in England...

    She had opened the hair knot, and long white hair fell down to her hips. Her teeth she had removed too. my sister left the room...
    "Can you bear it?", she asked
    "Yes, I can", I said
    "Then listen well, my dear..."

    Betha Blackwood -

    Most things I know since I am 16, age 14 I considered myself as mature, to become adult I refused, to me a pervert state, only defined by calendaric age. I had a talk with my great-grandma at Asternstreet then, who was of the same age when certain things happened to her

    They are guilty in the name of God and the Basic Law Preamble, and this is sad enough

    They only can handle idiots

    I react totally allergic if I shall get levelled with boys. All who know me know this. Only these judicial theorist smart asses and the common mean populace do not...

    Milk and Aspic

    They said to the cat: "Bark!" (even my cat corner and the ashtray was removed from the Café Bar Celona, and some fellah served this smoke free area now; I never went there again)

    I do not function by definition but by insight and knowledge. Tagging games do not touch me

    I did not beg for the symbolism of the trials against me in Bremen, I did not stage this homo slapstick show. This even started earlier, in the lay judge office of the Land Court, to be more exactly

    And once again King Shlomo ascends the mount with his Shamir, finally only Asmodeus will show, this fellah of Satan Peter. Why you do not read Matthew and Luke?

    To me LORDists are no Jews

    To me Zeus and his Ganymeds are parasite flatworms. What should I think of Apoll who becomes his father? Artemis I always accepted, and Athena, and sometimes Apollonia

    Vade retro!
    Apage Satanas!
    Non Serviam!
    I will not transgress!
    Quae vide, Quaere verum!

    I said I will not make a new Facebook account and I do not make a new Facebook account

    My belt buckle is the Fleur du Lys. Lys or Ley is a strange river in todays Belgium that flows queer. Lys also can mean a flow of light (Quran). Nowadays a polluted morass. But this obviously started early, at least when King Karl Charlemagne and his Holy Romans took over

    They simply took all the fortresses away and occupied them. The former elites either became peasants or whatsoever or killed

    Triumph of Statistics and Probabilities?

    Jet Propulsion or Rocket Drive? A jet is not a rocket, with whatever AI-means you try to stabilize it

    U.S. Senate defense bill would bar Turkey from buying F-35 jets

    Independence Day - The probably of Flamish origin Douglas Clans supported Jeanne d*Arc

    INDEPENDENCE DAY: RESURGENCE Director Roland Emmerich Believes Marvel/DC Are Ripping Him Off

    Up today most airplane technology is based on the idea to simply replace the propellers by jets. But this is not really jet propulsion technology

    I am convinced that some things are simply not to improve, independent of this "modernism neurosis" that both, capitalism and socialism, feed, in their silly belief they must "grow" at any costs in some way, and be it the cyberspace

    The plain Funk

    I did not even experience the engine noise in the rear annoying, to me music in some way

    More Dr. Alyena Lloydלֶהָבָה Retweeted Lufthansa USA
    The DC-10 was considered as very safe plane

    #ThrowbackThursday to 1974, our first scheduled flight with the Douglas DC-10.

    More Dr. Alyena Lloydלֶהָבָה Retweeted My Aviation World.

    I liked the DC-10

    Royal Netherlands Air Force McDonnell Douglas DC-10-30CF


    F-15 Eagle, Japanese Air Force #Mitsubishi #Japan #Airforce

    Aviation History

    Mitsubishi F-15J Eagle 1st flew 37 yrs ago Japanese twin-engine interceptor fighter based on McDonnell Douglas F-15

    I prefered a twin-flame jet glider...

    They proved that the F-35 is able to fly... It does not have a weapon system operator and functions rather like a self-driving car

    A swarm of mosquitos - #Bremen

    It leads to nothing -

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    Re: The End of the Twins Cycle

    Post  Ashera on Wed Aug 15, 2018 1:59 pm

    If one looks closer at the Basic Law Preamble there are possibilities for both, the Quranic view and the Biblical varieties

    Ordnung muss sein!
    - Hausmeister Krause

    In my legal perception the concept of gender is a Low Caste concept that refers to a diffuse sexual identity, partly based on media impact and not only therefore mainly opinion based

    There is agency without authority and acting without legal basis. To construe necessity a posteriori maybe democratically justifiable but not constitutionally

    My effort may appear as superhumanly, but I never said that I was a man!

    Ich bin Wissenschaftlerin und kein Milchmädchen

    I am scientist and not a milkmaid

    One cannot precise from opinion to substance, and all inventions and seminal thoughts based on this fact, no matter if you define this retrospectively away in the name of some ideology, and be it the idea of opinion based democracy. It is a nebulous ground to continue

    I do not trust your arbitrary methods and the whims of your LORD, either democratized or not!

    Finally #Israel is the only way out... -

    I do not have to answer for the federal migration policy etc., permanently weakening the Bremen special position

    Cherooskee Nation!

    This here is my homeland, I was born here, and I am Landes- and Hansekind for many generations, this is my state! And after the wall fall I retreated to here again, but not even in my flat I can feel safe! Do this to an Indian in his reservation! Ruby Lambretta AE!

    Mayor Sieling is a great theorist who did not transcend the method of logical deduction: how to boil eggs

    I do not talk anymore with them, it makes no sense. And this usual hollow language I do not like. Always they feel pissed, it is boring

    Ich bin nicht runterzuholen, hol dir einen runter!

    Du alter Wichsmorchel!

    Why should I act in the interest of men and their helpers? I do not see that. My interests have priority! And this attitude is protected by Bremen State Constitution and the first articles of the Basic Law (GG)

    They come here and I slap them with the Quran!

    Sura l-najm (The Star) (53:49) - Allah is the Rabbi of Ashera (High Castes), and that it is He who is the Lord of Sirius (Low Castes)

    Ende der Hundstage - End of The Dog Days -

    After I refused the man and went to the doctor the water came back

    Luther was an idiot in starting to eliminate the second Hee, and all those stubborn attempts must have limits in the interest of the further existence of the universe!

    I probably would move to the next layer but this one would dissolve because the sign for water (H2O) could not quench your thirst...

    I am the Isais offspring of the root of David, and Ashera and Lucifa

    One can read YHVH as Jehova, as the Elberfelder Bible (ELB) does. I use it to refer to Jesaja 11. I do not read it as Jahweh because to me too much LORDism is connected with this, and I do not accept for example the Lord of Job (Hiob) as expression of God Allah at all

    Elemental Grammar - Elementale Grammatik

    Subject - Object - Adject. H3O, YHVH. Satr - non-entanglement-entanglement-order

    Here is a pic of the Borromean rings that the nuclear term comes from. Break any one ring and the other two separate

    The adject is a public body and part of the evolutive creation in spiritual sense as implied by the Basic Law Preamble, refering to Quran 36:36

    The Third Power Is Feminine! Ich bin eine Frau!


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    Re: The End of the Twins Cycle

    Post  Ashera on Sun Aug 19, 2018 8:34 am

    Rabbi l*alanima -
    (1:1:1) In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful. All praises and thanks be to Allah, Master of the Universe

    Sura The Star 53:49 - Allah is the Rabbi of Ashera (High Castes), and that it is He who is the Lord of Sirius (Low Castes)

    On High Castes...
    "Like the mules who will not move unless you perpetually whip them with rods, so the civil powers must drive the common people, whip, choke, hang, burn, behead and torture them, that they may learn to fear the powers that be."
    - Dr. Martin Luther

    On Low Castes...
    "A peasant is a hog, for when a hog is slaughtered it is dead, and in the same way the peasant does not think about the next life, for otherwise he would behave very differently."
    - Dr. Martin Luther

    I said "no" from the beginning, the Lutherists did not care...

    "Be a sinner, and let your sins be strong, but let your trust in Christ be stronger"
    - Dr. Martin Luther, 1 August 1521

    Aha... Thelema!

    What is the Lutherist view on femininity my concern?

    Dominion of Corcyrus
    Imperial Ar was just the beginning...

    Surely the Priest-Kings are relevant on Gor but the central cult factually is grain. Without it no Gorean Culture would be possible, it is the basis of all human life on Gor. The peasants are therefore the lowest of all castes. It does not harm their dignity

    Without grain and the camp fires and the fires of hearths and smithies I would not exist. I am Sa-Tarna, Daughter of the Seed.

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    Re: The End of the Twins Cycle

    Post  Ashera on Sun Aug 19, 2018 9:42 am


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    Re: The End of the Twins Cycle

    Post  Ashera on Mon Aug 20, 2018 11:10 pm

    Consense has to me not much value. I did not agree to Habermas. I prefered psyche and logic

    I do not play your games

    Durch das wilde Germanistan - Im Land der Richter und Henker

    Schiller*s Revenge

    I am not Eve, but how often I said this? I am Ashera Lucifa, the Isis of Sais

    I never said that I would refer to Genesis, I refered to the Quran. I did not contribute Adamite considerations to the discussion

    If Evie is flesh of your flesh, Adam, and you are of the opinion you could federally gender and invert this process for the final reunion with your LORD why not try it the other way round to finally get real? Are you insane?

    I was "a Hitler" some idiots of East-Elbian provenience spread. What were the facts, Your Lordship, Members of the Jury?

    If my grandma had wheels she was an omnibus...

    Adam and Isais

    Once there was a captain (not that I was involved in this matter)...

    I am not the protector of your manlihood

    To deduce me from a theoretical position is truly nuts

    I will destroy you with root and branch!


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    Re: The End of the Twins Cycle

    Post  Ashera on Wed Aug 22, 2018 3:17 am

    Matrix Revelations - World On Wire - no one calculated with Triskely -

    Zeitgeist Movement
    “Society Is Made Of Narrative. Realizing This Is Awakening From The Matrix.”
    - Caitlin Johnstone

    The book I do not have anymore, Ferdi never gave it back...

    John Sladek - The Happy Breed (in German - Das Momster)

    I would not need all the billion euros that I possibly could expect from Facebook trials, and then those who you used Facebook against me want to put me under their caring? Finger in the ass! The self-scorpionizing of the system! (cp. Jean Baudrillard)

    It is a total failure of science to study Facebook in the manner of a following dog

    The media theories Facebook is founded on are Stone Age, it never cared them, just to the oppository they never stopped to push them through

    The Media Socialist Revolution Of The Middle Mass

    The Democratic Flatworm Agenda
    Facebook says it removed content from Iran and Russia.

    I think that many Facebook account removals are pretense for data theft and manipulation


    AFP news agency
    #BREAKING Strong magnitude 7.0 earthquake shakes Venezuela, says USGS

    The Objectivity Dogma

    The Hill
    #BREAKING: Facebook removes hundreds of accounts identified as part of influence campaign ahead of midterms

    The Sethos Typhoon of 15.000BC must have been almost global. It was the time Lake Sahara vanished...

    "Good day everyone!"
    The ISS, right now, over the gulf of Mexico.

    The Atlantic Rift - Still a Sethos impact echo of ca. 15.000BC?

    terremoto en trinidad y tobago
    earthquake on trinidad and Tobago
    #earthquake #Trinidad #TERREMOTO #PortOfSpain #PuertoEspaña #21AGO #TeamHDP #Venezuela …

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    Imran Khan

    Post  Ashera on Thu Aug 23, 2018 5:11 am


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    Re: The End of the Twins Cycle

    Post  Ashera on Thu Aug 23, 2018 5:26 am

    Organized and systematic ignorance

    Cthulhu for America

    Apocalypse Now... What's the rush?


    Moral is a quite flexible concept, I prefer ethics

    Not quite a tank but stylish and panther girlish

    Volvo Renault Panhard VBL Ultima

    A Satire?

    April, April!

    What to defend in a war @Telekom_group? Starship Troopers on hidden behalf of the @VodafoneGroup motherbug and the EU bloodsucker agenda? Clearance and #RadicalInclusion are needed

    Facebook, India, and the removal of republican accounts of American, Iranian, and Russian origin...

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    Re: The End of the Twins Cycle

    Post  Ashera on Sat Aug 25, 2018 2:20 pm

    Attack FromThe Realm Of Shadows

    In certain "dialogues" I am not interested at all because they are proven as useless by my experience

    Sometimes a warning exemple must be set to gain broader social effects. First comes the sword, then follow justice

    One cannot say that democracy without individuation would be possible; this is a political fiction and definition @BVerfG. Democracy factually is an illusion, the populace object to many interests to drive them into certain directions. A republic is the consequence

    Ramin Djawadi - When The Sun Rises In The West

    I do not part the @BVerfG decision to define public law as plainly democratic right. This view came into being by education reforms, media, and socializing academia increasingly. I rather see the democratic expression as a special case of public individual right

    Public Law (Publizistik) is a Science. It is not directly State Law but closely related and generally did not belong to the Department of Law but to the one of Philosophy or Communication Sciences. Nowadays it often had to make place for Journalistik

    To forbid cultural expression as method of self-defense and dealing with fear, stress, danger, or terror, clearly conflicts with the first articles of the Basic Law (GG) and violates individual public rights

    Meanwhile the social is almost totally cultureless... restricted language codes rule including District Court and Clinic East; nothing to laugh anymore, a sign for increasing social fascism

    ‏We never cut anyone the balls off... It was just a song, based on the melody of "We want our old Kaiser Wilhelm back"...

    Wi witt de bulln de büdel avsniern, wi witt de bulln de büdel avsniern, mitm mess, mitm mess, mitm groden mess...

    The Presi cracks up

    The Daughters of The State

    I am to say so a public body of public property, a city slave you would say on Gor. The idea that I could act criminal is to exclude, I am checked through and through

    Die Vollidioten

    Collectivized Destructive Frenzy


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    Re: The End of the Twins Cycle

    Post  Ashera on Sat Aug 25, 2018 3:19 pm

    Shiva: "If you trample on me I do not care, Kali, but woe you harm my shakti!"

    I think Bakah is a month in the calendar of the Wagon People, of special relevancy is the 7th Day. The restoration of order

    The Vel (the spear, Vril...), the ultimate power of the universe, the primordial shakti

    Ray Ray Pun
    Visited Batu Caves this morning

    Hamsa sweeta, baka sweeta...


    Glorious Mother, I have only one prayer: Grant me shakti, and with it I shall raise the Bhagwa

    I had Vedic lessons once but I never accepted a Guru, different to others. I relied on my light and fire from within

    Morning Star. Venus. Lucifa. Ashera

    #Light watch - sun now rising over #Ganges
    Dawn on us with prosperity, O Ushas, daughter of the sky... -Rig #Veda

    Joseph T Noony
    When Vedic gods travelled west-
    Dyáuṣ Pitṛ́ -'Sky father'. The great Asura almost forgotten even in the Rig Veda. Pṛthvī Mātā -'mother Earth' was his consort. Father of Indra, Agni, Aditya, Ushas etc
    Greek Zeus patér
    Latin Ju-piter, Deus
    Hittite Siu-s
    Germanic Tiwaz

    Dr David Frawley
    The Vamana and Trivikrama form of Lord Vishnu is the one most honored in the Rigveda, where Vishnu's three steps create the entire universe; also regarded as the avatar form relating to the planet Jupiter. The supreme step of Vishnu grants bliss and immortality.

    I rather think that Ushas was Iscah Haran, adopted to the Indian Pantheon, similar as Ashera to the Greek. The Sang of the Spring Queen

    Since they lack the intellectual capacities they try to socialize individual rights by parliamentary decisions. This cannot be!

    Saturn Devouring His Son, Goya

    Maja, getting dressed

    I am Ashera, Allah*s maiden!

    My freedom is a precious good!

    The life of a male has to me not much value, Dr. Luther!

    A Mighty Fortress Is Our God
    - Martin Luther

    Believe whatever you want!
    I am not your objectivity warrant!

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    Re: The End of the Twins Cycle

    Post  Ashera on Sun Aug 26, 2018 9:32 am

    I did not provoke this situation, you morons wanted it!

    I do not negotiate, I demand! I am conqueress, and I am unique!

    Not even my little finger, nor a toe!

    I am totally fed up with all your lie stories, folk beliefs, and gossip!

    I am a Free Woman, and this will stay this way!

    Surely I let shoot you if you dare to bind me in any way

    What is it my concern when Peter finally defines Magdalene as gay using Martin Luther as his mouthpiece, concluding from his assumed relation with Jesus to others?

    The "Jesus Group" was totally "normal", even measured with todays standards. The most radical thinker probably was Iscarioth, a fan of the late Judas Maccabeus. His thoughts were it that led Muhammad (pbuh) finally to the insight that an army was needed

    Rabea Alienne...

    The "Maries", and this included also Magdalene and Salome, had nothing to do with the rather "gay" Peter setting, and there was a lot of trouble and discussion. The feminine approach is rather documented in the "Pistis Sophia"

    The Water of Life

    Read Corinthians, the Greek variance...

    Paul originally differed Petra (Jesus) and Petrus (Peter)

    Apostle Paul was a reversible jacket, easily to influence. And after Jesus departed he got even more under the control of Peter and his LORDism

    I am the Poison and the Remedy, I am the incarnated Gorean Green Caste!

    Never bishops needles were applied on me inshAllah!

    The recent Ashera Lucifa factually derives from Isais, the Isis of Sais

    I am not interested in Paul, this hermaphrodite LORDist idiot, I refer to Antiochia (Dominion of Corcyrus...)

    Birth Control Shots - I appreciate this - even castration of aggressive males

    "F**k them down by any means, slaughter, cannibalize, multiply!" -

    Sekundäre Wildheit herrscht im Land, Cortez und Luther lassen grüßen!

    Diese ganze Verostung hin zu primitivstem Gruppendenken kotzt mich maßlos an!

    I will go nowhere in this s**t Germany! I stay in my State of Bremen or will leave the country!

    West-Berlin was a special case but I cannot say that I liked East-Elbia

    The case is clear! What needs to get negotiated? Head off!

    I called myself Isha (Ischa) when I was small

    Wild Thing

    In ancient times the father prenames often were used as surnames, same with Uthman, but often went to many soundshifts later. And Iscah obviously did not marry -

    Haran, the father of Milcah, and the father of Iscah. — Genesis 11:29 KJV

    In SL Gor I sometimes used the name Iscah Alari besides Ashera Ssha, and this means Iscah Haran

    I drink no milk, like many Mongol or Chinese women, but I eat yoghurt and cheese

    "...the Alars most closely resemble a smaller barbarian tribe, the Alans (Haran, Alan, Alani...; AV). Even their names are similar. During the fourth century, the Huns conquered the Alans and assimilated them into their bands."
    - Ubar Luther, Scroll 30

    The birth of Ushas was not related to cows but to ruddy steeds from realms afar. I think the freeing of the cattle theme had to do with this milk or water discussion

    I decided for the sweet Water of Life as basically, and this is Quranic teaching, and became Ashera

    I was not f**ked, neither anal nor vaginal, I had checked that recently. I am the virgin!

    An improper proposition -

    "In the name of the father!"

    My father was different

    Nothing could transmit the Jesus kink to me, I am the wrong address

    You will not find merciful judges but meet hangmen!

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    Re: The End of the Twins Cycle

    Post  Ashera on Tue Aug 28, 2018 10:11 am

    Ἑλένη fell from the sky in Arcadia in an egg of Nemesis,, hidden in a ball of fire at the time of Bronze Age Collapse so 1200BC. This symbolism conicides with the one of Lucifa or Ashera, connected to Venus

    The Tantalides (Atlantides?) - Agamemnon and Menelaus

    Ἑλένη Ἀτρείδης
    Alienne Atreides

    Alienne just means Helen, it is a Gypsian Greek form of the name Ἑλένη

    Do you really believe that the state is more ignorant than the voting sheeple and had allowed this name for alien reasons?

    The second Hee of the Tetragramaton, the Factor Unknown of Sura 36:36

    A Kefa derives from Ashera Lucifa, not from Eve

    Servatrix Microcosmi (took me a while to get out the logical mistake Liebenfels. Gustav Meyrink and Carl Gustav Jung made with their Herm. Nevertheless the Hanseatic Court reintroduced it and thus contributed to the Gender Laws that I only can interpret as Low Caste)

    On Gor two types of rulership are to differ. One that derives from male rule. this is Ubar or Ubara, to that also the more neutral form of the Adiminstrator belongs.

    The second type is feminine and codified as Tatrix. I specified this as Kefa for historical reasons

    I do not see Eve principially as evil but if she supports Adam in his attempts I do and I treat her like him. This is historically justifed because she has the tendency to eMANcipate to some Hatshepsut. This is the dark LORD Pharao again that the Maccabees fought

    I signed all three letters, also the both CC ones

    You know nothing and this will stay this way if you do not strive and this also means to research. What is the effect? Slavery for those lazy fools who know nothing but to vote?

    I had no chance and I do not give you any

    AV stands for Alienne Uchtmann, V is Latin for U

    Cuban Lynx - Two Revolutions (some CD editions were incomplete, with a tank war game as second CD; I had the complete track)

    Flame... Two Revolutions. The question is what for all that. Not that I would not do it again

    The Cuban Lynx

    This is the truth, ask Hannelore Noltenius

    For Udo!

    SPD Schwachhausen-Nord, many judges and jurists as leading members, no one represented state law, I represented public law -

    I was Chairwoman for Education, Social and Sports at the Schwachhausen District Council (Beirat Schwachhausen)

    In 2006 I changed the sides and joined the @fdp fraction of the Schwachhausen District Council. I am responsible for projects like Jewish Cemetary, Stolpersteins, Youth Council (finally undermined by reducing the voting age) u.v.m

    My accusation is attempted murder and complicity in murder, misuse of state power etc.pp.

    Forward my letter to Jörg Kastendiek, CDU Bremen

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    Re: The End of the Twins Cycle

    Post  Ashera on Sat Sep 01, 2018 6:04 am

    Cassandra and Alienne Atreides

    Now they also block my Twitter access, saying that the page could harm my PC (Laptop). I assume that either Avast is involved or that they use the Safe Zone Browser to do that. Btw.: the best Fire Wall and virus scanner I ever had was Zone Alarm.

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    Re: The End of the Twins Cycle

    Post  Ashera on Sat Sep 01, 2018 12:08 pm

    This year Agamemnon died, ten years after Menelaus...

    King Shlomo and the Queen of Sheba

    Avon Q. Soror Avelin

    I accepted the Gospel, at least Source Q. And the KJV Revelation. What was the way out? The Quran!

    To the District Court Protocol: Ich bin eine Jüdin muslimischen Glaubens (I am a Jüdin of Muslimic faith)

    My old boots I left in the Lloyd Building, I gave them to the shoeman

    Professor Siuts in Münster was an expert in eastern Saxon migration and settlement...

    During and after the Saxon Wars and the Saxon Laws (Lex Saxonum) so 800AD many people left Saxonia and migrated in any direction. So 900AD the traumatic motif of the "Hellmouth" (the "witch burnings" in the North-West) was spread all over Europe. The Vlads moved east

    Once Culm/Chelmno was one of the 140 cities and townships of the Hanseatic League, to that also Kings Lynn in Norfolk belonged (cp. Kings Landing in Game of Thrones, transliterated as Königsmund in the German translation. This corrupted the context a lot)

    Today only two free City States of the Hanseatic League remained: Hamburg and Bremen. Different to Bremen Hamburg became Occupation Zone after World War II because of its Lutherist tradition, Bremen became or stayed free and became American Enclave

    I was inseminated in the tower of the Lloyd Building in Bremen, under the roof. What I associated as "Gotham City Gargoyle"... At this time my father had a ruby Lambretta with AE tag (American Enclave)

    Until she became pensioneer my grandma still worked at Lloyd Dynamo in the office

    I did not want to befriend with Horseman and I stopped him in the entry and shot half a tooth away with my Pea Pistol. I did not want that he sees the red horses and that he gets in contact with certain people

    I do not go back before the Ulad, it is historically not to grasp. In any case Edward Lloyd founded the "Lloyd Information System" in 1688 in London, cp. Lloyd's Coffee House. Reuters is an offsrping of that... Reuters Lloyd (horsemen, messengers, Caspar Hauser...)

    Hedwig Lloyd... Helen...

    I did not think that my great-grandma was a witch, I was convined what she told me was true, not that I understood all age 16. I had to learn more

    My genetical grandfather was a professional soldier, not a Nazi. He was Staff Sergeant of an armoured Scout Car, former Cavalry... He was one of the 120.000 Jewish soldiers who served in the Wehrmacht at the beginning of WWII, he had no Arian Certificate. and vanished

    Cannibal Agenda and Manifesto Antropofago

    Why should I defend a people of liars, cheaters and identity fakers who multiply like nuts and behave like the Cortés Terrorists and these degenerated coastal tribe fellahs, called Mayas?

    Freddy Hubbard - Splash - The Virgin -

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