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    What They Won't Tell You and Never Will - I Share This from Our Mother-Father God-Creator


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    What They Won't Tell You and Never Will - I Share This from Our Mother-Father God-Creator

    Post  horus on Sun Feb 27, 2011 5:16 am

    How did I stumble on this? I was in a deep state and in state of euphoria when one feels close to Mother-Father God-Creator and this is above love itself. I talk a lot about love making and having children with my twinflame who wants to have children, its a ongoing conversation with Mother-Father who always join in and listen to us both as we reflect their love energy within us. I mentioned to some close friends about a woman having orgasms during childbirth and the response was quiet negative, almost a taboo energy and they might as well have said to me, "Now, you have lost it totally, as a fruit-loop". During the process of collecting data a couple of days later, I was attacked by a false identity and you guessed it, it was the false god trying to separate twin-flames, he did not like my x-ray graphic and what you all need to know. He leaves no trace of his signature just like a anonymous coward on Godlike Productions Lunatic Forum, and hit me yesterday in the scrotum because I sent a strong message where his brains are to his ego. This false god I know will put you in your grave if you challenge him, and he is trying from every angle to do so, as he uses his evil energy against a Lighter-Bearer trying to expose all the lies. Give me a wooden stake and I will drive it through this vampire. Our bodies were made for pleasure, and this false god wants you to suffer from pain. The following material would have me banned on Abundant Dope and the Capricorn Crapper. This material is about the Feminine Goddess, watch the video and the man called Wagner, energy that connects to my twin, this false god did not like this at all because I was going to post it, and here it is! I endured deep pain for two months and nothing was going to remove it, not even pain-killers, it was in my bones like cancer and only divine faith was going to remove it by bathing myself within, with all the love of Mother-Father God-Creator. Most people worship the god outside of themselves which is a false energy appearing real and when they do, its only one day a week on a Sunday, the remaining days are at the tread-mill of global slavery. All the material about DNA, and the programs I am revealing are provoking these attacks, because the truth is going to really hurt and this false god doesn't want you to find out. When I stumbled on the rhythm of the human orgasm that connects you to Mother-Father God-Creator in the first place, why can't it be applied to the pain with childbirth, and guess what, its so very true, so all the skeptics can swallow this truth just like a woman having a ejaculation! I could tell you more but the material will attract my termination on this forum.

    Imagine an orgasm lasting 6 hours during labor. Imagine the bonding it must have on a baby as it comes into this new world. Imagine natural childbirth. Image the father in the spa sharing this experience and bathing his wife, as his Goddess. This will be my life experience I've never had. Endorphins, the pain killing hor-mones, and prolactin, the mothering hormone which facilitates the bonding process and serves a mechanism. Imagine a drug-free, pain-free labour that comes with multiple orgasms - it really is possible. “Oh my God, it’s so beautiful, it’s like making love”, over and over again. This quote supports everything I know about finding LOVE within LOVE itself with your twin-flame with Mother-Father-God-Creator.

    My introduction to the concept that birth could be orgasmic came via my college roommate Kim. We were discussing painless birth (I had just read Childbirth without Fear) when Kim casually said, "You know, some women actually have orgasms as they're giving birth. My mom had one with me." What?! Even as open minded as I thought I was, the concept was almost embarrassing. I imagined this "mother" lying in a hospital bed, having an orgasm in front of a bunch of strangers - and doctors, no less. Yet I was definitely intrigued. If conception feels good, why not childbirth? In the years to come, I would read about this phenomenon again and again, and although in my own births I was never able to achieve it, I think that in time, it will become more commonplace. Little by little, our culture is ridding itself of the fear, shame, and guilt that keep many of us from experiencing sex - let alone birth - as orgasmic. Perhaps someday, if we can fully accept our sexual natures, more of us will be able to know the joy that the following women have known.

    I had been told to expect a 'dogging pain,' but was unprepared for the sensation of sexual ecstasy, the voluptuous feeling of penetration....Crouched on my knees on the little afghan, I caught the infant who rushed from my vagina into the small world between my legs, in the midst of an extraordinary orgasm from the inside out." -From They Don't Call it a Peak Experience for Nothing, by Ruth Claire(Mothering, Fall 1989)

    "I feel the baby come down. The sensation is ecstatic. I had prepared somewhat for this being as painful as my last delivery had been. Yet this time the pulse of birth feels wonderful! I am building up to the birth climax after nine months of pleasurable foreplay. With one push the babe is in the canal. THE NEXT PUSH BRINGS HIM DOWN, DOWN INTO THAT SPACE JUST BEFORE ORGASM WHEN WE WOMEN KNOW HOW GOD MUST HAVE FELT CREATING THIS PLANET....HE COMES, AS DO I." -From Prenatal Yoga and Natural Birth, by Jeannine Parvati Baker

    "I had the most sought-after midwife in France - my competent and funny aunt Marie-Therese, whose radical idea it was that childbirth above all should feel sexy. I listened to nothing but gospel music during my pregnancy, a music quite new to me, and to France, and "It's a High Way to Heaven" ("...nothing can walk up there, but the pure in heart...") was playing on the stereo during the birth; the warmth of the singers' voices a perfect accompaniment to the lively fire in the fireplace. My vulva oiled and massaged to keep my hips open and my vagina fluid, I was orgasmic at the end. Petit Pierre practically slid into the world at the height of my amazement, smiling serenely even before he opened his eyes." -From Possessing the Secret of Joy, a novel by Alice Walker

    "Many mothers experience a burning or splitting sensation as the largest diameter of the baby's head passes through the birth outlet. Some actually experience orgasm." -From Mind Over Labor, by Carl Jones, C.C.E.

    "In 1968, I gave birth to Robert Kirkpatrick. I was prepared, conscious, and in charge. After 4 hours from the onset of labour, I experienced an orgasm when my baby emerged from my body." -From "Ecstatic Birth: The conscious evolution of a possibility to a present reality," by Binnie A. Dansby; Paper delivered at Congress of the International Society for Pre- and Peri- Natal Psychology and Medicine, Jerusalem, 1989

    "I happen to think that having babies is very sexy. The actual birth is so sensuous, very erotic. The feelings we've both had at the birth of each of our babies were so primal." -Kate Capshaw Spielberg (a.k.a. Mrs. Steven Spielberg), McCall's, May 1999

    "I started pushing while Michael supported me as I squatted. Immediately, after one vigorous push I felt Damian coming down. A tremendous excitement filled the kitchen and Michael and I seemed to merge as our eyes met. It was as if we had become one again as we did in a genital embrace. Yes, we were one. It was not just I who was having the baby. Michael was as well. The moment had become ecstatic. Sensations of every kind and color coursed through me. I was one, one with everything....And with that I shouted in sheer delight as I felt Damian coming....out he shot, into the safety of Michael's confident hands." -From Happy Birth Days, by Marilyn Moran

    "Biologically, you are designed to receive great pleasure from your body not only during lovemaking and intercourse, but in birth and breastfeeding, too....Birth offers sexual pleasure on a continuum from pleasant sensations (felt while your uterus rhythmically contracts in early labor if you're relaxed and feeling secure) to an intense birth climax (yes, just like an orgasm) as your baby slithers into the world of your waiting arms." -From A Good Birth, A Safe Birth, by Diana Korte and Roberta Scaer

    "This birth was not only painless, but very pleasurable. We had never read about this aspect, and it took us by surprise. As the baby crowned, I knew from Jean's look and sounds that she was having an explosive orgasm, which rolled on and on. What a long way from the pain and agony of conventional myth! Years later we asked a sympathetic doctor about this. 'Yes,' he said, 'I've seen it a few times. It may even be that many women have orgasms during birth, but interpret them as pain because the sensations are more intense than anything previously experienced and because women are conditioned to expect pain.'" -From The Home School Challenge, by Donn Reed

    "Giving birth is a highly creative act full of orgasmic feelings, and can be a moment of ecstatic pleasure for the mother." -From "Mental First Aid in Pregnancy and Childbirth," by Joost A.M. Meerloo, M.D. (Child and Family, Fall 1966)

    "Pleasure in birth may be the starting point for optimal family relationships. Our knowledge of reproduction suggests there may be a biological reason for connecting pleasure in birth with the best outcome for the baby." -From "Psychological Factors in Birth and Breastfeeding," by Niles Newton, Ph.D.

    "Pushing was absolutely incredible. It felt SO good. I loved the sensation of my daughter's head popping out; and her body coming out was incredible. I made roaring sounds. KT later asked me if I was in a lot of pain and I said I felt no pain at all. I was reaching down into the depths of my being - I felt like I was reaching back through time eternal, into the Great Mother herself - and using my power to push her out. The sounds were sounds of power. And I felt awesomely empowered. It was I could say the best feeling I have ever had. Primal force of life coursing through me. Power of Woman, Power of Birth, Power of Carolyn! If I can do that, I can do anything I set my mind to. The sensation of my daughter's body sliding out of my vagina was orgasmic. I still shudder when I think of how pleasurable that was." -Caroline S.

    "A woman in California was giving birth at home in a portable birth tub and feeling very sexy and loving with her partner. Each time she had a contraction she would cry out, 'Oh, baby, I love it. More...more!' Her windows were open because it was July, and soon a crowd gathered outside her home. When the baby was born amidst shouts of 'Yes!!! Yes!!! Oh, my God, yes!!!' her neighbors gave her a great round of applause. They only realized that it was a birth after they heard the cries of a baby." -From Gentle Birth Choices, by Barbara Harper, R.N.

    "It was the ultimate climax. I felt open, loose and free. Words cannot explain the feeling as my baby's body slithered out. To this day I can still sense that wonderful feeling inside. It makes me tingle." -From "Unconditional Faith," by Allison Scimeca in the book Unassisted Homebirth: An Act of Love , by Lynn Griesemer

    "Yet in a strange way the energy flowing through the body in childbirth, the pressure of contracting muscles, the downward movement of the baby and the fanning open of soft tissues, can be powerfully erotic....[Childbirth] can be the most intensely sexual feeling a woman ever experiences, as strong as orgasm, even more compelling than orgasm." -From Women's Experience of Sex, by Sheila Kitzinger

    "Birth is fundamentally a creative act, as is the act of sexual union....Indeed many women have described giving birth as intensely pleasurable and have discussed it in orgasmic terms....more and more women are enjoying labor and birth with their husbands just as they have enjoyed the sexual experience....Making love, orgasm and giving birth are all inter-connected." -From Special Delivery, by Rahima Baldwin

    "It was ecstatic, wonderful, thrilling. I heard myself moaning - in triumph, not in pain! There was no pain whatsoever, only a primitive and sexual elation....With the most spiraling, fascinating thrill of all, I felt my baby slither out. I wanted to shout with joy." -From Natural Childbirth and the Christian Family, by Helen Wessel

    "My first son was born by unexpected cesarian section. My second was a planned homebirth with a midwife assisting. He was posterior, so it was all back labor and he wouldn't turn. There was a great deal of pain, but in the last few minutes, as much pain as there was, it suddenly swung the other way to huge waves of pleasure as his body came out - an incredible RUSH like nothing I had ever felt before or since. I said to my midwife, Dhyana, 'Wow! What was that thing in the end!?' She said, 'That was The Gift. A lot of my ladies get that.' I held that baby and instantly loved him with my whole being. Maybe this is the way that nature had intended it to be for us. Now, looking back, the only thing I can think is that he went ramrod over my G-spot...all 9 pounds of him." -From "The Gift," by Susan

    "I asked my husband to make love to me as I was in a very romantic mood and wanted to feel him inside me urgently. It was a wonderful experience. I had a few orgasms during contractions - an absolutely delightful sensation. There was no pain at all....(since then) our lovemaking has gone from great to extraordinary." -From "The Effect of Lovemaking on the Progress of Labor," by Marilyn Moran (Pre- and Perinatal Psychology Journal, Spring 1993)

    "Birth has much in common with orgasm; the hormone oxytocin is released, there are uterine contractions, nipple erection, and under the best circumstances for birth, an orgasmic feeling." -From In Labor, by Barbara K. Rothman

    "Birth is a dark, private, and secret opening up of our ancient sexual selves. Birth sensations, when we allow them to be, are actually highly sensual - much like the intense, luscious, squeezing contracting that happens during orgasms experienced in late pregnancy.... the sensations of giving birth are not fierce and violent; they are rapturous - we feel an ever-increasing pressure on our cervix as our body prepares for the sweetest, most intense of orgasms, the lovely culmination of our labors of love: birth. During birth, we pant, scream, and throw our head back - this is sensuality with a purpose: we are taking in extra oxygen, releasing adrenaline into our bloodstream, and widening our pelvic outlet. And when the baby comes out all slick and new, we are in ecstasy, enraptured by the most heightened hormonal load we will ever know." -From Resexualizing Childbirth, by Leilah McCracken

    "At about 3 AM, I got a real feeling that the baby needed to be born, and also a great surge of energy, the first I had felt. Then I made a very astounding discovery. I was able, through prayer, to get knowledge directly from God, that birth is a sexual event, and involves the same mechanisms that the beginnings involve. I was able to get my labor started again and I was in hard labor within 15 minutes. As long as I was alone and able to yield to the sexual joy of the birthing, I was able to experience wonderful orgasmic feelings and no pain at all." -From Pat Goltz, in the newsletter, The New Nativity, edited by Marilyn Moran

    "My body told me to squat, so I did. I hunkered down on two feet, concentrating, knowing without being told that millions of females before me had brought their babies into the world in this ordained position. It felt so deliciously comfortable to squat; I felt the baby move down. Come...COME... COMMMMME! It was then I began to scream, but not with pain - with joy. With release. I felt an enormous all-body orgasm as I bore down, again, and again, and again, crying out with lust and happiness. The baby was coming, and so was I. I pushed an enormous last push with every fiber of my being; the head and shoulders appeared. By then I was sobbing. I reached under the baby's armpits and pulled out...a child. A living, breathing infant...born perfect. Perfectly beautiful. My daughter." -From Awakening, by Jen Bradley

    "I returned upstairs with some of Stella's dance tapes. Belly dancing to the music, I found that the contractions were much more bearable....Oddly enough, the more obscenely I thrust my pelvis back and forth, the less it hurt. I was amazed! Why hadn't I known that these movements were linked to the act of birthing, I wondered.... Moments later, I discovered that all the pelvic thrusting I had been doing in my life - dancing to get a date, making love, and now, giving birth - was integrally connected. All that thrusting had gotten me pregnant, and all this thrusting would help bring a new life into the world. While the drums banged in my head, I was serene knowing that I had found the secret to life: the glorious pelvic thrust." -From "The Glorious Pelvic Thrust," by Maria Young Alders (Mothering, Winter 1994)

    "Birth is always intimate and sexual, although the intimacy and the sexuality can be masked. My own personal experience of the births of my children confirms this. My feelings throughout my wife's labors I can describe only as those of a very close, physical-emotional, sexual union with her and what I felt to be the transcendent force flowing through her. The sensation was warm and soft, like making love, but was also strong, forceful and awesome. Each time the experience changed my life and allowed me a glimpse of the transcendental." -Lewis E. Mehl, M.D., quoted in "Psychophysiological Aspects of Childbirth," in The Psychology of Birth, by Leslie Feher

    There is not much on the Internet on this subject of Orgasmic Birth; it’s like so many issues that have been taboo, and you can guess why, the suppression of pleasure. This false God wants you to feel every bit of pain and maybe some of our dysfunction stems from childbirth fears and that fear is transmuted to the child. This is not my god and quiet frankly, if there is the opportunity to go back to my home-world, this planet deserves what’s coming to it. I hope my Creator removes this false god before this planet dissolves into nothingness than a graveyard of lost memories.

    Other stories:

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    Re: What They Won't Tell You and Never Will - I Share This from Our Mother-Father God-Creator

    Post  horus on Sun Feb 27, 2011 6:13 am

    "A woman in California was giving birth at home in a portable birth tub and feeling very sexy and loving with her partner. Each time she had a contraction she would cry out, 'Oh, baby, I love it. More...more!' Her windows were open because it was July, and soon a crowd gathered outside her home. When the baby was born amidst shouts of 'Yes!!! Yes!!! Oh, my God, yes!!!' her neighbors gave her a great round of applause. They only realized that it was a birth after they heard the cries of a baby." -From Gentle Birth Choices, by Barbara Harper, R.N.

    Look at these faces in public, are you be ashamed of your body?
    How suppressed are you from these feelings?

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    Re: What They Won't Tell You and Never Will - I Share This from Our Mother-Father God-Creator

    Post  burgundia on Sun Feb 27, 2011 7:04 am

    very interesting information here horus. Thanks.

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    Re: What They Won't Tell You and Never Will - I Share This from Our Mother-Father God-Creator

    Post  mudra on Sun Feb 27, 2011 9:14 am

    This is a lovely post Horus.
    Certainly a sign of our times and the expansion of
    Consciousness manifesting.
    The feminine energy has found a way to free herself.
    Birthing as pure joy is a blessing for all.

    Love from me

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