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    Edgar Cayce on the Reincarnations of Jesus

    Edgar Cayce (pronounced "Kay-see") was a simple Sunday School
    teacher who, over the span of his lifetime (1877-1945),
    had more near-death experiences than anyone ever documented.

    Cayce learned at a young age that when he was hypnotized,
    he could leave his body and journey into the afterlife realms.

    His self-induced out-of-body experiences were identical
    to near-death experiences.

    Cayce made over 14,000 otherworldly journeys in his life
    and the information he gained from these journeys
    has astounded people all over the world.

    Part of Cayce's revelations deal with the many reincarnations
    of the Christ soul which is the subject of this article.

    Table of Contents

    1. Introduction to Cayce's Revelations of the Christ
    2. The Incarnations of Jesus According to Cayce
    3. The Incarnations of Jesus in Detail
    4. The Christ Soul Incarnation as Jesus in Detail
    5. Jesus and Eastern Mysticism
    6. Jesus the Man and Jesus as the "Christ"
    1. Introduction to Cayce's Revelations of the Christ

    The system of metaphysical thought which emerges from the Cayce material
    can be described as a "Christianized" version of the mystery religions
    of ancient Egypt, Chaldea, Persia, India, and Greece.

    It fits Christ into the mystical tradition of one God for all people,
    and places Christ in his proper place, at the apex of the philosophical structure
    - the capstone of the pyramid.

    Cayce was a fundamentalist Christian who was raised in strict
    nineteenth century Bible tradition.

    When he discovered that his subconscious information
    declared the ancient mystic religions to be true
    and acclaimed Jesus as their crowning glory,
    he suffered the greatest mental and emotional shock of his life.

    Cayce had only a seventh grade education and consciously knew nothing
    of what he said while in a deep trance-like state.

    He was only versed in the Bible and had no high school
    or college background of any kind.

    Up until his revelations, Cayce had never heard of the mystery religions.

    Yet the Cayce material agrees with everything about them that is known to be authentic.

    He spoke at length on Christian Gnosticism well before the Gnostic writings
    were discovered after his death.

    Cayce affirmed that Christian Gnosticism is the type of Christianity
    that was taught by Jesus.

    Much of the information from Cayce has solved some of the greatest mysteries
    of humanity, some of which were later validated after the discoveries
    of the Dead Sea Scrolls and the early Christian writings discovered in Egypt.

    Cayce's descriptions of the Essenes of Mount Carmel reveal the religious sect
    to be an ideal for others who would prepare the way for the Second Coming of Christ.

    Cayce's revelations of Jesus' so-called "lost years" as a youth studying in Egypt,
    Persia, and India suggest an important compatibility of between the eastern
    and western religions.

    Cayce's Christology also makes the Christ soul not only an ideal and pattern
    toward which everyone should aspire,
    but a living presence to guide people toward "at-one-ment" with God
    - the perfect divine-human unity which Jesus attained.

    According to the Cayce material, Jesus and Adam were different incarnations
    of the same Christ soul.

    Eve and the Virgin Mary (Jesus' twin soul) were also different incarnations of the same soul.

    This karmic connection between Adam and Jesus explains why Jesus
    was able to pay the "karmic debt" by atoning for the "sin of Adam."

    This Adam-Jesus connection can be seen in the following excerpt from the Cayce readings:

    Question:  "When did the knowledge come to Jesus
    that he was to be the Savior of the world?"
    Cayce:  "When he fell in Eden." [2067-7]

    According to Cayce, many other personalities from the Old Testament
    and history were also incarnations of Jesus.

    The Cayce material describes the entire Christian Bible
    as part of the story of Jesus' long struggle to attain "Christhood"
    and provide humanity a pattern to do the same.

    2. The Incarnations of Jesus According to Cayce

    The following is a list of the incarnations of Jesus
    according to Cayce. Note that all these incarnatiions of Jesus,
    as Cayce describes them, have in common their role as psychic revelators:

    Amilius Amilius was the first expression of Divine Mind (the Logos);
    the Christ-soul before his incarnation into a physical body
    (corresponding to Genesis 1).

    He was the entity Cayce identified as living in the lost civilization of Atlantis
    who redirected the process of human evolution
    by creating a more appropriate physical form for the influx of souls
    to incarnate into rather than incarnating into the ape-like human form
    which souls had entangled themselves in.

    The first wave of souls (known as "the sons of men") became entrapped
    in the physical plane accidentally through their misuse of free will.

    These events gave rise to the legend of the "fall of the angels."

    The second wave ("the sons of God") consisted of those souls led by Amilius
    (the Christ-soul) who voluntarily became entrapped in flesh as Adam
    in order to assist the first wave.

    Adam Adam was the first "son of man" and "son of God";
    the Christ-soul after his incarnation into a physical body
    (corresponding to Genesis

    2). Cayce sometimes used the word "Adam" to refer to the entire group
    of souls which had accompanied the Christ-soul's incarnation
    into the Earth realm.

    These "Adams" incarnated as the five races on five separate continents.

    Eventually, the Christ-soul, as Adam, joined his twin soul
    (the Eve-Virgin Mary soul) by allowing himself to be seduced
    by materiality as symbolized by his acceptance of the forbidden fruit.

    The other "sons of God" followed suit and, as a result,
    interbred with the "daughters of men" (Genesis 6:2).

    In this light, humanity's banishment from "the Garden of Eden"
    was actually a great blessing, because death, reincarnation,
    and karma are all designed to teach us to move away from materiality
    and toward our true nature.

    Enoch Enoch is mentioned in several pseudepigraphal works
    (The Book of Enoch, 2 Enoch, and 3 Enoch) as well as some Kabbalistic writings,
    in addition to his brief mention in Genesis 5:18-24 which concludes,
    "And Enoch walked with God: and he was not, for God took him."

    The Book of Enoch describes the fall of the "Watchers" into materiality
    and Enoch's heavenly sojournes as wekll as his transfiguration
    into the angel Metatron.

    It is revealed to him the future up to the time of the messiah as well.

    Enoch also learns about the heirarchy of the angelic realm
    and the divine "throne-chariot" of Ezekiel. The Book of Enoch
    introduces a messianic figure referred to as "the Son of Man."

    In the canonical New Testament, Enoch is mentioned in Hebrews 11:5
    and Jude 14-15.

    The passage in Jude quotes directly from the pseudepigaphal Book of Enoch
    which shows the author of Jude, the brother of Jesus,
    considered the Book of Enoch to be sacred scripture.

    Hermes "Hermes" of the Cayce readings is the one who designed
    and build the Great Pyramid under the direction of Ra Ta.

    There is another historical connection between a "Hermes"
    and Egypt which is found in the Hellenistic writings attributed to Hermes Trismegistus
    - the sage who began the Hermetic tradition.

    Hermes is also referred to in the Poimandres,
    as the "shepherd of men" who teaches that
    "the Word which came forth from the Light is the Son of God."

    Accordingly, Hermes also taught that human nature consists
    of such divine elements as Nature, Light, Mind, and Life;
    and that by recognizing them we may return to the invisible, immaterial world of Truth.

    Melchizedek Melchizedek was the "king of Salem" and "priest of the most high God"
    who shares bread and wine with Abraham in Genesis 14: 18-20.)

    He is also mentioned both in the Dead Sea Scrolls (11QMelch)
    and the Melchizedek Nag Hammadi codex where he appears
    as a cosmic angelic figure, the risen Christ.
    Hebrews 5:8-10 calls Jesus "a high priest after the order of Melchizedek,"
    which explains how Jesus was a priestly Messiah without being a Levite.

    According to Cayce, Melchizedek wrote the Book of Job,
    which contains many mysterious passages that Cayce liked.
    Cayce once side, "For, as the sons of God came together to reason,
    as recorded by Job, "WHO recorded same? The Son of Man! Melchizedek wrote Job!."

    Joseph Joseph was the son of Jacob who became the Prince of Egypt.

    The story of Joseph appealed to Cayce, not only for its Egyptian location,
    but its endorsement of dream guidance and also for Joseph's escape from the pit
    (anticipating Jesus' resurrection).

    In fact there are many parallels between the life of Joseph and Jesus.

    Joshua Joshua was the warrior who led the Israelites into the Promised Land.

    However, this incarnation of the Christ-soul is more difficult to account
    for given his military campaigns described in the Bible. Jesus' suffering
    on the cross would certainly have paid his karmic debt
    for this transgression as well.

    But Cayce also saw Joshua as a member of a family
    which had produced many highly-skilled spiritual counselors.

    One of Joshua's roles was as a scribe for Moses who psychically dictated
    much of the material from the books traditionally attributed to him.

    This explains how Joshua could have remembered to include such details
    as the creation of the universe and his own death.
    Hebrews 4:8-10 identifies Jesus as a better Joshua, a
    s Joshua led Israel into the rest of Canaan,
    but Jesus leads the people of God into "God's rest," salvation.

    Among the early Church Fathers, Joshua is considered a type of Jesus Christ.

    Asaph The Cayce readings give little information about Asaph
    except that he was the music director and seer who served under David and Solomon.

    Jeshua Jeshua (Joshua) was the high priest who helped organize
    the return from exile and the rebuilding of the temple
    (as recounted in the books of Ezra and Nehemiah)
    and who is claimed by Cayce to have compiled and translated the books of the Bible

    Zend Cayce identified "Zend" (also spelled "Zen", "Zan", "Sen" or "San")
    as the father of Zoroaster, the founder of the Zoroastrian religion (of Magi fame),
    and the source of inspiration for the Avesta, the sacred Zorastrian scriptures.

    However, the word "Zend" in Zend-Avesta means "commentary" and,
    in reality Zoroaster's father was named Pourushaspa.

    It appears the sleeping Cayce was inspired by the Book of Esther
    and Matthew's story of the Magi to base this "Zend" personality upon.

    Of interest is the fact that it was during the Israelites exile in Babylon
    when Judaism (and then Gnosticism, Christianity and Islam) incorporated the Zorostrian theological system of monotheism, the Messiah,
    the dualistic struggle between good and evil,
    light and darkness, angels and demons, heaven and hell, God and Satan,
    the Last Judgement and the Resurrection of the Dead.

    Jesus Jesus was the man who attained complete "at-one-ment"
    and human-divine unity and therefore became "the Christ."

    Note that "Joshua", "Jeshua", and "Jesus" are really the same name.

    The name "Jesus" is a Latinization of the Aramaic "Jeshua" or "Yeshua"
    which is in turn taken from the Hebrew "Yehoshua" or "Joshua."

    So the name "Jesus" refers to many heroes in the Hebrew Bible.

    Cayce therefore assigned the soul-entity Jesus the same name
    for three separate incarnations.

    Cayce also revealed that the Jesus of the New Teastament
    was registered by his Essene school under the name of "Jeshua."

    ????? The Christ-soul will walk the Earth again as the Messiah foretold
    by the Hebrew prophets in order to usher in the so-called "Throne of David"
    (i.e., the kingdom of heaven) on Earth as revealed in Revelation 11:15.

    Cayce sometimes interpreted the Second Coming of Christ as being an internal,
    psychic event within the individual seeker
    (as in his commentary on the Book of Revelation),
    and sometimes as the actual return of Jesus Christ in particular.

    In discussing the massive geological changes predicted for the "last days,
    "he adds that "these will begin in those periods from 1958 to 1998.
    Then these will be proclaimed as the periods when His light will be seen in the clouds."

    While this passage might be interpreted psychologically,
    elsewhere Cayce insists that Jesus will return in the flesh
    and rule for one thousand years as mentioned in Revelation 20:1-3.

    During this thousand-year time period,
    Cayce states that souls from the lower afterlife realms
    will not be permitted to reincarnate in order
    to establish the kingdom of God on Earth.

    Afterward, when the kingdom of God is established,
    souls from the lower afterlife realms will be permitted to reincarnate.

    According to Cayce, "As given, for a thousand years he will walk
    and talk with men of every clime.

    Then in groups, in masses, and then they shall reign
    of the first resurrection for a thousand years;
    for this will be when the changes materially come."

    Although Cayce gives the year date of the "entrance of the Messiah
    into this period as 1998," he also admits
    that no one knows the exact time of the Second Coming,
    since it cannot occur "until His enemies (and the Earth)
    are wholly in subjection to His will, His powers."

    A future incarnation of Jesus into flesh may not be necessary because Jesus
    has already transcended the necessity of reincarnating
    through his obedience of going to the cross.

    3. The Incarnations of Jesus in Detail

    According to Cayce, the "fall of man" was an event recorded symbolically
    in Genesis where souls from heaven first descended to the Earth plane
    to began incarnating as humans. The first wave of souls to incarnate
    (known in the Bible as "the sons of men")
    became entrapped in the Earth plane accidentally,
    through their misuse of free will.
    These events gave rise to legends of the "fall of the angels"
    and to mythical beasts of the kind described in J.R.R. Tolkien's
    "The Lord of the Rings."

    The second wave of incarnations (known in the Bible as "the sons of God")
    consisted of those souls led by Amilius - the Christ soul
    - who voluntarily became entrapped in order to assist the first wave of trapped souls.

    They accomplished this by steering the process of physical evolution in a way
    that created more appropriate physical forms for these souls.

    Cayce places Amilius on Atlantis, but says that he did not physically incarnate
    until the human physical form had been created, at which time
    the Genesis accounts of Adam and Eve begin.

    Cayce sometimes used the word "Adam" to also refer to the entire group of souls
    which had accompanied the Christ soul into incarnating into the Earth plane
    and who incarnated as the five races of humanity on five separate continents.

    Adam (as the Christ soul) joined his twin soul Eve in allowing himself
    to be seduced by materiality himself.

    This is symbolized by his acceptance of "the forbidden fruit."

    The other sons of God followed his lead and incarnated,
    and as a result were moved to express their materiality
    by interbreeding with the "daughters of men" (Genesis 6:1-2)
    who were the homo sapiens that evolved from ape-men according
    to Darwin's theory of evolution.

    According to the Cayce material and Christian Gnosticism,
    their banishment from the Garden of Eden was actually a great blessing
    because death and reincarnation are designed to draw our attention away
    from materiality and the flesh, and toward our true spiritual nature.

    Cayce also identified Melchizedek as an incarnation of the Jesus-entity.

    Melchizedek was the "king of Salem" and "priest of the most high God"
    who shares bread and wine with Abraham in Genesis 14:18-20.

    Melchizedek is also mentioned both in the Dead Sea Scrolls (I I Q Melch)
    and the Nag Hammadi codices (NEC IX 1),
    where he appears as a cosmic angelic figure similar to the risen Christ.

    Hebrews 5:10 refers to Jesus "a high priest after the order of Melchizedek."

    According to Cayce, Melchizedek wrote the Book of Job
    which contains many unusual verses that Cayce would often quote
    from while in trance. For example, Cayce stated,

    "For, as the sons of God came together to reason, as recorded by Job,
    "WHO recorded same? The Son of Man! Melchizedek wrote Job!"

    Cayce also identified the Biblical personality named Enoch
    to be a Jesus-entity incarnate. Enoch is described in several pseudepigraphal writings
    as well as some Kabbalistic writings. The modern Bible has a brief mention of Enoch:

    "And Enoch walked with God: and he was not, for God took him." (Genesis 5:18-24)

    The Books of Enoch describe the fall of the angels into materiality
    - the beginning of the incarnation of souls from heaven.

    It also describes Enoch's several heavenly journeys where it is revealed
    to him the future up until the time of the Messiah.

    Enoch is also taught traditional topics as angelology and the divine throne-chariot.

    The Ethiopic Enoch introduces Enoch to a messianic figure
    referred to as "the Son of Man."

    The Hebrew scripture known as "Apocalypse of Enoch"
    describes Enoch transfigured into an angel named Metatron.

    In the New Testament, Enoch is mentioned in Hebrews 11:5 and Jude 14-15,
    with the latter passage apparently quoting from the pseudepigaphal Enochian literature.
    The fact that the Bible itself quotes from the Book of Enoch is evidence
    that Cayce was correct about the book being a valid source for higher spiritual knowledge.

    Cayce also identified the Biblical personality named Joseph (son of Jacob)
    as an incarnation of the Jesus-entity soul. Accordingly,
    Joseph's escape from the pit was not only a literal event,
    but a symbolic anticipation of Jesus' resurrection. Cayce's identification of Joshua,
    the notorious genocidal leader of Israel in the Old Testament,
    as an incarnation of the Jesus-entity is a little more difficult to believe.

    But Cayce viewed Joshua's claim to fame as being the scribe for Moses
    who "psychically" dictated much of what is attributed to Moses.

    This interesting bit of information explains how "Moses" wrote
    about his own death. Another Biblical personality named by Cayce
    to be a Jesus-entity incarnate is the high priest named Jeshua
    who helped organize the return from exile and the rebuilding of the temple
    (see Ezra and Nehemiah).

    According to Cayce, this Jeshua is the one who compiled and translated the books
    of the Bible. In essence, Cayce identifies all these Biblical personalities
    to be psychic revelators.

    An interesting fact is that "Joshua", "Jeshua", and "Jesus" are really the same name.

    The name "Jesus" is a Latin version of the Aramaic name Jeshua or "Yeshua."

    And Yeshua is Hebrew for Joshua or "Yehoshua."
    Thus, Cayce has assigned the soul-entity Jesus to be incarnations
    of the three Biblical characters having the same name.

    Cayce also mentions that Jesus was an Essene who was registered
    by his Essene school under the name of "Jeshua".

    Concerning the so-called "Second Coming" of Christ
    (which is really not the second, but many) Cayce sometimes interpreted it
    to be an internal spiritual and psychic event within the individual
    (see Cayce on the Book of Revelation).

    On other occasions, Cayce interpreted it to be an actual return
    of Jesus Christ in physical form.

    When Cayce gave his prophecies about the massive geological changes predicted
    to being around 2000 AD, he stated that:

    "These will begin in those periods from '58 to '98 when these
    will be proclaimed as the periods when His light will be seen in the clouds"
    [Cayce Reading 3976-15].

    This reading from Cayce suggests that Jesus will appear in the sky
    and return to Earth in bodily form. Cayce stated that Jesus will walk the Earth again:

    "As given, for a thousand years he will walk and talk with men of every clime.

    Then in groups, in masses, and then they shall reign of the first resurrection
    for a thousand years; for this will be when the changes materially come."
    [Cayce Reading 364-8]

    Cayce gave the year of the "entrance of the Messiah into this period -1998."
    [Cayce Reading 5748-5]  He also mentions that no one knows the exact day
    of event because it cannot occur "until His enemies - and the Earth
    - are wholly in subjection to His will, His powers." [Cayce Reading 5749-1].

    So this suggests that Jesus return will not be a future incarnation in the flesh
    since Jesus has already transcended the need to reincarnate.
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    4. The Christ Soul Incarnation as Jesus in Detail
    Two years after Cayce's death in 1945, the Dead Sea Scrolls were discovered in Qumran.

    This remarkable archeological discovery revealed a large amount of information
    about a religious sect around the time of Jesus referred to as the Essenes
    and affirmed information provided by Cayce.

    The word "Essene" is never used in the Dead Sea Scrolls
    but most scholars accept that the Qumran sect was either identical
    or closely related to the Essenes of the classical authors such as Josephus and Pliny.

    According to Cayce, Jesus was an Essene along with Mary and Joseph
    who was affiliated with an Essene community based on Mount Carmel
    which was a continuation of a "school of the prophets" begun by Elijah,
    Elisha, Samuel, and Melchizedek.

    Cayce described the Essenes as an pious religious community of men and women
    whose purpose was to prepare the way for the coming of the Messiah.

    Archeology does not reveal the meaning behind the word "Essene"
    but Cayce mentioned that it means "expectancy."

    According to Josephus, the Essenes were known for divination (
    foretelling the future) which agrees with Cayce's descriptions of them
    spending their time recording experiences of "the supernatural
    or out of the ordinary experiences; whether in dreams,
    visions, voices, or what not" (1472-1).

    Cayce also mentioned that the Essenes were students of astrology,
    numerology, and reincarnation.

    The Dead Sea Scrolls describe the Essenes as an authoritarian,
    highly disciplined community that controlled every facet of member's lives.

    They had to give all their money and property over to the community
    after a year's probation. Their theology stressed a good versus evil duality.

    It also describes a conflict between a "Teacher of Righteousness,"
    a "Wicked Priest," and "the Liar."

    They separated themselves from the outside world in an anticipated final war
    between the sons of light and the sons of darkness.

    As for the Jesus connection to the Essenes, scholars believe the idea
    of Jesus being an Essene does not fit the personality and teachings
    of Jesus despite the many interesting similarities between Jesus
    and the Qumran community.

    For example, scholars believe the Essenes wouldn't have approved
    of Jesus' bending of the moral standards such as associating himself
    with prostitutes and tax collectors.

    It is also believed that John the Baptist was an Essene
    because of the similarities between himself and the Essene community.

    According to Cayce, Jesus' mother Mary was chosen by the Essenes
    at the age of four to begin intensive spiritual training lasting three years
    in preparation for the conception of the Messiah.

    Her election as the mother of the Messiah occurs during a special ceremony
    in the temple at Mount Carmel in which an angel leads her by the hand
    to the altar. Remarkably, this Cayce reading agrees with an apocryphal book
    entitled the Infancy Gospel of James where Mary is presented to the Lord
    at the age of three when her father Joachim "set her on the third step of the altar,
    and the Lord God gave grace to her ...
    and she received food from the hand of an angel." (325)

    Cayce and the Infancy Gospel of James agree that Joseph
    was chosen to be Mary's husband by lot.

    They also agree that Joseph was much older than Mary.

    Cayce gives their ages at the time of their marriage as thirty-six and sixteen,
    respectively. Cayce and the Infancy Gospel of James
    agree that Jesus was born in a cave.

    5. Jesus and Eastern Mysticism
    According to Cayce, Jesus was sixteen years old when his education about the ways
    of the ancient teachers began. First, he traveled to Egypt where, as an infant,
    Jesus was taken after his birth by his parents to flee Herod
    as the Gospel of Matthew states.

    After spending time learning in Egypt, Jesus spent three years in India
    and finally a year in Persia.

    The idea that Jesus had spent his "lost years" wandering Asia did not originate with Cayce.

    Its first proponent seems to have been the Russian war correspondent
    Nicholas Notovitch (1858-1916), who described his travels in British India
    in a book entitled "The Unknown Life of Jesus Christ" published in 1894.

    According to his book, Notovitch was told by the "chief lama" of a monastery
    that their library contained records of a visit by Jesus in ancient times.

    The chief lama finally relented to Notovitch's requests to examine the records.

    From two large bound volumes written in Tibetan, Notovitch translated them through his interpreter as "The Life of Saint Issa: Best of the Sons of Men."

    The text begins by summarizing the exodus of the Jews from Egypt,
    Israel's lapse into sin during the prophetic period,
    and the subsequent Roman occupation.

    But God has mercy on one poor couple (Mary and Joseph),
    whom he rewards by giving them a son, Issa (which is the Qu'anic name for Jesus).
    All is well until the boy turns thirteen and the parents arrange a marriage for him.
    Issa "... left the parental house in secret, departed from Jerusalem,
    and with the merchants set out towards Sind,
    with the object of perfecting himself in the divine word
    and of studying the laws of the great Buddhas. [IV. 12- 13]

    At fourteen, he encountered the "erring worshippers of Jaine" a reference to Jainism.

    Then he spent six years studying the Vedas and learned the art of exorcism
    and intercessory prayer. Issa rebuked Brahmin priests for upholding the caste system.

    Issa also would violate their customs by giving teachings to the lower castes.

    He is seen rejecting the authority of the Vedas and Puranas,
    denying the Trimurti and the incarnation of Brahma as Vishnu, Shiva, and other gods.

    It is written that Issa belittled idolatry and barely escaped India with his life.

    In Nepal, he grew proficient in Pali and spent six years studying Buddhist sutras.

    He condemned human and animal sacrifices, sun-worship,
    the dualism of good and evil, and the Zoroastrian priesthood.

    The Zoroastrian priests seized him and abandoned him to the wilderness
    to be devoured by wild beasts but he escapes anyway.

    6. Jesus the Man and Jesus as the "Christ"
    Cayce made a distinction between Jesus and "the Christ."

    He said that "Christhood" is the goal which every human should strive for.

    Jesus was simply the first evolved human to attain it.

    Cayce referred to Jesus as our "elder brother" and "the pattern"
    for our own spiritual growth.

    The Bible states that Christ fulfilled the law and,
    according to Cayce, so can we. That is the entire purpose of Jesus' teaching.

    Cayce wrote:

    "The law of God made manifest [that] He becomes the law
    by manifesting same before man; and thus
    - as man, even as you becomes one with the Father" [Cayce Reading 1158-12].

    Because of Jesus' triumph over "flesh and temptation", Jesus
    "became the first of those that overcame death in the body,
    enabling Him to so illuminate,
    to so revivify that body as to take it up again, even when those fluids
    of the body had been drained away by the nail holes in His hands
    and by the spear piercing His side." [Cayce Reading 1152-1].

    In essence, Cayce described the Christ soul as the impelling force
    and core of truth behind all religions that teach that "God is One."

    "I and my Father are one. Then they took up stones again to stone him.

    Jesus answered them, Many good works have I shown you from my Father;
    for which of these do you stone me? They answered him, saying,
    For a good work we stone you not; but for blasphemy;
    and because that you, being a man, make yourself God. Jesus answered them,
    "Is it not written in your law: I said 'you are gods?" - John 10:30-34,
    Jesus quoting Psalm 82:6 to defend his teaching
    that God dwells within all human beings.

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    POWER OF 18

    dying ???    Regrets of The Dying - THE 7 passages of LIFE  - What the world needs NOW is SUPPORT CIRCLES !!! - Susan Lynne Schwenger - Page 11 734483_10152099838491320_1087406674_n
    Artistic Credit: Patrick "Dragon" Rohland

    ~ A Key To The World Situation ~
    The 100th Monkey Effect began in 1952:
    Something started in 1952, which was accomplished by 1958, which had never been noticed before.... the 100th Monkey Effect.
    Huge global Spacecraft sightings in 1952:
    In recorded history, 1952 was the busiest year for the sightings of Spacecraft and UFOs in the atmosphere of Earth. Was friendly ET giving humanity - via an obliging species of life on Earth - a helpful hand in understanding how consciousness and change function?
    1952... A SPECIAL YEAR...
    The following is from 'Lifetide', by Lyall Watson.
    Book Club Associates, London, 1979. Pages 155-158.

    "..... This might imply that the essential conflict is between the newer parts of the forebrain and the more primitive parts in the mid and hind brains. Between the mammalian and reptilian memories. And in a sense this is probably correct, but I doubt that it is possible or even necessary to isolate the command centres of the opposing forces in any spatial location. The war is between the old selfish instructions and the new self-awareness. Between genotype and aspects of the phenotype. Between the needs of the replicators to keep on doing their thing, which is replicating, and the desire of the organism for identity. The battle lines are drawn between orders and ideas.

    Where the two coincide, a truce is declared and progress takes place by leaps and bounds. But where they disagree, skirmishes are fought in the no man's land of the mind and ambivalent we, with all our special strengths and peculiar frailties, are the result. I believe the seeds of this conflict are sewn in every cell by the presence there of nuclear DNA and factors connected with the contingent system. And that just as the presence and pattern of a number of cells behaving in a certain way can produce sensations such as sight or sound, so the mere existence of contingent factors in sufficient numbers in certain critical configurations could account for their recent intrusion in evolutionary affairs.

    There is a biological analogy which makes this process clear.


    The behaviour of the Japanese monkey Macaco fuscata has been studied intensely for more than thirty years in a number of wild colonies. One of these is isolated on the island of Koshima just off the east coast of Kyushu, and it was here in 1952 that man provided the monkeys with the right sort of evolutionary nudge. Provision stations were established at selected sites in the range of the troop. Normally young monkeys learn feeding habits from their mothers who teach them by example what to eat and how to deal with it, and in these macaques the behaviour had grown to a complex tradition involving the buds, fruits, leaves, shoots and bark of well over a hundred species of plants. So they approached the new artificial food supplies equipped with a formidable array of behavioural predispositions, but nothing in their established repertoire enabled them to deal effectively with raw sweet potatoes covered with sand and grit.

    dying ???    Regrets of The Dying - THE 7 passages of LIFE  - What the world needs NOW is SUPPORT CIRCLES !!! - Susan Lynne Schwenger - Page 11 Imomonkey250

    Then an eighteen month old female, a sort of monkey genius called Imo, solved the problem by carrying the potatoes down to a stream and washing them before feeding. In monkey terms this is a cultural revolution comparable almost to the invention of the wheel. It involves abstraction, the identification of concept, and deliberate manipulation of several parameters in the environment. And, reversing the normal trend, it was the juvenile Imo who taught the trick to her mother. She also taught it to her playmates and they in their turn spread the news to their mothers. Slowly, step by step, the new culture spread through the colony, with each new conversion taking place in full view of the observers who kept a constant watch right through all the daylight hours.

    By 1958, all the juveniles were washing dirty food, but the only adults over five years old to do so were the ones who learned by direct imitation from their children.

    Then something extraordinary took place.

    The details up to this point in the study are clear, but one has to gather the rest of the story from personal anecdotes and bits of folklore amongst primate researchers, because most of them are still not quite sure what happened. And those who do suspect the truth are reluctant to publish it for fear of ridicule.

    So I am forced to improvise the details, but as near as I can tell, this is what seems to have happened....


    In the autumn of that year an unspecified number of monkeys on Koshima were washing sweet potatoes in the sea, because Imo had made the further discovery that salt water not only cleaned the food but gave it an interesting new flavour.

    Let us say, for argument's sake, that the number was ninety-nine and that at eleven o'clock on a Tuesday morning, one further convert was added to the fold in the usual way. But the addition of the hundredth monkey apparently carried the number across some sort of threshold, pushing it through a kind of critical mass, because by that evening almost everyone in the colony was doing it.

    Not only that, but the habit seems to have jumped natural barriers and to have appeared spontaneously, like glycerine crystals in sealed laboratory jars, in colonies on other islands and on the mainland in a troop at Takasakiyama.

    The latest news from Japan is that Imo has by no means exhausted her powers, but has unleashed several additional cultural bombshells. Another of the foods provided at the stations is wheat, which the monkeys enjoy but find difficult to deal with once it has blown out of containers onto the sand.

    Imo was only three when she solved this dilemma by picking up mixed handfuls of sand and wheat and winnowing the grain by casting both into the sea. There the sand soon sank, leaving the wheat floating free on the surface where it could easily be scooped up and eaten. At the moment this sub-culture has spread only to Imo's immediate associates, but it will be fascinating to see what happens next. I personally wouldn't be surprised if, in her later years, Imo re-invented agriculture.

    The relevance of this anecdote is that it suggests there may be mechanisms in evolution other than those governed by ordinary natural selection.

    I feel that there is such a thing as the Hundredth Monkey Phenomenon and that it might account for the way in which many memes, ideas and fashions spread through our culture.

    It may be that when enough of us hold something
    to be true, it becomes true for everyone.

    Lawrence Blair says:
    'When a myth is shared by large numbers
    of people, it becomes a reality.'

    I'll happily add my one to the number sharing that notion, because it may be the only way we can ever hope to reach some sort of meaningful human consensus about the future, in the short time that now seems to be at our disposal.
    Lyall Watson, 'LIFETIDE'

    'Whatever You Can Do, or Dream You Can Do, Begin It.
    Boldness Has Power And Magic In It' - Goethe

    Please read:
    "KEEP ON TALKING", by Professor Stephen Hawking

    Also please read:

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    DOGS - A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you, more than he loves himself
    ~ Susan Lynne Schwenger

    Here are 10 Things Your Dog Would Tell You:

    1. My life is likely to last 10 to 15 years. Any separation from you will be painful: remember that before you get me.

    2. Give me time to understand what you want of me.

    3. Place your trust in me- it is crucial to my well being.

    4. Do not be angry at me for long, and do not lock me up as punishment.

    5. You have your work, your entertainment, and your friends. I only have you.

    6. Talk to me sometimes. Even if I don't understand your words, I understand your voice when it is speaking to me.

    7. Be aware that how ever you treat me, I will never forget.

    8. Remember before you hit me that I have teeth that could easily hurt you, but I choose not to bite you because I love you

    . 9. Before you scold me for being uncooperative, obstinate, or lazy, ask yourself if something might be bothering me.

    Perhaps I might not be getting the right food, or I have been out too long, or my heart is getting too old and weak.

    10. Take care of me when I get old; you too will grow old. Go with me on difficult journeys. Never say: "I cannot bear to watch"

    or "Let it happen in my absence."

    Everything is easier for me if you are there, even my death. Remember that I love you.

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    dying ???    Regrets of The Dying - THE 7 passages of LIFE  - What the world needs NOW is SUPPORT CIRCLES !!! - Susan Lynne Schwenger - Page 11 Maxx
    My Dog MAXX - he's amazing !!!

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    A dog is the only being on earth that will love you, more than he or she loves himself or herself

    - Susan Lynne Schwenger

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    Michael Teachings

    "The Michael Teachings" refers to a channeled philosophy of CHOICE, as well as a system for understanding the dynamics of the soul and personality. These teachings are best used as a MAP to help you better navigate, understand and enjoy your self and life to the fullest!
    In a nutshell, Michaels' teaching is that "WE ARE HERE TO LEARN HOW TO CHOOSE AND TO CHOOSE HOW TO LEARN."

    Old Sage

    "Michael" is the name used to refer to a group of individual soul essences or "fragments" from the same entity (spiritual family) who, due to the natural course of evolution (as they understand and teach it), have "moved on" from the physical plane and astral plane and now experience reality as a combined, reintegrated group consciousness on the causal plane (in some dimensional models, this would be called the 5th dimension). They say they were human just like the rest of us but have already completed all of their experiences on the physical plane. Though they no longer have physical bodies, they still exist on the causal plane, and they teach from this new perspective.

    Michael is one of my non-physical teachers. They are a very wise and infinitely compassionate guide who only wishes to share their perspective with the intent to help me grow and experience more love and peace within myself, between myself and others and between myself and life itself.

    Michael acts as a teacher and guide to many others who consider themselves "Michael Students."

    As Michael is non-physical, they must use a physical "channel" or "medium" in order to communicate their knowledge and perspective to us, and Michael works with many channels in order to reach their students. In this process of being channeled from the causal plane, some of the information gets lost in translation or distorted in some way. Even so, Michael students and channels have gathered a large body of information that has a great deal of consistency. This information attempts to answer these questions that many spiritual seekers and philosophers have asked throughout the ages:

    What is the meaning of life?
    (Life itself! You create the meaning for yourself.)

    Who am I?
    (From our perspective, you are whoever you decide you are in each moment.)

    Why am I here?
    (You are here because you CHOSE to be here, and you continue to choose to be here, otherwise, you would not be here.)

    What is my purpose?
    (Your purpose is defined by YOU.)

    Do I exist beyond death?
    (You most certainly do, though not in the same form.)

    What is love?
    (Love is the reality of NON-ATTACHMENT that is also a reality of RESONANCE.)

    Is there a God?
    (There is no "God" the way your religions have taught. But there is your essence and "TAO," which would be the only "Gods" we know of.)

    And the questions and answers go on and on.

    Below, I will briefly share the basics of their philosophy and teaching. If you resonate with these concepts and words, then you may very well be a Michael student. And to clarify, a Micahel student is simply someone who is attracted to and intrigued by this material to some degree and desires to study it, question it, test it, validate it (or not) and implement what has been learned and validated, so as to bring more understanding and compassion to the s/Self, others and the life experience. Michael teaches that all of their students have agreements with them to study and explore this teaching on some level, and they teach that these agreements span many lifetimes.


    We are a part of a greater whole that Michael calls the TAO (In traditional Chinese philosophies, "TAO" means "The Way"). TAO is the seen and unseen Universe of which we are a part. Michael specifically picked this term instead of the word "God" because they knew we would not be able to personify it. In this teaching, TAO refers to the greater whole that birthed us and to which we will always "belong." TAO is the CONTEXT in which we exist, our "playground," so to speak, our HOME.

    The structure of TAO is made up of three axes of experience: INSPIRATION, EXPRESSION and ACTION. Each of these axes has an ordinal aspect (concrete, narrow) and a cardinal aspect (abstract, broad). There is a neutral realm of experience that permeates the three axes, which Michael calls the realm of ASSIMILATION. This reflects a total of 7 distinct aspects of experience within the TAO.

    From this basic foundational structure of 7, comes the 7 PLANES of existence that exist within the TAO: the buddhic, messianic, mental, akashic, causal, astral and physical plane. TAO represents the whole of the planes that is greater than the sum of the parts. It is the gravity which holds all the planes in place and the context within which the planes exist. TAO permeates all planes, even as it transcends all planes.

    We exist within TAO as individual SPARKS of consciousness. In order to expand consciousness and the experience of LOVE, we are "cast" or "birthed" from the experience of oneness with TAO into the astral plane (where the non-physical part of us is focused while incarnating on the physical plane). As sparks, we choose other sparks to bond with who have similar interests, and we form a spiritual family called an ENTITY that will be our closest "relatives" throughout our adventure on the physical plane and beyond.

    As individual sparks, we also choose a ROLE in essence. This role represents our core "style" of being. The role is similar to the concepts of "soul type" or "soul personality." Once the role is chosen, we play this "role" throughout the entire physical plane experience. Throughout each of our incarnations, we have and play the same role. This role establishes our style of individuality while we incarnate through physical bodies, but once we complete out physical plane experiences and "cycle off," our individuality (and therefore, our role) becomes less and less emphasized.

    There are 7 ROLES that reflect the structure of 7, the basic structure of the Tao that was discussed above, and each role has its characteristic part to play in the whole:

    SERVER (ordinal) - The Server's essence is SERVICE
    PRIEST (cardinal) - The Priest's essence is COMPASSION

    ARTISAN (ordinal) - The Artisan's essence is CREATIVITY
    SAGE (cardinal) - The Sage's essence is DISSEMINATION

    WARRIOR (ordinal) - The Warrior's essence is PERSUASION
    KING (cardinal) - The King's essence is MASTERY

    SCHOLAR (neutral) - The Scholar's essence is KNOWLEDGE

    Once we have chosen our role or individual "style" of being, we begin to incarnate on the physical plane. For this particularGrand Cycle (a cycle of being "cast" or "birthed" from Tao, incarnating through physical bodies, cycling-off the physical plane, and evolving "up" through the other 6 planes, until we are "one" and back home with Tao), we have chosen to incarnate on Earth as human beings.

    SOUL AGE refers to the individual essence PERSPECTIVE that has been achieved through having experiences on the physical plane. Each soul age has a specific focus of learning that lays the foundation for the later soul ages. To describe this progression of awareness and consciousness, Michael has chosen a progression of words/concepts that mirror our physical and psychological growth from infant to elder. This reflects the truth that just as bodies and personalities have experiences and age, so too, do souls or essences. Soul age reflects where the soul is in its context of maturity relative to the soul age progression. It does not reflect on how inferior or superior a soul essence (and by extension, the personality that is embodying a particular soul essence) is relative to other souls. "Better" or "worse" are human concepts that have no validity at the level of the soul. At the soul level, ALL IS DIFFERENT YET EQUAL, and every part is just as necessary and significant to the whole.

    There are 7 SOUL AGES. Only 5 of these are experienced as an individual essence incarnating through a body/personality. The other 2 soul ages reflect essence group consciousness that has reunited after individual essences have cycled-off the physical plane. These reunited entities and cadres (a larger spiritual family) return to the physical plane and incarnate through a body for "unique" purposes.

    Here are the 7 SOUL AGES and their specific lessons or perspectives:


    CIVILIZATION (structure/order)



    CONTEXT (the whole of which we are all a part)

    (a reunited entity that returns to affect social transformation - Ghandi, for example)

    (a representative of TAO itself that returns to affect spiritual transformation - specific periods of the incarnations of Jesus and the Buddha, for example.

    In order to evolve and grow in soul age perspective, an essence must experience physical life through a physical plane "vehicle" or "medium." This medium is PERSONALITY and its BODY. For each lifetime, each personality of essence is designed with a primary BODY-TYPE, GOAL, MODE of operation and basic ATTITUDE through which it will view life. In the teachings, these terms are called OVERLEAVES because these personality traits "over-lay" the spiritual essence.

    Whereas the role in essence remains the same throughout the soul's incarnations through various personalities, the overleaves do not. Essence chooses the specific overleaves it would use to create a personality before each incarnation. What overleaves it chooses depends on its intentions for the incarnation. How carefully and masterfully it chooses depends on its level of soul age maturity (its experience with creating personalities).

    * Essence also uses astrological influences to help create personality. To learn more about how astrology plays into our design and lifetimes, please go to my "Astrology" page.

    There are 7 GOALS, 7 MODES and 7 ATTITUDES to choose from (there are also 7 BODYTYPES, but I will not go into those in this brief introduction), and these also reflect the basic 7-realm structure of the Tao. Below is an introduction to the overleaves or the core personality design elements:

    The 7 GOALS (the primary aim of the lifetime that underpins all DECISIONS, CHOICES and ACTIONS)

    RE-EVALUTATION (ordinal) - Aims for SIMPLICITY

    ACCEPTANCE (cardinal) - Aims for AGAPE (unconditional acceptance)

    SUBMISSION (ordinal) - Aims for DEDICATION
    DOMINANCE (cardinal) - Aims for LEADERSHIP

    FLOW (neutral) - Aims for PEACE/FREEDOM

    The 7 MODES (mode of operation used for reaching the goal, RELATING and RELATIONSHIPS)

    RESERVE (ordinal) - at best, operates through RESTRAINT
    PASSION (cardinal) - at best, operates through SELF-ACTUALIZATION

    CAUTION (ordinal) - at best, operates through DELIBERATION
    POWER (cardinal) - at best, operates through AUTHORITY

    PERSEVERANCE (ordinal) - at best, operates through PERSISTANCE
    AGGRESSION (cardinal) - at best, operates through DYNAMISM

    OBSERVATION (neutral) - at best, operates through CLARITY

    The 7 ATTITUDES (basic PHILOSOPHY through which life is viewed and interpreted)

    STOIC (ordinal) - at best, views life through a lens of TRANQUILITY
    SPIRITUALIST - at best, views life through a lens of VERIFICATION

    SKEPTIC (ordinal) - at best, views life through a lens of INVESTIGATION
    IDEALIST (cardinal) - at best, vies life through a lens of COALESCENCE

    CYNIC (ordinal) - at best, views life through a lens of CONTRADICTION
    REALIST (cardinal) - at best, views life through a lens of OBJECTIVITY

    PRAGMATIST (neutral) - at best, views life through a lens of EFFICIENCY/PRACTICALITY

    As ALL IS CHOSEN, personality has its own context of choice within a lifetime. It is not guaranteed that we as personality will be in alignment with our own creator or essence. Essence, as an extension of TAO, loves each of its personalities UNCONDITIONALLY. Therefore, personality has ultimate control of each lifetime. Essence designs the lifetime and personality and attempts to guide both, but it will never impose its will or override the choices of personality.

    Each lifetime, personality has the choice of whether or not to align with its essence. When personality is in alignment with essence, it experiences itself as it was designed; it experiences TRUE PERSONALITY. When true personality is embodied,LOVE is experienced and essence can manifest on the physical plane, co-creating a fulfilling life with personality. Until this orientation in true personality is chosen, personality lives much of its life "disconnected" from its essence and oriented in FALSE PERSONALITY.

    FALSE PERSONALITY is the conglomeration of family and worldly conditioning and imprinting (beliefs and behaviors) that a personality adopts and embodies. The foundation of this false personality is FEAR. Fear is meant to protect personality from ACTUAL threats, but personality most often uses fear to protect and defend itself from IMAGINARY threats. This reliance on fear as a defense and protection distorts personality's perceptions and influences its decisions and choices. This reliance on fear effectively cuts-off personality's capacity to experience its own soul, which is the personality's primary guide in each lifetime. When in false personality, a person makes decisions and choices motivated from FEAR. When in true personality, a person makes decisions and choices motivated from LOVE.

    There are 7 CHIEF NEGATIVE FEATURES or OBSTACLES that keep a person attached to false personality. They are fear-based, habitual, protective behavior patterns that are chosen during adolescence (one or two are chosen as the primary and secondary defensive mechanism), and they "block" the experience of love and essence. The only way to transcend them is to first acknowledge that they exist. Then we must be able to catch them in action when our fears are triggered. Finally, once we are adept at noticing when we are being triggered and using the protective device, we must be able to evaluate whether or not there is an actual threat. When we can see and understand that there is not an actual threat (which is most of the time!), then we are able to make a conscious choice to drop our defenses and unnecessary protection. As we drop them, we are again able to experience love and essence.

    The 7 CHIEF NEGATIVE FEATURES (defensive behaviors that are rooted in fears that are related to BEING, HAVING, DOING and UNDERSTANDING/KNOWING.

    SELF-DEPRECATION (ordinal)
    Related to the fear of NOT BEING ENOUGH (leads to SELF-ABASEMENT)
    ARROGANCE (cardinal)
    Related to the fear of vulnerability or BEING TOO MUCH (leads to VANITY)

    SELF-DESTRUCTION (ordinal)
    Related to the fear of HAVING TOO MUCH (leads to SELF-HATRED)
    GREED (cardinal)
    Related to the fear of NOT HAVING ENOUGH (leads to VORACITY)

    MARTYRDOM (ordinal)
    Related to the fear of LOSING CONTROL OF SPACE (leads to VICTIMIZATION)

    IMPATIENCE (cardinal)
    Related to the fear of LOSING CONTROL OF TIME (leads to INTOLERANCE)

    STUBBORNNESS (neutral)
    Related to the fear of CHANGE and THE UNKNOWN (leads to OBSTINACY)

    There are many more aspects to this teaching, but this is a good place to begin. And why share all of this anyway? Some ask what is the benefit of having all of this knowledge, or having these labels and categories? From Michaels' perspective, this mapping can be useful for helping us to know WHO/WHAT WE ARE, WHERE WE ARE and HOW TO GET TO WHERE WE WOULD LIKE TO BE. When we have this information, it can help us to move away from many of our DISTRACTIONS so that we can simply enjoy who we are, where we are and where we are going. They offer this information as a TOOL TO HELP US NAVIGATE OUR LIVES WITH MORE UNDERSTANDING, CONFIDENCE AND COMPASSION. Most importantly, they share this teaching with us to support the ultimate goal of embodying AGAPE (unconditional love).

    Nick Sweeney -

    much more info on:

    and, esp; in the library at:

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    Graham Hancock
    Follow · January 18

    "William James pointed out that we can take two positions concerning the relation between the body and life; one is that the body produces life; the other that the body reflects life. Light is produced by a candle; if the candle is put out its light disappears. Light is reflected by a mirror; if the mirror is taken away the light still continues. Now is it not at least as easy to suppose that the body reflects the soul as it is to to suppose that it produces the soul? It may be that this human carcass, full of aches and diseases, produces things like 'Hamlet', the theory of evolution, psychoanalysis, and the fortieth chapter of Isaiah, but it is a great deal easier for me to believe that these things are the work of living souls who used bodies as instruments."
    From J. Paul Williams essay "Belief In a Future Life."

    dying ???    Regrets of The Dying - THE 7 passages of LIFE  - What the world needs NOW is SUPPORT CIRCLES !!! - Susan Lynne Schwenger - Page 11 1506855_754965261198635_386032265_n

    Photo of the Dazu Wheel of Reincarnation by Calton, Wikimedia Commons. The wheel symbolises the doctrine of Karma, "an endless cycle of reincarnation into higher or lower forms of life according to one's past deeds In this sculpture the demon Mara, personifying existence, holds the wheel in his jaws and arms. The wheel is support Six Buddha-rays emanate from the wheel, signifying that enlightenment, the goal of all Buddhist practice, enables the seeker to escape from the eternal cycle of birth and death." ( ~Graham Hancock My comment on Graham Hancock s wall "I agree that Indonesia is the ancient remnant of the long sought for lost civilization. It is the birthplace of all the major religions and sacred myths. Also it is the origin of the story about Atlantis. Atlantis as Professor Santos also stated before his sudden unexpected death, has its root in the Asian Atala, the seventh Patala. It is this which rises and falls in great cycles of time. Half a Great Year as the Yang principle reached its maximum the volcanic mountain on this lost continent erupted and its world pillar fell into the Indian Ocean. That was at the time when Serpentarius and the Centre of the Galaxy crossed the Summer Solstice position on the ecliptic path of the Sun. Then the Serpent entered Eden and the Fall occurred. For indeed this is a Biblical story too and Indonesia is the last remains of Eden as well as being the last remains of Atlantis and the last remains of Jambu Dvipa, Lanka and all the other holy lands of myth and legend whose paradise was here. Taprobane also a last island remnant of that sunken continent. Plato never claimed that Atlantis was in our present day Atlantic, at his time the Atlantic continued around the base of Africa into the Indian Ocean as the World Ocean. Also Solon's interest in going to Egypt to find out more about our past was because Egypt was the doorway to that past, secretly the long narrow channel that brought it its riches was kept open so that the merchants could travel to the East down the Red Sea and into the Indian Ocean. Here was our Land of Origin, and not just for the Egyptians and Europeans but also for those living on the American continent that largely reached America through the Pacific landing in Ecuador and Peru. They were forced t o leave as the world volcano erupted half a Great Year ago at the time of the Fall. Now we are at the long awaited time of the Return and that image above ( Tibetan wheel of Transmigration) is not just about souls it is a historical record of the Great Year cycle and shows the catastrophe that occurred half a Great Year ago, and reveals also its galactic connection and in some versions Meru the volcanic world mountain is also shown, where Rahu- Shiva-Mara - many names given to the demon that holds the whole wheel of the Great Year - bites off the central mountain in the trinity. So he destroys the paradise. But between his legs rising between two islands we see the volcanic return that we may expect especially it will effect the Indonesian area which is the Atala of the world - enough said - but since the Indian Ocean Earthquake and Tsunami in December 2004 I have been interested in the connection to the Mayan and fact global prophecy of Return - a volcanic return - we are at the omega-alpha point in the Great Year cycle - the Midnight point Jesus told of in Matthew 24. Revelations too is about Indonesia. It all goes back to an understanding of the cycles of Yin and Yang and the fact that Yin and Yang are marked also on the globe of our Earth. Now the Yang force of fire is to be reborn from the Earth Mother at Her most Yang poin - the most Yang point is the Fifth Cornerstone of the Pyramidal mount - its apex - which sunk and lost in the Indian Ocean/Indonesian area - and the son of the Heavenly Father, who is the Heliofant (Child of the Sun) , who was lost half a Great Year, as in Timaeus where Plato tells about the cause of the Fall of Atlantis through the story of Phaeton son of Helios and the Mortal Earthly Mother told, is about to rise again - Bolon Yokte Ku, Kukulkan, Quetzalcoatl, the Son of Man, the Cosmic Man, Purusha, Shiva Nataraja, all names and aspects of one fiery principle that will birth a New Earth and there will be no more sea, . ~Susan Seymour Hedke

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    Support Circle of 12 - Support Group Article
    By Troy Trolley
    05 JUNE 2010

    In order for you to have a "powerful" lifetime where what you planned to accomplish is actually achieved to satisfaction,
    the Universe has developed what is termed a SUPPORT GROUP.

    This Support Group consists of Twelve Positions/Individuals playing specific Roles in your life,
    each specializing in a facet of your life in order to keep you in a Thirteenth Position labeled the POWER Position.

    This is because when you have your full Support Group in your life and it is recognized,
    you become incredibly empowered. Universes are arranged in this system of cooperation, as well.

    The Twelve Positions are labeled and organized into 4 groups of 3, taking care of four defined contexts of your life.

    Each of these sub-groups of three allows you to play a fourth position in each, creating different Quadrants (groups of four)
    that are very powerful. Although there is a non-physical Support Group in a given lifetime ("spirit guides"),
    we are speaking today of those physically incarnated for the Personality's comfort and support, except where indicated.

    It is important here to note that over many lifetimes you build a Network of Support that extends in circles, or "strings", of strength.

    There are twelve Strings of Support.

    To say whether a person is 1st String or 6th String indicates how often, BUT NOT HOW WELL that Essence plays that Position for you.

    A First String Position is the "strongest" because of time and depth of commitment to you,
    but those 11th and 12th Strings are just as effective, even if only short-term.

    This system of “strings” was cultivated to accommodate conflicting plans between Essences for a given lifetime.

    If the First String Position is not choosing to incarnate for that era, or are not planning physical contact, then a Second,
    or Third String, and so on, will always be available.

    If you find any of the Positions "missing", it is in an indication that you may simply be unaware of a source,
    or you are imposing that Position on an existing person in your life, "forcing" them to play roles they are not designed to,
    or are not willing to, play. (We will mention that you truly cannot "force" another to perform or behave in any way,
    it will always be his or her choice; we choose this word due to its impact and example, rather than its accuracy.)

    This imposition can cause great strain and stress on an individual coming into your life to play a specific role,
    and then finding they are trying to fulfill a handful of Positions.

    Identifying what a particular person's specialty is frees the relationship from unnecessary expectations and disappointments,
    creating permission to take full advantage of the gifts the individual CAN offer.

    Make mental notes along the way if you realize you have one person playing multiple Positions,
    and which Position may be the more natural intention.

    The first sub-group of three would be your INTIMATES. These are the most directly experienced of all Support Positions.

    These positions are called LOVE, KNOWLEDGE, and COMPASSION.

    Since these are the basic fundamental needs in any given lifetime, those who are not open to receive these players consciously are usually dreadfully alone. It is NEVER a case where there is no one to play these roles; it is always that you are, for whatever reasons, blocking the interaction.
    Despite your blocking the interaction, energy is still exchanged with these Positions, most likely unconsciously, but they are a part of you nonetheless.
    In fact, you would physically be incapable of life if these Positions were not in some way fulfilled. Isolation and loneliness are such profound delusions in this Universe, regardless of your insistence and indulgence in them, that to have truly experienced such a state would result in complete self-annihilation. In other words, there is ALWAYS Love, Knowledge, and Compassion available to any fragment at any time.

    LOVE: the person playing this position is someone who has unconditionally accepted everything about you and loves you completely. There is nothing you can do wrong in this person's eyes. There is ALWAYS someone, somewhere who loves you and can inspire you to accept yourself. The False Personality may not recognize it because of its own limitations, but, fortunately, that does not stop you from being loved. Acknowledging who is presently your LOVE POSITION can bring great peace. Sometimes it isn't who you want it to be, but, again, this is False Personality's perception, not the truth. If you choose to recognize that you are loved, and by whom, you may be more capable of attracting the Personality defined "love" relationship, which isn't always about being truly loved, but what is stimulating to Personality.

    KNOWLEDGE: this person is your best advisor. This person can have ideas bounced off of them and they will tell you with confidence what will work and what will not, or help you in coming to those conclusions yourself. It is this person you trust the most in your life as an information source. The Love Position can inspire you, but the KNOWLEDGE POSITION helps put things in perspective like no other Position, helping to narrow your choices to what is in your best interest. This can range from high-impact life decisions, to just asking the opinion on a new mate or job. Without the objective viewpoint of an external source, choices can be made more difficult than necessary. You can rest in the hands of this individual's direction.

    COMPASSION: this person is the one who cares enough about you to point out what you are doing wrong, or right, in light of your "higher plans", as they support you. You may sometimes find this as "brutal" compassion, since it is sometimes painful to the Personality to face the truth. This person can be counted on to tell you the truth about you in any situation. This Position is vitally important as it helps you to stay within parameters you might have set for a lifetime's accomplishments. You may become bogged down by addictions, depression, procrastination, despair, boredom, even delights, or other "distractions", and COMPASSION will be there to help you move through these. Not that a lifetime is wasted in any way, even if these "distractions" prevailed, since all experience is valid and useful, but COMPASSION can still be there with truth. This person will help push you to the limits of who you are this lifetime, since they see past your fears. In fact, they refuse to support fear in your life at all.

    As we said, these three Positions are your INTIMATES, since they affect your most immediate reality and, therefore, are most important to start with in recognizing. Acknowledging what role you play in another Support Group can be as liberating, and we suggest you keep this in mind as we progress.

    Next, we will cover the INSPIRATIONALS. These Positions are labeled MENTOR, BEAUTY, and CHILD. The theme of this group is to remind you of the larger perspective of your life. They are not necessarily in your life intimately or even personally, but they are available at your disposal when the need arises.

    MENTOR: is the person who models most closely the role you want to play in your life. They are your teacher. This is someone who is accessible to you in some form for guidance in "how they did it" (or "do it"). The MENTOR provides a framework of plan for the general work you intend to do in life at a given time.

    BEAUTY: is the person who innocently points out the good in life, the beauty in you and your life, and generally embodies, themselves, what is beautiful to you. This person can take you back out of despair and help you connect with the loveliness of your life's unfolding. They help you connect with the loving field that creates the Physical Plane in the first place. They remind you of what is perfect in life.

    CHILD: is slightly self-explanatory, for this is the individual for which you provide nurturing. Often it is literally a child, but is by no means limited to that form. It is someone who depends on you for care. This gives you the experience of your own capabilities to provide and, therefore, reminds you of your strengths, however begrudgingly. Many people choose Companion Animals for this Position, and while this is quite effective, it is a bit more "to the point" when of the same species. Many people, when feeling lack of purpose or importance, turn to this Position for rekindling. This works, if all other factors are considered, but often False Personality then imposes several other Positions on the "child"/animal companion to fill a void. Then the gift is rarely truly gained. Forcing other Positions on the Child Position can turn the "CHILD" into a source of resentment, which is not GOOD WORK. This Position is usually easy to spot since it "cries out" for attention particularly from you.

    That completes the INSPIRATIONALS.

    The next triad of Support can be called your CLASSMATES, meaning those who help you through your Physical Plane Lessons you've chosen for the lifetime. In order to undertake your chosen challenges, you will need HUMOR, ANCHOR, and DISCIPLINE.

    (Notice, as we progress through the Positions, the less intimate and directly personal they become, yet, we assure you, they are just as crucial.)

    It may be obvious why HUMOUR is vital: someone has to cheer you up and make you laugh when the "going gets tough", reminding you NOT to take things so seriously. A celebrity comedian sometimes plays this for a mass of people. Acknowledging the effects of this person in your life can carry with it a cleansing, putting your energy back in perspective.

    Your ANCHOR reminds you that, "through it all", you have a place to go at ANY time for rejuvenation, relaxation, and nurturing. This person has probably been in the same residence all of your life, or you, at least, know where they are at all times, and how to be with them, regardless of distance and time. This individual would never turn you away if you were in need of shelter, clothes, food, etc. This person reminds you of the stability existing in the midst of life; an "oasis" or retreat. Parents play this role a lot, but it can be played, of course, by anyone offering consistency on the Physical Plane; time and space is never a challenging factor in your relationship.

    DISCIPLINE is defined as the person who heightens the awareness of your decision making process. They are not someone who is riding you, forcing you to fulfill plans; they simply help create scenarios that bring your awareness to the impact of your decisions. Although Knowledge helps define the parameters of your potential decisions with feedback and advice, DISCIPLINE helps you see the end results, often far-reaching. This can be a sometimes-frustrating relationship, since this person will remind you of your intended track when you have lost sight. They are nevertheless helping you focus through your own procrastination and distractions. While Compassion will be truthful through this, and Knowledge can help shape plans, DISCIPLINE actually shows you the road and keeps you "awake". We feel this helps differentiate the affect of DISCIPLINE from others, as it is sometimes hard to spot, or intensely ignored.

    That ends the CLASSMATES definitions.

    Finally, you have your SPIRIT GUIDES. We do not mean this term in the typical definition, but rather in the respect of their impact on more Spiritual (or abstract) Lessons as opposed to your day-to-day Material Lessons, as you will see. These Positions tend to hold more clues to themes that carry over several lifetimes. These Positions are especially free to be played by anything, or anyone, physical or non-physical, incarnated or not, who exemplify and express the inherent quality. They are HEALER, ENLIGHTENMENT, and MUSE.

    First, we will cover the HEALER Position. This Position takes care of repairing, mending, or processing the deeper effects of experience.
    Whether Physical, Emotional, Intellectual, or Spiritual you will always have available a HEALER for your "pains" and "ailments", or "dis-eases".
    This could be an actual Doctor, or spiritual leader, but may also be played by personal, non-physical guides who help you assimilate life.
    The Dream State is where many of you access your HEALER.

    ENLIGHTENMENT: this is a teaching, or teacher, person, or organization that gives structure to your current belief system, or perspective.
    This Position provides you with a framework with which to take in life. We, the Michael Entity, play this role for many of you, our Students,
    but it can be played by anything that helps you understand, comprehend, and act in the context of the "big picture" of your life.
    This Position contributes to your sense of having a "path".

    And, finally, we will cover the MUSE Position.

    This Position is the pure aspiration with which you measure your life against and strive to attain personally.
    The MUSE is the least tangible and namable, although you can usually hint at it in certain phrases, such as "Freedom", or "Unconditional Love";
    more specifically in "Sexual Freedom", or "Unconditional Love of my family".

    Certain people, historically, become a MUSE for masses of people, such as Christ, or Buddha; even musical/theatrical entertainers,
    or political figures, like Madonna and James Dean, John F. Kennedy and Princess Di.

    Knowing and acknowledging who personifies your MUSE and being able to identify the quality to some extent constructs a sort of "light" ahead.

    The MUSE gives the greatest clues as to why you came to be incarnated in the first place.

    Be as clear as possible in your definition of the MUSE and refrain from confusing the source of the MUSE with the Muse itself.

    For instance, our Philosophy may be a MUSE, but we, the entity, act as Enlightenment, a vehicle for your MUSE.

    Another: Madonna's music may be entertaining, but her Personality, itself, acts as MUSE for most.

    One more: For some, Seth's Teachings act as Enlightenment, but Jane Roberts acts as the actual MUSE.

    You may have many MUSES to help tend to the different areas of your life, though this may be true of any of the Positions.

    Now: Evaluate the people in your lives and what role they play, assigning them, as accurately as you can intuit, what String they may be.
    Evaluate what Position you may be most inclined to play on a wider scale, and then what role you play in other's lives individually.
    Determine whether you have been playing a Position you are good at or if it has been imposed on you, and vice versa.

    If you find vacant areas in your Support Group, recall that you can ALWAYS find someone to fill the Position, even if they are not from any of your Strings. If you find resistance to a particular Position, start making an agreement upon rising from sleep that you are open to examples,
    so you can "ease" that Position into your life. Many resist the Discipline Position in daily life, for example,
    but can still find the experience of that Position's influence at any time.

    An elderly lady in front of you at the check out counting endless pennies and coupons can heighten your sense of decision making by forcing you to either surrender to the situation in peace, find another check out, or explode with anger.

    Regardless, the impact of your choice will be immediately apparent, thus, Discipline has been experienced.

    Many find it difficult to see their Beauty, so they can decide to allow "glimpses" of what it's like by actually listening to that simple compliment
    from a stranger, or acknowledging the sunset you helped create today.

    Rather than being distracted by what a person isn't giving, now you may be able to identify the gift that's been there all along.
    Comparing perceptions can also reveal a role you never knew you played for a person so well, or didn't suspect was expected of you.
    Rather than wander through life thinking these basic elements of Support are missing, ease them in gently, by paying attention to your day.

    The Support has always been there and always will.

    QUESTION: "Can gemstones act as HEALER, because I feel very healed by stones?"

    MICHAEL: Yes, but understand that gemstones are actually a conduit for the Healing source, NOT the Healer Position itself.

    QUESTION: "Are there times when you are naturally more open to your Support Group than at other times?"

    MICHAEL: Yes, of course, since some lifetimes are designed to "go it alone", so to speak. It may appear, at those times,
    a most isolating experience, but since that lifetime would naturally be predisposed to isolation, contact may not even be missed.
    But, as we said before and here will reiterate: even in the most severely isolated experiences, it is merely illusion.
    Again, you are always surrounded by Support.

    We will also add that as Soul Age progresses, especially during the Older Soul Ages, there can tend to be a kind of "codginess" indulged
    in that seems to say, "I've been through so much over so long a time, I don't need anything I can't do for myself!"

    Old Souls are the most likely to get this prejudice of wisdom.

    Observe any room of Old Souls and regardless of their understanding and casual compassion, there is sometimes a secret labeling of each other as "lunatics". So, Old souls can get "set in their ways" and choose to ignore some Support.

    Another delusion of the Personality is that since you are such an OLD SOUL, you must express your strength and Spirituality through "individuality".
    In light of all offers for support, you must figuratively turn your head and say, "NO, I CAN HANDLE IT...".
    We do not see who benefits from this act and merely perpetuates your conditions.
    There is NO ONE to judge you, besides you. YOU MEASURE ALL PROGRESS; there is no other judge. We cannot stress this enough.

    Therefore, making life "easier" would only make sense. But, of course, only if this is your choice.

    Susan Lynne Schwenger aks:

    so, what string to you play in my life ???
    and, what string do i play in your life ???

    i know i belong to many Configurations
    (groups who work toward common tasks) from across many lifetimes,
    with some active now, and some dormant. All fragments belong to many, many Configurations.

    The Physical Personality that is now known as "Susan" could be said to belong to 3 Major Configurations
    (configurations that have been, or will potentially be, meaningful to this particular lifetime).

    1 Quadrant focused on metaphysical philosophies: with your position being Knowledge.

    1 Septet focused on familial redefinitions: with your position being Eccentric.

    1 Dectet, which is actually two Quintets working together, focused on generating groundwork for sanctuary, with your position being Power within your Quintet.

    Outside of this, there are several minor Configurations that are working, but have not established any cohesive momentum.
    (as, of 2009)

    i am a 6th level old soul, in my 311th lifetime at 6th level
    posed to go into my 7th level later in this lifetime

    -currently in stage 6 of 7 stages -
    which is about burden leading to bonding

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    Some very interesting info here

    Departing Moons of our ancestors - amazing pictures - plus The Eulogy for My Dad

    (about 7 pages)

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    dying ???    Regrets of The Dying - THE 7 passages of LIFE  - What the world needs NOW is SUPPORT CIRCLES !!! - Susan Lynne Schwenger - Page 11 Susane11

    - SO, TOO iS THE SPiRiT"
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